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école J.H. Picard school

  • PAA
  • Corporate body
  • 1972-

J.H. Picard School opened its doors in 1972 in the building of Maurice Lavallée School in Edmonton, Alberta, as a French immersion school, hosting the secondary school students from Saint-Jean College and the girl students from Académie Assomption. The school was named after Joseph Henri Picard, francophone businessman and politician from Edmonton. In 1984, the school moved into its present premises. In 1988, the school became an immersion school only. It is part of the Edmonton Catholic School District and presently offers French immersion education from kindergarten to grade 12.

l'Alliance Française d'Edmonton

  • PAA
  • Corporate body
  • 1883

L'Alliance Française a été fondée à Paris, France en 1883, pour disséminer la langue française à l'étranger, en particulier dans les colonies françaises. L'Alliance Française d'Edmonton fut fondée en 1947 pour la propagation de la langue française à Edmonton, Alberta. La constitution de 1966 de l'Alliance Française d'Edmonton en décrit les buts qui sont la propagation de la langue française à Edmonton et les alentours et le rassemblement des Français et des amis des Français pour maintenir et développer une appréciation de la langue et pensée françaises. L'Alliance Française d'Edmonton a été incorporée au niveau provincial le 29 septembre 1975 afin de propager la langue et culture françaises et afin de réunir ceux qui souhaitaient participer à cet objectif. En tant qu'organisation à but non lucratif, l'Alliance Française d'Edmonton continue à offrir des cours de langue et une variété d'activités culturelles.

herland feminist film festival

  • glen
  • Corporate body
  • 1989-2007

The herland feminist film festival was established in 1989 in Calgary, Alberta when the Calgary Status of Women Action Committee joined with the Women of Colour Collective to host a film-focused fundraiser. Building up audiences through the years, the festival peaked in 2003-2004 with an audience of 1,700. The festival was cancelled in 2007 after its funding from the Canada Council was decreased and also because of the growth of other local film festivals. In its time, the festival provided a venue for films that covered a range of feminist topics not typically seen in the mainstream.

deJourdan's Studio

  • LETH
  • Corporate body
  • 1921-

Pierre deJourdan was born in France in 1883. After graduating from the University of Paris and spending two years in the French Army, he came to Canada. He established a photographic studio known as the deJourdan Studio in Lethbridge in 1921. After his death in 1934, his son John took over the business. Following his retirement in 1984, his son Patrick became the third generation to operate the studio.

de la Vergne Company

  • glen
  • Corporate body
  • 1925-1933

The de la Vergne Company Ltd. was incorporated in 1925 by Chester R. de la Vergne, 1876-1938, who was born in New York, USA, and had ranched in the Cochrane area from 1908 to 1919, when he moved to Calgary. The company was an agent for Studebaker cars and Stewart-Warner radios. In 1928 it acquired Premier Motors Ltd., a car dealership originally established in Calgary in 1923. Premier Motors had sales outlets in both Calgary and Edmonton, and was the Alberta distributor of Star, Durant, Flint and Studebaker cars, and Mason Road King trucks. The Edmonton branch closed in 1931 and the Calgary branch in 1933. De la Vergne moved back to the USA in 1934.

Zion United Church (Beiseker)

  • PR3580
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  • 1916-1995

Zion United Church had its origins in two different congregations in the Beiseker area of Alberta, the Zion Congregational Church and the Beiseker United Church.

Beiseker United Church began ca. 1915, with the congregation being served by United Church ministers from the Acme Pastoral Charge. Early services were held at Beiseker in a building converted from a livery barn to a community hall ca. 1922. In 1925, services moved to a former school which had become a private dwelling before being renovated for use as a church. From 1927-1938 only bible study was held. Beiseker United Church amalgamated with Zion United Church in 1949 and the church building was sold and converted into a doctor’s office.

Zion Congregational Church was founded in the Beiseker area of Alberta in 1909. The congregation was officially organized as a Congregational Church on Jan. 4, 1914. Construction of the church was started in 1918 on two acres of land donated by Peter M. Berreth on SE ¼ 16-28-25-W4. The church building was dedicated on July 14, 1918. The building was enlarged and renovated in 1928.

The Zion Congregational Church amalgamated with the United Church of Canada in 1947, becoming part of the Carbon Pastoral Charge. In 1949, the church was moved from its original site into the town of Beiseker and the congregation amalgamated with Beiseker United Church taking the name Zion United Church. The original church site continued to be used as a cemetery. On July 1, 1950, Zion United Church became part of the Acme Pastoral Charge. Zion United Church amalgamated with Acme United Church in 1998.

Young Women's Christian Association Women's Resource Centre (Calgary)

  • glen-2496
  • Corporate body
  • 1973-1997

The YWCA opened its Women's Resource Centre in Calgary, Alberta in 1973 to provide local women with information, referral and counselling services, a lending library, and programs focussing on women's issues. The Centre was staffed by volunteers and was well used for several years. Gwen Willman, Christine Bell, and Louise Maerov were active in the organization. However, interest and usage gradually declined and the centre was closed to the public in 1976. After a thorough reassessment of the needs of local women, the Centre reopened in 1979. This decision was facilitated by an informal agreement with the Calgary Status of Women Action Committee for the Centre to take over all information and referral services formerly shared by the two organizations. In 1997 the centre was re-amalgamated with the Calgary YWCA.

Young Women's Christian Association (Edmonton)

  • ATU
  • Corporate body

The Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) of Canada is a women's multi-service organization. The first Canadian YWCA was opened in Canada in 1870 in Saint John, New Brunswick and has now grown to operating in more than 400 districts and communities across Canada. YWCA Canada is a member of World YWCA, which is an international organization operating in 125 countries. YWCA Edmonton has been delivering services to the Edmonton, Alberta region for over one hundred years. YWCA Edmonton provides advocacy, support and counseling to women and their families. They offer programs and services to women and their families ensuring that each program provides the greatest impact to the lives of the women and girls they serve.

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