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Adaskin, Murray

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Murray Adaskin, 1906-2002, was a musician, composer and professor. He was a violinist on the musical staff of Canadian Pacific, 1930-1941, and leader of a chamber group the Banff Springs Hotel Trio. He and soprano Frances James, 1903-1988, were married in Banff. From the late 1940s onward, Adaskin played, composed and taught extensively before moving to Victoria, British Columbia in 1973.

Adie, John

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John Adie grew up in St. Catharines, Ontario and moved to Calgary, Alberta ca.1911. Adie was a signmaker who had a workspace on 8th Avenue in Calgary and lived at the YMCA. In 1914 Adie and his three younger brothers, along with other members and residents of the Calgary YMCA joined the Canadian Army. John Adie and two of his brothers were killed in action.

Aked, Elizabeth Aleen

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Aleen Aked was born in England in 1907 and moved with her parents to Ontario in 1910. Aked attended the Ontario College of Art and completed her degree with honours in 1928. Aked travelled to Banff and Lake Louise with her parents in 1939 and documented her activities in a photograph album. Aked died in 2003.

Associated Screen News

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The Associated Screen News (ASN), established in Montreal in 1920 as a subsidiary of the Canadian Pacific Railway, produced photographs, newsreels, shorts, travelogues, motion pictures, and industrial films featuring the CPR's extensive transportation services. In developing its international travel business, the CPR established a steamship company, the Empress Line. ASN photographers travelled aboard the CPR and Empress Line ships photographing the various travel and cruise destinations to which they were assigned, promoting the Canadian Pacific Railway and the Empress ships. In 1935 ASN purchased the famous Notman & Sons photographic studio in Montreal.

Bagley, Ray

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Raphel (Ray) Bagley, 1880-1973, was a rancher and guide in the Red Deer, Onion Lake and Coleman districts of Alberta, Canada. Bagley came to the Lacombe district of Alberta in 1892. He homesteaded and ranched while guiding with the Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies and conducting private trail rides throughout the southern Rockies from Waterton Lakes National Park to Banff National Park. Bagley wrote poems on western and trail riding themes, self-publishing a volume titled "Those Other Days" in 1969.

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