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Hyde, Helen

  • Ath 13.17
  • Person
  • 1922 - 2000

Helen Lochhead Gibson was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1922. Her family immigrated to Carstairs, Alberta in 1929. After completing high school, Helen graduated from normal school with her teaching certificate and began teaching Bindloss, Alberta in 1943. Teaching in Atlee, Alberta in 1944, she met Cecil Hyde and they were married in 1945. They moved to Athabasca, Alberta in 1951. Helen was employed at Richard’s Lumber as bookkeeper off and on until she upgraded her education in 1968. She taught at Edwin Parr Composite School before retiring in 1987. Helen was a member of the order of the Royal Purple, Athabasca United Church choir, AUC hand bell ringers, Athabasca Public Library Board, Athabasca Players, Athabasca Scottish Country Dance Club and the Athabasca Curling Club where she received an honorary lifetime membership. Helen and Cecil had four children, David, Terry, Glenn and Doug (Lisa). They had seven grandchildren and four great grandchildren. Helen was predeceased by Cecil in 1985.

McLean, Della

  • Ath 15.24
  • Person
  • Present

Della McLean is an artist and resident of Athabasca County. Formerly a real estate agent, she converted one of her properties in the Town of Athabasca to the Red Roof Gallery where she facilitated local artists with solo and group shows from 2001 to 2016. She was inducted into the Order of Athabasca University in 2007 in recognition of her hard work and dedication to Athabasca University both as a member of Athabasca University Governing Council (the Board) and her continued support as a contributing artist to the University and the Athabasca community as a whole.

Kydd, George Newton

  • Ath 94.04
  • Person
  • 1883 - 1956

Kydd, George Newton (aka Patrick (Pat) Kidd), (1883 to March 28, 1956) was a freighter, served as a corporal during WWI, an agent for Wallis Tractors and for Fairbanks-Morse Power and Light Plants, Watering Systems and Electrical Equipment, a United Grain Growers buyer at the Gillespie Grain elevator in Colinton, Alberta, and postmaster at the Colinton, Alberta post office. He was per-deceased by his wife in 1952.

Hall, Edwin Edgar

  • Ath 94.03
  • Person
  • 1923 - 1946

Edwin Edgar Hall, an American citizen, was the telegraph operator at the Calling River Station from about 1922 or 23 to 1924 or 25. His wife, Etta, and he had three boys, Leroy, Walter and Kenneth. Kenneth died at the age of four in about 1924 or 25 and he is buried at Calling River, AB. Edwin left Calling River and worked for the railroad. When he divorced Etta, he changed his name to Edward Edmond Love. Love was his mother’s maiden name. He married Mary Apollonia (sp?) and had four daughter Rosemary, twins Barbara and Betty, and Catherine. Betty died at the age of 1 year. From 1942 to 1946 Edward was the telegraph operator ot Pelican Portage. The family then moved to Fort Vermilion.

Home Outreach Societ of Athabasca (HOSA)

  • Ath 96.13
  • Corporate body
  • 1987 - 1990

In Athabasca Town and County, a need for an emergency support system for the elderly and those with severe handicaps was identified and the Home Outreach Society of Athabasca was formed to identify and fund raise for an emergency support system. The system was designed to summon assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and to be available in either private homes or institutionalized settings. HOSA opted for the Apello System which was Canadian made and did not require a central monitoring or answering service to forward distress calls. Society members were President, Barb Wilkinson; Vice President, Nola-Jean Paterson; Treasurer, Mike Chute; and secretary, Denise Armstrong. The society operated under the leadership of 14 directors with four representatives from the Athabasca General and Auxiliary Hospital, three representatives from the Athabasca Health Unit, one representative from Athabasca Family and Community Support Services, one representative from the Athabasca Senior Citizen’s Society and six representatives from interested community groups including the Athabasca Hospital Auxiliary. To raise funds for the project the first annual Athabasca Canada Day Canoe Race was conceived. Eight people in Athabasca Town and County were identified as being in need of an emergency support system and the system the society decided to purchase was the Apello System at a cost of $1,115.00 per unit.

Billy Loutit Dispatch Organizing Committee

  • ath
  • Corporate body
  • 2003-2010

The founding committee members were Lori Claerhout, Bud Ottosen, Heather Babiak and Al Fisher. The first Billy Loutit Winter Despatch Duathlon was held in Athabasca, AB on February 11, 2003 and the first Summer Dispatch Triathlon was held on July 26, 2003. The events honoured Métis mail runner Billy Loutit who, because of an historic flood caused by a river-ice jam, ran from Athabasca Landing to Fort Edmonton in April, 1904. He carried a message (despatch) requesting assistance from the Edmonton Hudson's Bay Co. because thousands of dollars of HBC provisions had been damaged in the flood. Billy ran the 100-mile distance in twenty-three hours. In February, duathlon participants skied and snowshoed through 45 km of Alberta’s boreal forest on a trail that included the Athabasca River, the Muskeg Creek Trail System, and historic Athabasca Landing. They carried their own packs which held 5 kg of food donations that were dropped at 5 locations along the route and then given to the Athabasca food bank. For the July triathlon, participants swam in the Athabasca Landing Pool, then biked from Athabasca to Colinton and back on Hwy 827, and finally ran a route through the Town of Athabasca and the Muskeg Creek Trail System. Summer participants could do the triathlon by themselves or be part of a team. The events were organized by Bub Ottosen and Lori-Ann Claerhout (soon joined by Heather Babiak and Al Fisher) after a chance meeting between “Young” Billy Loutit and his brother Paul, who were Billy Loutit’s grandsons, at the Athabasca Winterfest in 19XX. Loutit family members, including Shannon Loutit, were at each duathlon and triathlon. Local residents volunteered in various capacities to organize and host the events, and local businesses and organizations made donations. The names of these people and groups are recorded in the documents. The Billy Loutit winter and summer events organized by Ottoson and Claerhout ran from 2003 until 2010; the duathlon in 2003, 2004, and 2005. Lori Claerhout was also involved the Billy Loutit 100 Mile Journey marathon on July 18, 2008. Loutit family members, including Shannon Loutit, were at each duathlon and triathlon.

Athabasca District Chamber of Commerce

  • ath
  • Corporate body

In October, 1908, the Athabasca Landing Board of Trade held its organizational meeting. The executive consisted of Leslie Wood, as president, and Isaie Gagnon, John Lessard, James Wood and Lance Smith. Four committees were formed to promote industrial and commercial enterprises, civic interests, transportation and publicity. Priorities included getting a railroad and publicizing the area nationally and internationally. In 1911 the Board of Trade sent the first exhibiton of local produce and literature to the Edmonton Exhibition. In 1915 the Board of Trade began admitting farmers to their membership. The Board was inactive in 1917, 1921-1926, and 1933-1936. In 1928 they petitioned the government for a bridge across the Athabasca River. They affiliated with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in 1930. In January, 1955 the organization changed its name to Athabasca District Chamber of Commerce.

Bob Blaine

  • MRUASC-AR9003
  • Person
  • [19--]-

Bob Blaine is a Calgarian who assembled a collection of Canadian sports records and memorabilia over a course 40 years.

Alina Dabrowska

  • MRUASC-AR0005
  • Person
  • 1932-2012

Alina Dabrowska was an instructor in the Department of Interior Design at Mount Royal College from 1979 to 2007. Born in Poland in 1932, she immigrated to Great Britain in 1972 and then to Calgary in 1979. Dabrowska had a successful career as an architect, engineer, college instructor, and artist.

Wayne Haglund

  • MRUASC-AR9002
  • Person
  • [19--]-

Wayne Haglund is a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Mount Royal University.

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