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Red Deer and District Archives

Dixon, Margaret

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  • Personne

Margaret Dixon, 1905-1972, was born in the Horn Hill district near Red Deer, Alberta to Robert Dixon and Emily Harding Dixon, recent immigrants from Durham, England. She was educated in Penhold and at the University of Alberta; she was a teacher at the Raven and Markerville schools in central Alberta. In 1933, Margaret Dixon was left a quadriplegic after an accident. She learned to write, paint and knit by mouth. She died in Red Deer and is buried in the Horn Hill Cemetery.

A-20 Army Camp

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  • Collectivité
  • 1939-1944

A-20 Army Camp was a training ground for 1,500 to 1,800 soldiers that were stationed in Red Deer during World War II. The original army barrack [building] was moved to Knee Hill, Albert in 1948 when locals wanted to create a community hall and curling rink. During a much needed renovation of the 60-year-old roof, these records were found in the attic amongst the wood-chip insulation.

Buckham, A. F.

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A. F. Buckham, ?-?, was raised and educated in Alberta. He spent some time in the Little Fish Lake area near Dorothy, Alberta, (ca. 1921-1924), and was in Edmonton, Alberta for his secondary schooling (ca.1928 -1931) before heading off to the University of Alberta to take a Bachelor of Engineering degree specializing in mining engineering and geology (1931-1935). He later retired in Victoria, British Columbia, and is buried in the same city. Unfortunately, little more is known about him. It is possible that his father was Alexander Kirkwood Buckham, ca. 1895-1955, of Strathcona and Edmonton, Alberta

City of Red Deer Recreation section

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  • 1951 -

As a precursor to the Recreation section, the Red Deer Athletic Association was formed in 1945 as a volunteer society with the mandate to organize sports and recreational activities and facilities in Red Deer. In October 1951, the functions moved to the Red Deer Recreation Commission who was funded and supported by the City of Red Deer.

In 1970, the responsibility moved from the City Commissioner to the Director of Finance and Services (City Treasurer). During this period, the Waskasoo Urban Park Project was a primary focus.

In 1985, the Community Services directorate was created, taking responsibility for Recreation, Parks, and Family and Community Support Services departments. Within this structure, in 1985 the Recreation Board changed to the Recreation and Parks Board, although the departments stayed separate.

In 1988, the Recreation department became the Recreation and Culture department, which oversaw the Recreation section and the Culture section at the City of Red Deer. In 1995, the department was again revised to the Recreation, Parks, and Culture department. The department continued to oversee the Recreation section and its various business units and reported to the renamed Community Services division.

City of Red Deer Emergency Services department

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  • Collectivité
  • 1904 -

The Emergency Services department was started as a Fire Brigade on September 22, 1904 by the Town of Red Deer. The Brigade was essentially a volunteer organization, with members paid based on the number of alarms they answered and practices they attended. They reported directly to Town Council and the Mayor until 1907 when they started reporting to the Mayor and Commissioner's office.

The Fire Department slowly shifted from volunteers to paid staff starting after the First World War and finally completing the transition in July 1969.

In 1962, the Fire Department began offering community ambulance services and paramedic services. To help manage the ambulance service, the City created an Ambulance Services Advisory Board in May 1985.

In January 1986, the title of Fire Chief was changed to Manger of the Fire and Ambulance Department. In 1994, the name of the Department was changed from the Fire Department to the Emergency Services department.

In 1996, the Emergency Services department moved under the Development Services division. In 2012, responsibililty for ambulance services transferred from the City to Alberta Health Services. The City became a contractor providing personnel and vehicles to Alberta Health Services.

In July 2017, the Department moved under the newly created Protective Services division.

Normandeau Cultural and Natural History Society

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  • Collectivité
  • 1989-2008

The Normandeau Cultural and Natural History Society was formed in 1989 to manage, operate and maintain the Red Deer and District Museum and other facilities for the benefit of the citizens of the City of Red Deer. Their society founding documents note that the facilities they maintain are to be "chiefly carried out on lands which are owned by the City of Red Deer."

This organization took over the functions previously conducted by the Museums Management Board, which existed from 1982 until 1989. Other functions included distributing funds and financial support to the Central Alberta Historical Society, Red Deer Museum Society, Kerry Wood Nature Centre, Fort Normandeau, and Sunnybrook Farm Museum.

Scott (family)

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George Scott Sr. (1856-1929) was born in Auchterorchie, Scotland. He married Anne Elizabeth Burton (1864-1902), and the couple had five children: Grace (Ford), Annie (McInroy), George Jr., Florence (Lawson), and Gilbert. After serving in the British Army in England and India, he joined the Royal Canadian Artillery in Kingston, Ontario in 1894 where he served for several years. In 1900, George Sr. and his family settled on a farm in the Grassy Lake district near Red Deer, Alberta. Fred Lawson (1892-1962) was born in Northumberland, England to John and Mary Jane Lawson. He came to Canada in 1911, working in Lipton, Saskatchewan for a year, before settling in Red Deer. He served in Europe with the Canadian Expeditionary Force in World War I. In 1919, Fred Lawson married Florence Scott (1898-1989). The couple had four children, Frances (Belich), Nellie (Hollman) Wilfred, and Pat (Blair). Fred and Florence Lawson farmed in the Grassy Lake district until 1940. At this time Fred found employment with the Federal Government in Red Deer. Both Fred and Florence Lawson are buried in Red Deer.

City of Red Deer, Recreation, Parks, and Culture department

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  • Collectivité
  • 1995 -

The Recreation, Parks, and Culture department was formed in 1995 as an administrative department overseeing the Recreation, Culture, Parks, and Projects sections at the City of Red Deer. The Recreation, Parks, and Culture department reports to the Community Services division.

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