Alberta. Department of Consumer and Corporate Affairs

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Alberta. Department of Consumer and Corporate Affairs

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Administrative History:;Dates of Founding and/or Dissolution: The Department of Consumer Affairs was created in 1973, and in 1975 the name was changed to the Department of Consumer and Corporate Affairs. Functional Responsibility: Through the Consumer Bureau Act of 1969 (S.A. Chapter 20, 1969), the Consumer Bureau became the provincial government's first office responsible for consumer affairs. A part of the Bureau's mandate derived from the Credit and Loan Agreement Act of 1967 (S.A. Chapter 11, 1967). Under the Consumer Bureau Act, the Bureau was responsible to liaison with Albertan consumer and business groups, and research and advise on issues detrimental to either group. The Department of Consumer Affairs Act of 1973 (S.A. Chapter 32, 1973) elaborate this mandate, bringing together consumer and corporate affairs functions from the Departments of Labour, Agriculture, the Attorney General, and Industry and Commerce. The department became responsible for registration and incorporation of companies, societies and associations. It also included in its new mandate auditing, licensing, and investigating insurance activities, credit unions, securities and real estate activities. Predecessor and Successor Bodies: Prior to the 1973 creation of the Department of Consumer Affairs, the Departments of Labour, Agriculture, the Attorney General and Industry and Commerce oversaw several consumer and corporate affairs functions. The Department of Consumer and Corporate Affairs, created in 1975, remained in existence until 1992, when government reorganization dissolved the department. At this time, functional responsibilities were transferred to the Department of Municipal Affairs, the Treasury Department, the Department of Economic Development and Tourism, and the Attorney General's Department. Administrative Structure: The 1969 Consumer Bureau Act created the Consumer Bureau in the Department of Treasury. This was the first government office explicitly devoted to consumer affairs activities. The Bureau derived its mandate from the Credit and Loan Agreement Act of 1967. It also assumed the functions of the Debtor's Assistance Board, a part of the Department of Treasury since 1923. In 1971, legislation transferred the Branch to the Department of Labour. It became the principal administrative entity of the new department when the Department of Consumer Affairs was created in 1973. The department began with two divisions, both reporting to the Deputy Minister. Corporate Affairs was responsible for real estate and insurance, and Consumer Relations was responsible for licensing, debtor's assistance and consumer affairs. Legislation reorganized and renamed the department in 1975. Now known as Consumer and Corporate Affairs, the department added the Automobile Insurance Board and the Alberta Securities Commission. Both offices reported directly to the Minister. Two new sections, Consumer Relations and the Companies Branch, reported to the Deputy Minister. After reorganizations in 1981 and 1990, the department's organization included an Assistant Deputy Minister of Professional Standards and Services, and Community Services. The Securities Commission and the Automobile Insurance Board continued to be responsible to the Minister. Names of Chief Officers: Robert W. Dowling, 1973-1975; Graham L. Harle, 1975-1979; Julian G.J. Koziak, 1979-1982; Constance E. Osterman, 1982-1986; James A. Adair, 1986; Elaine J. McCoy, 1986-1989; Dennis L. Anderson, 1989-1992.


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