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Banff (Alberta)

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Banff (Alberta)

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Banff (Alberta)

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Banff International String Quartet Competition fonds

  • pfla SQC
  • Fundos
  • 1980 - 2017

Fonds consists of material related to the planning and administration of the Banff International String Quartet Competition. It includes administrative records, audio recordings (of quartet performances, events, and radio broadcasts of the competition), the scores of works commissioned to serve as the competition's imposed piece, promotional material (including programs, posters, and merchandise), photographs (of the performing quartets, jury members, and competition events), and video recordings (of performances, events, and interviews). The fonds is arranged into series for each iteration of the competition, as well as a series of general administrative material, which pertains to the competition as a whole.

Banff International String Quartet Competition

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