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Canadian Moravian Archives

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The Canadian Moravian Historical Society is a group of volunteers which manages the Canadian Moravian Archives. The Moravians began settling in Alberta in 1894 and the first Moravian churches were established in 1895 (in Bruderheim & Bruderfeld, which is modern day Millwoods). Today (2013) there are 8 remaining churches out of the original 15 established in Edmonton & South Edmonton (Edmonton Moravian, Rio Terrace Moravian, Millwoods Community (Moravian), Heimtal Moravian), Calgary (Good Shepherd Moravian, Christ Church Moravian), Sherwood Park (Good News Moravian) and Bruderheim Moravian.

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The Canadian Moravian Historical Society collects, examines, preserves, and interprets historical material which is used to publish and disseminate the story of the Moravian Church in western Canada, and its contribution to the Canadian history and culture. Established in 1982, the Canadian Moravian Historical Society is an independent, not-for-profit registered organization with a volunteer board of directors.; Since its inception, the Society has published several books related to the Moravian Church history. In addition, the Society publishes the Canadian Moravian Historical Magazine on a annual basis. The magazine was first issued in May 1995, and includes a wide variety of subjects by many authors, all of which cover some aspect of church history.<br><br>

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