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Morris D. Parry fonds

  • WHYTE whyte-1054
  • Fonds
  • 1940-1955, ca.2000

Fonds consists of 5 - 8mm motion pictures: No. 1 - Trip to Banff, Field, Jasper 1940; No. 2 - By car and pack horse to Halfway River 1941; No. 3 - O'Hara, Yoho 1942; No. 4 - Pack trip Nordegg to Jasper Highway and Saskatchewan Glacier; No. 5 - Seattle 1954, Victoria 1955 QM School. Fonds also includes 1 VHS copy of Morris D. Parry's 8mm motion pictures no. 1-5. The VHS is titled "Home Movies - The Perry Files" ca.2000.

Parry, Morris D.

John W. Murray fonds

  • WHYTE whyte-823
  • Fonds
  • 1937-1938, 1993, 1998

Fonds consists primarily of John Murray's negatives of the Canadian Rockies, 1937-1938. Included are the areas of Banff, Lake Louise, Lake O'Hara, Yoho Valley, Mount Assiniboine, Mount Athabasca, Fraser Glacier, Outpost Peak, North and South Twin, Mount Andromeda and others. Negatives are accompanied by a descriptive list. Textual records also include copies of typed articles by John Murray: "Climbing in the Canadian Rockies 1937", 1993, 9 pages; and "Climbing in the Canadian Rockies 1938", 1998, 3 pages

Murray, John W.

Jimmy Simpson family fonds

  • WHYTE whyte-1101
  • Fonds
  • [ca.1900]-1995

Fonds consists of papers, photographs and sound recording produced by and pertaining to Jimmy Simpson and the Simpson family. Material is arranged in seven series. I. Jimmy Simpson Sr. papers and photographs, ca.1901-1972, ca.74 cm of textual records, 23 photograph albums (ca.2875 prints), 425 transparencies. Includes business and personal correspondence, business records and subject files, 1903-1972; literary papers, 1912-1972; and other papers, 1903- 1957. Business records pertain mainly to guiding, outfitting and hunting operations. Correspondents include Carl Rungius, J. Monroe Thorington, L. S. Amery, Louis Agassiz Fuertes, William S. Ladd, C. Hart Merriam, Allan Brooks and others; also federal and provincial government departments, Canadian Pacific Railway, etc., regarding hunting, game regulations, park boundaries, licences, permits, horses, etc. Albums pertain mainly to hunting trips, including those with Carl Rungius, Caroline Hinman and McAleenan family, ca.1901-ca.1920, 23 items. Transparencies pertain to McAleenan family trips. II. Simpson family papers, photographs and sound recording, ca.1900-1987, ca.1.5 m of textual records, ca.675 photographic prints, 6 photograph albums (ca.460 prints), 410 photographic negatives, 1 sound recording. Textual records include large series of alphabetical files, 1907-1987; correspondence, ca.1910-ca.1985; school records, 1923-1936; Num-Ti-Jah Lodge registers, 1939-1957; other material, 1929-1942. Photographs pertain to Jimmy Simpson and family; friends and guests; lodges and camps, including Num-Ti-Jah Lodge; Banff home and community; pack trips; scenic views; other. III. Billie Simpson papers, 1913-1968, 6.5 cm of textual records. Includes Billie Simpson correspondence, literary and dramatic papers. IV. Simpson Sisters professional papers and photographs, 1929-1955, ca.20 cm and 3 v. of textual material, ca.15 cm of print material, 86 photographic prints. Material pertains to the professional skating career of Margaret Simpson and Mary Simpson. V. Mary Simpson Hallock papers, 1960-1955, 1.5 cm of textual records. VI. Jimmy Simpson Jr. papers, 1947-1983, 1 cm of textual records. VII. Other material, before 1970, 1 cm of textual records and art works.

Simpson, Jimmy

Peter and Catharine Whyte collection

  • WHYTE whyte-148
  • Collection
  • 1906-1969

Collection includes a variety of items collected by the Whytes. Two albums include views of personalities, places, winter sports and other events, wildlife and scenic views at Banff and area, ca.1915-1925. Most views were made with Kodak 3A camera and at least some are attributed to Dan McCowan and George Paris. Third album is mainly scenes in Yoho National Park; includes numbered, annotated prints (perhaps postcards). Other items in collection include: manuscript, "The Canadian Rockies" by A. P. Coleman, n.d. letter, by T. Zouave to R. G. Brett, 1917; Park Hotel account book, Banff, 1906-1907, with records of Canmore house project, 1968-1969; receipt, 1919, and letter, 1966, re piano owned by Norman Luxton and Iva Smith; plan for CPR stop-over log cabin at Sunshine Valley, 1927; signatures of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, n.d.. Canadian Jr. [ski] champions from Alberta [poster], 1962.

Whyte, Catharine (collector)

Al Burgess fonds

  • WHYTE whyte-181
  • Fonds
  • 1982-1983

Fonds consists of Al Burgess dictation files for "Everest Canada: the ultimate challenge" (by Al Burgess and Jim Palmer, published 1983), and accompanying typewritten transcripts. Recordings have titles and correspond to the organization of the book. One recording is autobiographical.

Burgess, Al

Alex McCoubrey fonds

  • WHYTE whyte-421
  • Fonds
  • [ca.1953]-1957

Fonds consists of untitled manuscript by Alex McCoubrey includes excerpts and elaborations of his mountaineering diaries, 1927-1953. Pertains to early climbing experiences with his father, 1927; climbing trips with various companions, 1932-1938; descriptions of ski and ski mountaineering trips and first ascent of Mount Field, 1934-1938; 1942 season of climbing; ACC ski camps, 1943; ACC summer camps, 1952-1953; account of being lost near Mount Brown, 1953. Provides detailed accounts of travels, climbs, friends and acquaintances, particularly Grahame Cairns, Norman H. Brewster, Ken Jones; also Margaret Fleming, Bob Hind, Roger Neave and Rex Gibson. Geographic areas discussed include: Lake O'Hara, Lake Louise, Yoho, Glacier, Skoki, Jasper and Vancouver Island areas.

McCoubrey, Alex

Skoki Lodge fonds

  • WHYTE whyte-662
  • Fonds
  • 1943-1993

Fonds consists of Skoki Lodge guest registers, 1943-1993; Skoki Halfway Hut visitor registers, 1962-1970; and correspondence and records, 1982-1987

Skoki Lodge

Skyline Hikers of the Canadian Rockies fonds

  • WHYTE whyte-1114
  • Fonds
  • [1933]-2000

Fonds consists of the records of the Skyline Hikers of the Canadian Rockies and reflect the society's organisation, activities, events, and membership. Photographic records include 22 photograph albums documenting Skyline camps, hikes and members; photographs collected by Marian Goldstrom during research for "Fifty Years of Trails and Tales, Skyline Trail Hikers of the Canadian Rockies," published in 1982; ca.160 35mm transparencies in 2 Kodak carousels containing promotional slides, presenter's guidelines and 4 sound track audio-tapes; 1 BASF videotape containing a recording of CBC mini-report about Skyline Hikers; 1 TDK videotape "Skyline Camp at Sunset Pass 1998" by Moe Bilous. Textual records include Skyline Hikers minutes of meetings, 1961-1980 and 1980-1997; minutes, agendas, and reports, 1991-1995 and 1996-1997; marketing articles and advertisements; guest lists, 1949-1975; membership lists, 1973-1986; by-laws, 1961-1976, 1986; outfitter's agreement, 1998-99; hostess guidelines, 1991; camp and membership lists, 1991-2000; correspondence with Parks Canada and miscellaneous; budgets, 1994-1997; legal insurance, completed evaluations, 1994-1996; cardex files of membership cards and inactive members.

Skyline Hikers of the Canadian Rockies

Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies fonds

  • WHYTE whyte-958
  • Fonds
  • 1931-1987

Fonds consists of organizational records in three series: Administrative records series, ca.1950-ca.1985; Promotion and publication series, 1931-1987; Collected material series, ca.1970-ca.1985. I. Administrative records series includes two sub-series: A. Secretary-Treasurer records, ca.1950-ca.1985, 52 cm of text and 148 photographs; and, B. Executive records, 1959-1985, 10 cm of text and 14 photographs. Executive records consist of trail ride records and Executive committee records. II. Promotion and publicity records series consists of three sub-series: A. Photographic records, ca.1880-1983, includes 1043 photographs and 3 photograph albums produced by the Canadian Pacific Railway and professional and personal photographers. B. Publicity records, 1931-1987, 12 cm of text and 4 motion pictures, includes publicity materials in numerous forms. C. Other records, 1939-1987, ca.2 cm of text pertaining to history, music, poetry and other. III. Collected material series, ca.1970-ca.1985, ca.2 cm of text

Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies

J. Monroe Thorington fonds

  • WHYTE whyte-589
  • Fonds
  • 1825-1974

Fonds consists of copies of textual records from the Thorington Archives at Princeton University and photographs in both original and copy form. Textual records include: I. Thompson-Little Collection and supplement 1895- 1907; letters chiefly addressed to Charles Sproule Thompson collected by George T. Little, Appalachian Mountain Club and supplemented by material mainly from the estate of Charles E. Fay. II. American Alpine Club, 1903- 1967; correspondence with American Alpine Club members elected to 1918. III. Alps and Canada mountaineering correspondence. IV. Guide books and writings; pertains to writings on the Canadian Rockies and Conrad Kain. V. Dr. W. S. Ladd and Allen Carpe papers 1908-1935. VI. Photographs, 1871-1970, pertain mainly to Thorington's climbing associates, mountain guides, friends and climbs; also, tombstones of friends at Banff Cemetery. Fonds also includes miscellaneous original summit notes, articles, etc. concerning landmark mountaineering activities in the Canadian Rockies.

Thorington, J. Monroe

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