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Bernard Wiese collection

  • ATU atu-2
  • Collection
  • [ca. 1937 to ca. 1989]

Collection consists of a pair of Athapaskan hide beaded gauntlets, white with beading (pink and red flowers with green stems) and light green interior, two Athapaskan beaded hide jackets with fringe, and a folk art carved wooden statue depicting a cowboy on a horse roping a calf.

Wiese, Bernard

Robert and Shirley Hendriks collection of William Bleasdell Cameron

  • ATU atu-3
  • Collection
  • 1860-2006, predominant 1885--1951.

Collection consists of the textual records, photographs, tintypes, copied photographs, postcards and copies of illustrations and paintings of W.B. Cameron, as well as the research records accumulated by Robert Hendriks during the course of writing a biography about W.B. Cameron. The photographs depict various First Nations people, often dressed in traditional clothing with objects such as the Sioux pipe bag, as well as W.B.'s family and friends. There are also photographs of the site of the Frog Lake Massacre and the Frog Lake Massacre Memorial Cairn. The photographic postcards depict views of the various towns that W.B. Cameron resided in such as Le Pas, Manitoba and Lac La Biche and Vermilion, Alberta. Textual records consist of correspondence to and from family members and friends, manuscripts, editions of The Beaver, Scarlet and Gold and Saturday Night, newspaper clippings, a scrapbook of Cameron's early writings, paperwork relating to the publishing of Cameron's book as well as the republishing of the book in the 1940s and by his family in the 1970s, certificates, letters relating to the NWMP Memorial & Indian Museum in Battleford, Saskatchewan and to the Hudson's Bay Company. Also included is a videotape of W.B. Cameron's speech in 1950 at the Elk Point Bridge Opening.

Hendriks, Robert

Athabasca Archives Hudson's Bay Company collection

  • CA ATH ath-1867
  • Collection
  • 1799-1924 : Copied 1986

The collection consists of newspaper clippings, lists of accounts, letterbooks, personal papers, correspondence, inspection reports, transportation modes and costs, inventories pertaining to the Hudson's Bay Company and its presence in Alberta and Athabasca, where it established a post from 1877-1924. Included are articles from the Beaver magazine: "Skippering a scow" on the Athabasca by N.A.Howland; "The Last of the Brigades" by Guy Blanchet; and "Inland Journey" by J.W.Chalmers (Treaty 8).

Athabasca Archives Hudson's Bay Company collection

Anglican Church of Canada. Athabasca Archives Collection

  • CA ATH ath-1873
  • Collection
  • Copied 1985, 1987 and 2000 (originally created 1876-1976)

The collection consists of records of the Anglican Church pertaining to the Athabasca area including synod reports, 1876-1928; historical notes and articles on local churches; correspondence and papers of Bishop Richard Young, correspondence of Bishop Sovereign, minutes of the All Saints Women's Auxiliary 1911-1942 and other local Anglican organizations; and a copy of Marian (Gill) Little's Anglican Church history"The Glorious Company". Names mentioned include Bishop William Day Reeve, Magnus Brown, Jim Cornwall, Leslie Wood, Fred H.Killick, Rev.William Grove White, Rev.Robert Little, Bishop Richard Young, Bishop Sovereign, Rev. A.C.Garrioch, Rev.George Holmes, Rev. Moxhay, Count Alfred Von Hammerstein, Gertrude (Reeve) Bannerman, and Eva Hasell of the Sunday School Caravan Mission. There is also a chapter from the book "A Heroine of the North: memoirs of Charlotte Selina Bompas."

Anglican Church of Canada. Athabasca Archives Collection

Athabasca Archives Oral Interviews Collection

  • CA ATH ath-1930
  • Collection
  • 1862-1978 [copied 1987]

The fonds consists of 28 audiocassette tapes and their synopses recorded about family histories or other topics pertinent to Athabasca including: Calder family, Bob Robertson, Herbert Browne, Constance (Sanders) Pearson, Charles Lynch, Garfield Rogers, W.O.Willey, George Cooke, Gertrude (Reeves) Bannerman, Constance (Robertson) MacDougall, Kenneth Kinnaird, Frederick Young, Nellie Cahoon, Eva Hasell, William Byrd, Charles Brumfit, Lawrence Rye, The Athabasca Story, Mr. Urban, Mr.Struzynski, CFRN Radio Jan.1974 brief interviews with locals, Henry Stelfox, Alberta and Hector MacLean, Bill Kirby, Tom Jamieson, W.Wilkin, Vital and Clothtilda Callahoo, Robert Andison, Jan Liss, Antoni Turbiasz, Rayner Whiteley, John Cook, John Burt, Helene Boytinck, Alex Middleton, Louis Uliac, Sister Hilda Diederich, Donat and Albertine Soucy, Irene Stainton, Harold Warren, Mark Hooks, Walter Hill, Dr. George Ball, Father Quinn, John Sullivan, Frederick Mannix and others.

Athabasca Archives Oral Interviews Collection

Athabasca Archives Buildings collection

  • CA ATH ath-1989
  • Collection
  • 1912-1986

The collection consists of 98 photographs and 59 negatives of buildings in the Town of Athabasca. They have been described as a collection because they all pertain to buildings that are, or have been, located in Athabasca.

Athabasca Archives, collector

Don McGinnis Stephenson collection

  • CA ATH ath-2005
  • Collection
  • [1927]-1944

The fonds consists of 28 photographs collected by Don Stephenson of a [1927] Edmonton-Athabasca-Peace River Highway motor tour; pictures of Athabasca buildings; and the 1944 flood. The Athabasca buildings include: All Saints Anglican Church, Imperial Bank of Canada, Grand Union Hotel, Municipal Hospital, Public School, and views of Skinner Street and Wood Avenue, Baptiste Lake, ferry, cable cage and grain elevators.

Stephenson, Don McGinnis

Athabasca Archives Royal Canadian Mounted Police Collection

  • CA ATH ath-2006
  • Collection
  • 1901-1961

The fonds consists of a brief history of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Alberta; the origins of the Athabasca Detachment; 1901 report of Superintendent Constantine; 1915 report of Superintendent Albert Edward Crosby McDonell; biographies of Deputy Commissioner George Leslie Jennings, ex-Inspector Kristjan Fjeldsted Anderson, and ex-Superintendent Arthur Howard Llewellyn Mellor; 1961 booklet "A National Police Service" and 1962 copy of "The Police Act". Other officers mentioned include: Sgt. S. Hetherington and Sup't Gilbert E. Sanders.

North West Mounted Police

Edwin Kinney Wright collection

  • CA ATH ath-2093
  • Collection
  • 1899 - [1960s], predominant 1910-1916

The fonds consists of photographs and letters solicited by Dr. Wright, through ads placed in Alberta and B.C. newspapers in 1961, for the purpose of writing a history book on Athabasca. Contributors were: Harold Ashacker, Jim Ballsellie, A.J.Bell, Dr. Joseph Boulanger, Allan Bowe, Annie Brown, William Brown, Louise Champion, Patrick W.L.Clark, Scotty Clark, George Cooke, Ted Dahlin, E. Danard, Aline Davison (Morris), William Dent and Elizabeth (Mahood), G.R.Dent, H.G. Dimsdale, S.C.Ells, William B. Falkner, Wilfred R. Flack, Isaie Gagnon, Ernest R. Gowen, Peter Grandbois, Millie Hay (Talpash), H.G. Jamieson, Frances Benham Johnson, W.P. Keep, Gertrude McLaughlin (Allan), Madge McLean (Fisher), Fred Marshall, Emma Miller (Blair), James Milne and Rosamund (Herbert), Hazel Minns(Lewis), E.H. Nagle, Barbara Parker (Dick), Alf Plant, Mrs. Reed, Violet Rein, Alexander Leonard Sawle, Jessica B. Watson (Segers), Nina Watt, Frances Woolley (Rowland), Gladys Wright (Puylaert). Subjects of these photographs include: a dog team, a moose team, Colinton's first Agricultural Fair, Holy Trinity Church (Anglican) in Big Coulee, Soper and Lawley familys, Christopher Loan, Hazel Currie in Christopher Johnston's bakery, Miss F.E.Roberts, Miss MacDonald, Kennedy mail stage, boat building, Sawridge, SS Slave River, furs and fur press, Grand Rapids Island portage, tracking, Walton Lewis, NTC SS Northland Echo, buildings and streetscapes of early Athabasca, Lot Willey, men leaving Athabasca to join up for WWI, Grand Union Hotel, Alcide Letourneau, Bill Fontaine, Bobby Gray, Louis Desrochers, Jack Secord, David Grandbois, Ambrose, Joe and William Paquette, Francis Lepine, Billy McLeod, Frank Savoyard, Frank Lafferty, Benny Shank, Archie Taylor, First Nations, SS Athabasca, NTC SS Northland Sun, SS D.A.Thomas, Max Beaton, Albert Edward Crosby McDonnell, Victoria Day-1914, Rev. and Mrs. Spencer Baron, Athabasca's Dramatic Society, E.J.Gordean, T.D.Latta, immigration hall, Albert Alexander Greer, Lewis' Stopping Place, Perryvale's first post office, Harold's Store at Baptiste Lake, and Charles Gagnon.

Wright, Edwin Kinney

Charles Stewart Bissell collection

  • CA ATH ath-2103
  • Collection
  • 1912-[1980s]

The fonds consists of photographs of : Athabasca view [1912], Landing Motors opening (1953), Don Logan, D. Torquil MacDonald (son of Dr. R.D. MacDonald), and Septumus Poulton.

Bissell, Charles Stewart

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