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Ann Sunahara's Japanese Oral History Project collection

  • GLEN glen-2221
  • Coleção
  • 1977

The collection consists of recorded interviews with these people: John Aihoshi, Tak and Rose Aihoshi, Grace Amadatsu, Tsunebaru "Dutchie" Amadatsu, H.F. Angus, Fred Doi, T.C. Douglas, Frank Ernst, Rev. James Finlay, Katsuko Hideka Halfhide, Mr. and Mrs. Kiyoshi Hara, Chu Hayashi, Rintaro Hayashi, Ken Hibi, Ichiro Hirayama, Harold Hirose, Mark Honkawa, Hiro Kanashiro, Kiyozo Kazuta, Dr. H.L. Keenleyside, Thelma Kima, Thelma Kojima, Mrs. Kudo, Amy Leigh, David Lewis, Helga Lougheed, Mr. and Mrs. Shinichi Maeba, Morijama family, Yuki Nakamura, Kim Nakashima, Fred Nishikawa, Kasey and Sachi Oyama, ?. Pickersgill, William Sakamoto, Seiku Sakumoto, ? Shigehiro, Kunio, Kay and Kate Shimizu, Thomas Shoyama, M. Sunahara, Carr Suzuki, Mar and Hide Suzuki, Toyo Takata, George Tanaka, Herb and June Tanaka, J. Tanaka, Kinzie and Terry Tanaka, S. Tomonaga, William S. Wallace, Seijiro Yabuki, and George Yamashita. Also includes two unidentified interviews and a recording of a song entitled "The Sansei Theme".

Sunahara, Ann

Donald T. Fotheringham collection

  • GLEN glen-2638
  • Coleção
  • 1957-1961

The collection consists of slides of Blood tipis, ceremonies, and parades; Sarcee Barracks, and Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI) at Currie Barracks; polo and miscellaneous views.

Fotheringham, Donald T.

Timothy Travers interview collection.

  • SPEC spec-2296
  • Coleção
  • [ca. 1978].

Collection consists of sound recordings of interviews of World War I veterans by T. Travers. Includes list of veterans interviewed and interview synopses: A.L. Allen (South Midland Field Ambulance, Royal Medical Army Corps), E.O. or E.D. Anderson (49th Battalion), G. Allen Bagley (50th Battalion, 10th Brigade Machine Gun Transport), Clifford Call (137th and 50th Canadian Infantry Battalion), W.H. Carr (2nd CMR), Gordon Church (Winnipeg Grenadiers), J. Claughton (Saskatchewan Light Horse, 5th Battalion, Western Cavalry), Edmond John "Bud" Cotton (13th CMR and RCR), Albert Dye (137th and 50th Battalions), Howard Exton (31st Battalion - Alberta), James C. French (Canadian Machine Gun Corps), W.H. Harris (13th Battalion, Royal Highlanders), F. Johnson (6th CMR), Harry Miller (50th Canadian Infantry Battalion), G. Payne (5th Battalion), P. Rogers (2nd CMR), Clayton Ross (Canadian Scottish), T. Sharp (5th Battalion, 1st Division), Frank Thomson (Lewis Gun Crew), John Timms (2nd CMR Rifle Brigade, 3rd Division), [?] Waterman (Pioneer Battalion), Harold White (King Edward's Horse) and William Wray (Signaller in Fort Garry Horse).

Travers, Timothy.

Joseph R. Schmitz's Military collection

  • GLEN glen-2062
  • Coleção
  • 1865-1975

The collection consists of photographs, articles, and documents collected regarding western Canadian military history including photographs of the Red Cross Reception Centre in Calgary, various military units, Sarcee Army Camp (1911-1916) and the 1885 Riel Rebellion (North West Rebellion). Includes some personal correspondence about historical events and Century Calgary. Includes typewritten notes on curation of military history collections, and a scrapbook about Calgary history (compiled 1966).

Schmitz, Joseph R.

Glenbow Archives Posters collection

  • GLEN glen-3257
  • Coleção
  • [ca. 1845-1968]

The collection consists of posters related to a wide variety of topics including the promotion of immigration to Canada; the sale of Victory bonds and recruitment for the wars; political campaigns; advertisements for rail and steamship travel; and announcements of auction sales, sports meets, and social events.

Glenbow Archives Poster Collection

Harold D. Finch collection

  • PAA paa-6756
  • Coleção
  • 1916

Collection consists of a photograph and a copied pay list of 'A' Company, Platoon 4, 89th Battery, in Calgary, Alberta.

Finch, Harold D.

Elmer M. Scott collection

  • PAA paa-8510
  • Coleção
  • 1918-1957

The collection consists of a copy of a liquor license made out to Leslie Larson from 1912, the January 20, 1936 issue of the Edmonton Journal announcing King George V's death, a membership list for the (1914) Red Chevron Club Edmonton, a typed copy of Army Order 4 -- 1918, presented to the Red Chevron Club in 1938, program from Trooping the Colour in Ottawa in 1939, Pay and Allowance Regulation for the Permanent and Non-Permanent Active Militia (1937) and a photograph taken at the first exhibit of commercial livestock at the Edmonton Exhibition in 1921 (McDermid Studio print). The fonds also includes 15 glass plate negatives, of which 14 are cartoons from the First World War by Bruce Bairnsfather and one is a portrait of Bruce Bairnsfather.

Scott, Elmer M.

Jerry Glasgo collection

  • CA MED med-113
  • Coleção
  • 1939-1980

The collection consists of: W.W.II Greeting Cards-German (10) (1939-1946); "POW Wow" magazines (9) ([ca. 1944-1945]); handwritten German text "Gewidmet vom Prasidium des Deutsch en Roten Dreuzls" (2) (1944-1946); article "General Attitudes of Prisoners" (1 pg) (1945); information re: German Red Cross Book Parcels (1 pg) (undated); R.C.M.P. Intelligence Report on the murder of POW August Plascek (1 pg) (1945); R.C.M.P. Intelligence Report-Murder of POW Karl Lehmann (1945); Dept. of National Defence Report re: Interrogation of Joseph Willecke (1944); R.C.M.P. Exhibit Report-Murder of Karl Lehmann (1946); Intelligence Report-Modus Operandi Report-Suspects Lehmann murder (1944-1946); Brief-Karl Lehmann murder (ca. 1946); Preliminary Hearing Report-Heinrich Busch, Willy Mueller, Walter Wolf (1946); Internment Camp Pass (1945); document re: Movement of POW's to Camp #132 (ca. 1945); Registers of POW's (3) (ca. 1945); movement orders (1944); POW camps-Canada (undated); Record of Deceased POW's-Camp #132 (1980); Record of Medical Doctors-Camp #132 (undated); Record of Murder Charges-Camp #132 (undated); Proclamation-German Surrender (1945); Transcript of Audiotape Cassette Interview with Alfons Maier (undated); "Der Stachel"-German newletters (7 pgs) (1944); Military Policy re: POW's (2 pgs) (undated); images of POW's in Medicine Hat; 2 audio cassettes consisting of interviews with POW Heinz Gleich and an unknown POW (undated).

Glasgo, Jerry, collector

Medicine Hat Museum and Art Gallery collection

  • CA MED med-199
  • Coleção
  • 1885-1999

The collection consists of: telephone directories (2) for Medicine Hat and district (1968, 1970); historic titles searches (4) for Lots 33-34, Block 5, Plan 833m (1894-1983), Plan 23560, Block "B", Lots 1 & 2 (1900-1984), Plan 23593, Block "B", Lots 1 & 2 (1903-1986), and Old St. Patrick's Church location Plan 1491, Block 16, Lots 11 & 12 (1908-1985); Heritage Calendars (2) (1984); Medicine Hat Exhibition and Stampede posters (2) (1986); Woolfrey House research papers (1892-1906); Medicine Hat Tigers Hockey Calendar (1986-87); promotional posters for Medicine Hat (3) (ca. 1989); election posters for MP candidates Bob Porter, Peter Hansen and Wally Regehr (3) (1989); O.S. map entitled "Map Shewing [sic] Mounted Police Stations and Patrols 1888", reprinted to commemorate R.C.M.P. Centennial 1873-1973 (1973); O.S. posters for the movie "The Canadians" (12) (1961); exhibitors Campaign Manual from "The Canadians" (1961); Chautauqua pamphlets (2) (1930); squatters statement of claim for the following individuals: F.A. Mountain, W.P. Leacock, H. Pearse, H. Jordan, A. Mallot, L.S. Fox, W.B. Butler, C. Flint, J.Y. Terry, G.H. Presswell, G. Anderton, G.F. Pim, J. Madden, H.B. Collier, L.A. Smallwood, F. Slaymaker, M. Sutherland, S. Porter, Count M. DeBosdari, J. Jackson, W. Logan, J. Logan, J. McLean (1884); Metis scrip documents (36 pgs) issued to the descendants of Edward McKay (1885-1886); a dry mounted lithograph? depicting "Steamers at Medicine Hat Loading Ammunition and Stores", as initially published in the Illustrated London News (1885); personal letters (54) addressed to Phyllis Becker (1916-1933, undated); 10 En Avant newsletters from Alexandra High School (1937-1939); lithographic view of Medicine Hat (1887); geneological publication entitled "A Beveridge-McLeish Family History" (1992); municipal election material (ie. posters, campaign pamphlets and handouts, lapel buttons) from the civic elections for City Council and Public and Separate School Board Trustees from the elections of 1989, 1992, 1995 and 1998 (note that not all candidates are represented in this collection which was gathered by Archives staff) (1989-1998); ownership map of landholders, lease holders, electoral boundries, county lines (range and township numbered roadways), federal lands, parklands, raillines, canals etc for the year 1999 (June 1999); map showing disposition of lands in Alberta and BC (1915); desktop calendar titled "On The Trail" with photos by Kim Taylor of Maple Creek (1999); Empress Theatre cheque book (stubs only) indicating payments made (Nov. 1920-Apr.1921); premium catalogues for Nabob and Blue Ribbon coupon holders. Pictures merchandise redeemable for coupons alone, or coupons and cash (1963-64, n/d); copy of Medalta Potteries Conservation Study, March 1993, prepared by Simpson, Roberts and Wappel assessing the historical significance, resource inventory and a conservation strategy for site development (March 1993) (M2001.12.1); 551 photographs of various events that occurred in Medicine Hat, various views in and around Medicine Hat, and Medicine Hat's citizens (1883-[ca.1990]); 2 audio cassettes documenting the official opening of the Medicine Hat Museum (1967), and the official opening of the National Exhibition Centre (1978); 2 videotape cassette featuring the opening of the renovated museum and art gallery (1988), and the spring opening and awards presentation (1989). Chronology of area history, handwritten family histories, early correspondence to society (1950).

Medicine Hat Museum and Art Gallery

Memories of War, Dreams of Peace Oral History Project collection

  • GLEN glen-2761
  • Coleção
  • 1995-1996

The collection consists of recorded interviews with Lee Hunt, Helen Kozicky, Red Windsor, Vera Burns, Charles "Checkers" Tomkins, George Higa, V.L. Doug Hawkes, George Takeyasu, and James R. "Jim" Morgan; transcripts and staff notes about the Tomkins, Hawkes, Morgan, Takeyasu, and Higa interviews; and transcript of an interview with Don Munro, for which there is no recording available.

Glenbow Museum. Memories of War, Dreams of Peace Exhibition

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