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Fur Trade Ledger

The series consists of pages from a fur trade ledger showing an 1838 inventory of goods in use at Fort Dunvegan; an 1840 inventory, presumabley of goods at Fort Dunvegan; invenmtories of goods in the Leather Depot, goods received from Fort Vermilion, Fort Chipiwyan, New Caledonia; Invoices of Fur Packs made at Dunvegan; accounts with Joseph Beaudoin, Louis Bourassa, Emanuel Cournoyer, Colin Campbell, S.B. Lafleur, William Murray, Edward McGillivray, Pierre Plante, P. Lalonde, Felix St. Pierre, (J.?) B. St. Cyre, Rod McLeod, Charles La Fleur, B. LaFleur, Joseph Le Tendre, Pierre Tarlongtargonte, Eathella, Brule, Bec de Lievre, Barbue, Chartier, Renard, Annauscie, Capot Blanc, Croche (Atchickoy), Fantasque, I B. Boifson, B. Bastonais, Mayare, Testawitch, LaGlace, Mayotise, Sakenonone, Canard, Bras Casse, The Sinew, Mauvais Jambes, Toufsaint, Le Lievre (Wapouce), L’Aigle, and William McMurray among others.

Fur Trade Ledger

The series consists of a ledger containing accounts of the Hudson’s Bay Company Dunvegan fort with fort hunters and trappers. Many are identified by aboriginal names such as such as Komekocee Wan at tay, Annay, Attajay, Attah, Ta kee ay, Mah kee ay, Ah neh thir say, Ait hay, Ah nee hay, Nah kee hay, Ma ya see, Kan son day, Na Kee Ya Hay, Ah nit let thou day, Ah woe tsit tee ay, Appotay, At tha gay, Ah kou say and Nah gil lay. Others are identified by French names such as L’Eau, Hofs, Cadien, Grand Batard, La Glace, Pouce Coupe, Chartier, L’Aigle, Grosse Yeul, Petit Canard, Pied Caribou, Petit Garcon, Racine, Montaigner, Grosse Tete, Petit Pied, Tranquille, Foin, L’Oeil Blanc, Mortgnee, Fantasque, Sournois, Kankre, Sanko, Maragoin and Nesplatte. There is also an account for Widow Sancho prophet’s Sister and an English hunter named Stuart. The ledgers disclose what goods were on hand at Dunvegan at the time and the kinds of furs being trapped in the area.

E.A. Campbell diaries

The series consists of four yearly diaries written by Eldridge Augustus Campbell when he was 18 to 22 years of age, his membership card in the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers; and two news clippings, one a travel article written by Mr. Campbell as a special correspondant for the Toledo Bee newspaper, and one about a record-setting trip he made from Cleveland to Toledo as the train engineer on "Lake Shore Engine No. 653"

1905 Baseline Survey

The series consists of photographs taken in 1905 when Jim Somerville was a member of Henry Selby's survey crew. Some of the photographs are taken at the 20th base line camp as that was the starting point. The photographs show the environment of the area east of the Smoky River, the activities of his survey crew, and the life of a surveyor. There are also several photographs of buildings in Grouard and Stopping Places in the area.

Hines Photo Album

This photo album contains 124 pictures of the Hines family while living and working at the Wingfield estate game farm ran by Alfred Hines in Ampthill Bedfordshire, England. The game farm belonged to Sir Anthony Wingfield and was home to many exotic animals including camels, zebras, llamas, boars, and yaks. A majority of the photographs are of various family members, and other farm employees, riding and walking the animals. There are also a number of portraits included in the album and two photographs of the family from their time working at the Partridge farm in Saskatchewan after immigrating to Canada.

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