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Action Poetry fonds Subseries
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Action Poetry Uptown Theatre : [Nat Christie Poetry Jam master video recordings]

Sub-series consists of raw video footage of the Nat Christie Poetry Jam, held at the Uptown Theatre in Calgary, and featuring performances by Action Poetry participants (including Dasez Tempo, Richie D, John Sobol, Clifton James, Meryn Cadell, Terrence Crane, Gunargie O'Sullivan, Greg Young-Ing, Alex Ferguson, Ahdri Mandiela and her daughter, and Kedrick James) and students from schools who participated in the Nat Christie Poetry Day workshops.

Artist files

Subseries consists of files containing information on each participant in the program, including samples of their work, resumes, biographical information, correspondence (mainly with John Sobol), and other materials.

ACP1.003.01 – Armstrong, Jeannette [Jeannette Armstrong]
ACP1.003.02 - Armstrong, Richard [Richard Armstrong]
ACP1.003.03 - Belgium, Erik [Erik Belgium]
ACP1.003.04 - Berner, Wendy [Wendy Berner]
ACP1.003.05 - Cadell, Meryn [Meryn Cadell]
ACP1.003.06 - Carr, Harold [Harold Carr]
ACP1.003.07 - Cortez, Jayne [Jayne Cortez]
ACP1.003.08 - Crane, Terrence [Terrence Crane]
ACP1.003.09 - Dalton, Mary [Mary Dalton]
ACP1.003.10 - Davidson, Don [Don Davidson]
ACP1.003.11 - Dempsey, Shawna [Shawna Dempsey]
ACP1.003.12 - Drain, Richie Tempo [Richie Tempo Drain]
ACP1.003.13 - Dutton, Paul [Paul Dutton]
ACP1.003.14 - Ferguson, Deanna [Deanna Ferguson]
ACP1.003.15 - Giorno, John [John Giorno]
ACP1.003.16 - Holman, Bob [Bob Holman]
ACP1.003.17 - James, Kedrick P. [Kedrick James]
ACP1.003.18 - Joseph, Clifton L. [Clifton Joseph]
ACP1.003.19 - Karasick, Adeena [Adeena Karasick]
ACP1.003.20 - Lacy and Steve [Pine Trio, Nicholas Isherwood, Steve Lacy and Irene Aebi]
ACP1.003.21 - Keyes, Darryl C. [Darryl Keyes]
ACP1.003.22 - Mandiela, Ahdri Zhina [Ahdri Zhina Mandiela]
ACP1.003.23 - Miller, Isobeau [Isobeau Miller]
ACP1.003.24 - Morris, Traci D [Traci Morris]
ACP1.003.25 - Rao, Uma [Uma Rao]
ACP1.003.26 - Scott, Dasez [Dasez Scott]
ACP1.003.27 - Weidenhammer, Lori [Lori Weidenhammer]
ACP1.003.28 - Williamson, Aaron [Aaron Williamson]
ACP1.003.29 - Wilson, Sheri-Doyle [Sheri-D Wilson]
ACP1.003.30 - Wolkstein, Diane [Diane Wolkstein]
ACP1.003.31 - Zitello, Sean [Sean Spaz Zitello]

Event information relating to Action Poetry

Subseries consists of six files largely related to scheduling and promoting events as part of Action Poetry '94. They include schedules, programs, notes from an event on how to make a living as an artists, as well as copies of two chapbook anthologies of poems released as part of Action Poetry.

Grants, fundraising, and donor information relating to Action Poetry

Subseries consists of files related to raising funds to support Action Poetry '94. They includes correspondence between John Sobol and potential corporate donors, as well as material related to grant applications to the Department of Canadian Heritage, the Canadian Department of Communications, Canada Council, and the Samuel and Saidye Bronfman Family Foundation.

Media and advertising relating to Action Poetry

Subseries consists of material related to the promotion of Action Poetry ’94. The contents included promotional material, correspondence on the filming and potential TV broadcast of performances, and with CBC Radio’s “Morningside”, as well as correspondence regarding an unrealized performance to be held as part of the Banff Centre's Playbill concert series.

Nat Christie Poetry Day records

Subseries consists of two files of information and correspondence related to the Nat Christie Poetry Day, in which Action Poetry participants held workshops at local schools in Calgary (including Bishop Carroll, Forest Lawn, Ernest Manning, and Plains Indians Cultural Survival School). Files also contain information on the Nat Christie Poetry Jam, a performance by Action Poetry participants and high school students at the Uptown Theatre in Calgary.

Potential Action Poetry artist information

Subseries consists of five files with information on prospective artists for the Action Poetry program. It includes correspondence (mainly with John Sobol), news clippings, examples of applicant's work, and other materials.

Proposals and budgets relating to Action Poetry

Subseries consists of files on the planning and administration of Action Poetry '94 and the Nat Christie Poetry Day. They include minutes of meetings held with representatives from various Banff Centre departments (including George Ross, Sara Diamond, Robert Rosen, Isobel Rolston, and Kevin Elliot), correspondence with Carol Phillips (of the Centre for the Arts), and material on the Action Poetry budget and fundraising.