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Glenbow Museum & Archives Duncan, Joy
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Joy Duncan's Frontier Nursing Project

  • GLEN glen-862
  • Fonds
  • Compiled 1974-1978 (originally created 1911-1978)

The collection consists of reminiscences, biographical notes, letters, diaries and journals, newsclippings, recorded interviews, slides and photographs pertaining to nursing experiences. Records related to the following subjects are also in this collection. See inventory for details: Chryss Smith Abernethy, Carol Belsheim, Edith Miller Bird, Anna Blais, Geraldine Burke Boatness, Simone Bollearts, Martha Brand, Beverly Barr Brears, Florence Cooper, Donalda Copeland, Kathleen Crofford, Kathleen DeMarsh, Nan Enns Doerksen, Margery Finlayson, Kathleen Ross Flucke, Delores Forsyth, Dianne Foster, Grace Frost, Dorothy Bowden Gallagher, Audrey Halsey, Ann Morton Heffel, E. Prudence Hockin, Margaret Janzen, Dorothy Jowett, Jessie Kelso, Klondike gold rush, Mary Lemoine, Christopher Lemphers, Kelly Lemphers, Mary Lugtiheld Lindquist, Jo Lutley, Liz McCormack, Marjorie McDowell, Grace Connor McKenzie, Thora McIlroy Mills, Erna Rosland McVean, Alice Milne, Alice Mitchell, Margaret Mlazgar, Flora Moffat, Kathleen Mullen, Pauline Phillips Murakami, Lorraine Bode Nagel, Frances Nancekeivill, Anne Nordtrop, Alberta Normandin, Myrtle Rogers Ostrum, Margaret Darby Pardy, Anne Pask, Leona Penner, Muriel Platt, Nina Renwick, Vera Blacker Rosolowich, Gwen Ross, Helen B. Scarlett, Isobel Scriver, Isobel Sheppard, Mary Ellis Conlin Steerritt, Agnes Stirling, Dorothy Tansley Sweet, Mary Willis Taylor, Nancy Tidmarsh, Doris Timberg, Mary Traill, Anthonia "Tops" Van Vliet, Helen Jeanette Simpson Wallace, Olive F. Watherston, Janet Watkinson, Margaret McKay Weller, Amy Wilson and Phyllis Worsley.

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Joy Duncan's Mounted Police Wives Oral History Project collection

  • GLEN glen-2547
  • Collection
  • 1974

The collection consists of recorded interviews with Elsie Murdoch, the daughter of North-West Mounted Police (NWMP) Inspector E.J. Camies of Fort Macleod, which includes discussions of the Jerry Potts family; and with Ruby Cutting, the wife of Royal North-West Mounted Police (RNWMP) member Percy Cutting, posted at Bear Lake and Battle Creek from 1913 to 1924.

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