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Edmonton Board of Health Staff Nurses Association fonds

  • CA UOFA uofa-867
  • Fonds
  • 1964-1986

Fonds consists of these series: I Benefits (1965-1985). Relates in part to car allowances; collective agreements; dental plans. II Executive Committee (1965-1986). Consists of lists of representatives; minutes. III Financial records (1966-1986). Includes budgets; financial statements; ledgers; receipts; reports. IV Incorporation, constitution and bylaws (1964-1982). Includes establishment; certification; agreements; briefs; memoranda; rules. V Membership (1965-1980). Includes job descriptions; membership lists; reports. VI Regular, special and annual meetings (1964-1986). Includes guidelines; minutes; reports of standing committees.

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Edmonton Film Society fonds

  • CA UOFA uofa-822
  • Fonds
  • 1936-1984

Fonds consists of these series: I Correspondence (1959-1974). Includes H.P. Brown and Lawrence Twigge of the Faculty of Extension. II Minutes (1936-1952). III Newsletters (1976-1984). "Film Edmonton" and "Freeze Frame". IV Programs (1959-1974).

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English Club fonds

  • CA UOFA uofa-825
  • Fonds
  • 1912-1914

Fonds consists of these series: I Accounts (1912-1914). II Minutes (1912-1914).

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Ernest C. Manning fonds

  • CA UOFA uofa-9
  • Fonds
  • 1935-1968

Fonds consists of this series: Memoirs (1935-1968). Includes interviews by Lydia Semotuk from 1978-1981 (recorded on 47 sound tape reels), transcripts, and four photographs of the ceremony transferring the tapes to the Archives.

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Eva A. McKitrick fonds

  • CA UOFA uofa-17
  • Fonds
  • 1916-1982

Fonds consists of these series: I Memorabilia (1922-1982). Includes invitations and programs relating to the University of Alberta. II Photographs (1916-1922). University of Alberta students and campus, and members of the 196th Overseas Battalion, taken by Elmer S. McKittrick [sic], 1892-1982 (ca. 42 images).

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Faculté Saint-Jean fonds

  • CA UOFA uofa-267
  • Fonds
  • 1947-1983

Fonds consists of these series: I Photographs (1983). Selected for an exhibit celebrating the 75th anniversary of the College/Facult,; includes notes on the text and descriptions of the photographs, 1908-1982. II Program (1979-1982). Prospectus and proposal for teacher education, 1979-1980; extension proposal, 1982. III Publications (1947-1983). cole bilingue ou unilingue pour les franco-albertains...? (report, 1974); 50th and 75th anniversary histories (1961, 1983); annual reports; yearbooks; conference proceedings.

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Faculty of Arts and Science fonds

  • CA UOFA uofa-216
  • Fonds
  • 1908-1969

Fonds consists of these series: I Academic planning and development (1916-1966). Includes curriculum (1920-1954); proposed School of Architecture (1960-1964); Department of Geography (1948- 1950); proposed School of Social Work (1964-1966); reports and minutes pertaining to evening, special and summer sessions. II Affiliated colleges (1914-1967). III Buildings and facilities (1914-1967). Includes memoranda of the resident engineer (1919- 1921); and the superintendent of buildings (1960-1967). IV Deans' personal correspondence (1916-1952). V Departments (1913-1968). Includes annual reports to the Dean (1941-1968). VI Faculty Council (1908-1968). Includes minutes and committees. VII Financial administration ([1915]-1952). Includes Bursar's correspondence relating to the gifts, equipment and grants; and the university Memorial Fund minutes (1919-1925). VIII Government relations (1913-1967). Mainly Alberta Department of Education: Board of Teacher Education and Certification; High School and University Matriculation Examinations Board; Joint Committee to Coordinate University and High School Curricula; includes correspondence with federal, provincial and municipal governments. IX Inter-faculty correspondence (1914-1966). X Non-teaching departments (1915-1966). XI President's office (1913-1967). Includes President and Vice-President; correspondence and committees. XII Professional activities (1915-1966). Includes internal, provincial, national and international associations; National Conference of Canadian Universities (1920-1964). XIII Public relations (1914-1965). Includes Deans' correspondence pertaining to University/community affairs. XIV Staff (1913- 1969). Includes Faculty Relations Committee (1947-1966); and case files (1913-1969). XV Statutory authorities (1914-1969). Includes Board of Governors, Senate, and General Faculties Council reports, committees and correspondence. XVI Students and alumni (1913- 1967). Includes Registrar's memoranda; Wartime Bureau of Technical Personnel [1942-1953]; scholarships, awards and prizes; and case files (1913-1958). Some records carry over into the Faculty of Arts.

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Faculty of Extension fonds

  • CA UOFA uofa-234
  • Fonds
  • 1912-1990

Fonds consists of these series: I Administration (1954-1974). Responses to inquiries; memoranda; correspondence. II Adult education (1955-1970). Includes Canadian Association for Adult Education. III Affiliated colleges (1955-1972). Includes Junior Colleges Committee; technical schools. IV Agricultural extension work (1922-1969). Includes Farmers' Union and Cooperative Development Association; Farm Young People's Week; publications committee. V Annual report (1914-1984). VI Buildings and facilities (1959-1973). Includes Space Committee; Corbett Hall. VII Calgary office (1955-1973). Includes Calgary Branch of the University of Alberta; the University of Calgary. VIII Committees (1957-1974). Includes advisory, coordinating and interdisciplinary committees; the Committee to Study the Function of the Faculty of Extension, 1968-1973. IX Conferences (1961-1973). Includes proceedings; announcements. X Courses (1937-1986). Includes School Administration, 1945-1961; Municipal Administration, 1939- 1948; Land Inspectors, 1941-1948; Prospecting, 1963-1971; Community Art, 1937-1986. XI Director's office (1932-1969). Correspondence with the President. Includes Banff School of Fine Arts; Alberta Folklore Project; CKUA; E.A. Corbettþs personal correspondence and memorial, 1913-1968; the Departmentþs official seal. XII Financial (1934-1974). Includes Bursar; estimates; budget. XIII History (1914-1990). Includes Director's file of collected material, 1914-1944; histories by Barbara Villy Cormack, D. Yule, Ralph Clarke (thesis). XIV Lecturers (1929-[1969]). Includes radio talks; notes of A.E. Ottewell, E.A. Corbett, Donald Cameron, Jim Shaw. XV Memberships (1943-1974). Includes associations for directors of university extension programs; Canadian Handicrafts Guild, 1943-1950. XVI Programs (1950-1980). Includes proposed cooperative programs in Tanzania and Nigeria. Major programs included are: Native Studies, Health Sciences Continuing Education, Liberal Studies, Community Development, Fine Arts, Rural Development/Rural Leadership, Business, Industrial and Professional program. XVII Publications (1912-1988). Includes theatre journals; the University Press Bulletin. XVIII Publicity (1931-1986). Calendars; catalogues; brochures; posters. XIX Staff (1925-1977). Includes minutes of meetings, 1942-1977; "Directives," 1949-1966; non-academic staff, 1957-1974; Alberta Nelson's memoirs, 1925-1965. XX Television productions (1963- 1974). Includes Metropolitan Edmonton Educational Television Association; University Radio and Television Committee. XXI University - Fine Arts Department (1946-1966). Includes Music, Drama, Painting; Committee on Music, 1963-1968; Western Board of Music, 1963-1966. XXII University - Radio station (1928-1970). Includes Administrative Board; Committee on Broadcasting; Extension Radio Series; CKUA. XXIII University - Senate (1956- 1974). Includes reports of studies of Extension functions.

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Faculty of Library and Information Studies fonds

  • CA UOFA uofa-250
  • Fonds
  • 1967-1984

Fonds consists of these series: I Accreditation (1967-1982). Includes correspondence; reports; self-study procedures; reaccreditation. II Buildings and facilities (1967-1984). Includes space needs. III Courses and curriculum (1968-1984). Includes course outlines; evaluations; MLS planning and proposals; Practicum II Committee; special sessions; colloquia; field trips; special lectures. IV Directors'/Deans' correspondence (1967-1984). V Faculty/School of Library Science (1967-1984). Includes meetings; annual reports. VI Library Science Council (1967-1984). Includes minutes; correspondence; committees; establishment and history. VII Orientation program (1968-1975). Includes arrangements for tours; examinations; correspondence with participating institutions and speakers. VIII Photographs (1968-1974). Includes students; staff; special events. IX Professional activities (1969-1984). Includes workshops; conferences; Institute on Publishing in Canada; surveys; projects, including Alberta Indian Education Centre and Fort Saskatchewan Gaol Library; correspondence with American and Canadian library associations and schools; Beta Phi Mu. X Sound recordings (1970-1974, 1978). Includes special lectures (14 sound tape reels). XI Staff (1967-1984). Includes case files; selection; staff speeches; salaries and promotions; annual reports. XII Students and alumni (1969-1984). Includes yearbooks, 1969-1973; student and graduation lists; correspondence; student projects and theses; awards and scholarships; alumni newsletter, 1969-1970; Library Science Students' Association. XIII University of Alberta (1967-1984). Includes statutory authorities; interdepartmental correspondence.

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Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation fonds

  • CA UOFA uofa-259
  • Fonds
  • 1911-1987

Fonds consists of these series: I Budgets (1972-1979). II Commonwealth Games, Universiade '83 (1978, 1983). III Minutes (1914-1983). Includes Committee on Physical Education, 1914-1939. IV Photographs (1911-1941). Includes teams and individual players. V Programs (1960-1971). Sports events. VI Scrapbooks (1957-1977). Includes press clippings and news releases. VII Sports associations (1955-1982). Includes national and regional groups: Canadian Intercollegiate Athletic Union, Western Canadian Intercollegiate Athletic Union, Canada West University Athletic Association, Alberta Sport Council. VIII Sports teams (1955-1987). Includes Golden Bears (men's teams); Pandas (womenþs teams); basketball, 1960-1973; football, 1959-1981; hockey, 1960-1971.

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