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Arnold Whitney Matthews fonds

  • CA UOFA uofa-11
  • Fonds
  • 1907-1980

Fonds consists of these series: I Articles and speeches (1927-1966). II Correspondence (1935- 1980). Relates mainly to professional matters, including pharmaceutical education. III Photographs [ca. 1942]. Drug gardens at the University of Alberta (17 images). IV Reports (1925-1957). Relates mainly to the Canadian Formulary (Periodical). V Research material (1907-1972). Relates mainly to the history of pharmacy in Canada.

Matthews, Arnold Whitney

Arthur Gilbert McCalla fonds

  • CA UOFA uofa-12
  • Fonds
  • 1932-1983

Fonds consists of these series: I Addresses, radio talks, speeches (1934-1981). Relate to agriculture; education; research. II Memoirs (1975, 1981). Includes interview by Donald Phillipson, National Research Council (on 2 sound tape reels with transcript). III Personal (1951- 1964). Includes correspondence; PhD, 1933; teaching materials. IV Photographs [1946-1959]. Portraits; Feeders' Day events; campus and buildings (34 images). V Publications (1932-1983). VI Research projects (1958-1977). Includes reports: Foreign Students Study, 1971-1973; College St.- Jean (bilingual education), 1975-1977; World University Service, Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) higher education projects. VII Royal Grain Inquiry Commission (1937). Brief; correspondence; memoranda; clippings.

McCalla, Arthur Gilbert

William H[enry] McCardell, Jr. fonds

  • CA UOFA uofa-13
  • Fonds
  • 1916-1980

Fonds consists of these series: I Biographical materials [1944-197-]. Includes newsclippings about W.H. McCardell Sr. II Columns [1945?-197-]. III Correspondence (1916-1980). Personal and professional letters. IV Diaries [1939-1946]. Forest ranger and war diaries. V Photographs [193- - 197-]. Includes personal photographs; aerial surveys and views of forests, animals, railroads, roads (354 images). VI Poetry [193-]. VII Reference materials [1944-1959]. Mainly brochures and clippings relating to the subjects of Mr. McCardell's columns. Includes some notes on the items.

McCardell, William H[enry], Jr.

Patricia A. McCormack fonds

  • CA UOFA uofa-14
  • Fonds
  • [1929?]-1980

Fonds consists of these series: I Oral history (1977-1980). Interviews with residents of Fort Chipewyan and other settlements in northern Alberta (24 sound tape cassettes, 13 sound tape reels). II Photographs ([1929?]-1970). As above, and including the Northwest Territories (108 images). III The photographs were collected, not created, by Dr. McCormack.

McCormack, Patricia A.

Hazel (Rutherford) McCuaig fonds

  • CA UOFA uofa-15
  • Fonds
  • 1880-1984

Fonds consists of these series: I Correspondence (1886-1984). Includes the families of A.C. Rutherford and Stanley H. McCuaig, Pi Beta Phi Sorority. II Memoirs (1967). Interview by Naomi (Watt) Radford (one sound tape reel). III Memorabilia (1908-1920). Includes the collection of Libby (Lloyd) Elsey, BA 1912, rural teacher. IV Photographs ([1880?]-1984). Family, University, and groups with which Mrs. McCuaig was associated, including the Women's Canadian Club. V Scrapbooks (1908-1975. University, staff and students; campus events.

McCuaig, Hazel (Rutherford)

William Dewar McDougall fonds

  • CA UOFA uofa-16
  • Fonds
  • 1927-1969

Fonds consists of these series: I Biography (1944-1969). Includes family and personal correspondence; memoirs; memorabilia; scrapbook. II Career (1927-1968). Includes or relates to curriculum development; lecture material; professional associations, conferences and conventions; correspondence; reference material. III Education (1939-1947). Includes essays; lectures; reference material; theses. IV Photographs [195-]. Staff and student life in teacher education (101 images). V Writing (1935-1969). Includes or relates to articles; speeches; radio talks; encyclopedia articles; correspondence with publishers.

McDougall, William Dewar

Eva A. McKitrick fonds

  • CA UOFA uofa-17
  • Fonds
  • 1916-1982

Fonds consists of these series: I Memorabilia (1922-1982). Includes invitations and programs relating to the University of Alberta. II Photographs (1916-1922). University of Alberta students and campus, and members of the 196th Overseas Battalion, taken by Elmer S. McKittrick [sic], 1892-1982 (ca. 42 images).

McKitrick, Eva A.

George Frederick McNally fonds

  • CA UOFA uofa-18
  • Fonds
  • 1909-1966

Fonds consists of these series: I Awards (1952-1966). Includes certificates; clippings; correspondence. II Biography (1909-1964). Includes both memorabilia and records relating to the writing and publication of G. Fred, the biography of Dr. McNally by H.T. Coutts and B.E. Walker, including an interview on one sound tape reel. III Miscellaneous (1946-1966). Includes an article; a program; a speech. IV Photographs ([before 1928]-1963). Mainly of Dr. McNally in his official role as Chancellor and during his acceptance of awards (40 images).

McNally, George Frederick

Julian Mills fonds

  • CA UOFA uofa-19
  • Fonds
  • [1883?-1978?]

Fonds consists of these series: I Clippings [19þ]. Relates mainly to northern communities and water transport. II Correspondence [19þ]. Includes Louis A. Romanet. III Memoirs [1978?]. IV Photographs ([1883?]-1943). Includes steamboats on the Athabasca River, Athabasca Lake, Great Slave Lake; the towns of Fort McMurray and Fort Simpson; the Mills and Camsell families (ca. 227 images).

Mills, Julian

Henry T. Lewis fonds

  • CA UOFA uofa-2
  • Fonds
  • 1974-1982

Fonds consists of these series: I Documentary motion picture (1974-1980). Includes unedited and edited film, video tape copies and script of The Fires of Spring, which deals with controlled habitat burning in northern Alberta. II Production and distribution (1979-1982).

Lewis, Henry T.

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