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Hugh Whitney Morrison fonds

  • CA UOFA uofa-21
  • Fonds
  • 1928-1988

Fonds consists of these series: I Biographical, personal ([1929]-1988). Memoirs of Frederick Augustus Morrison, 1875-1929; Hugh Whitney Morrison. II Memorabilia ([194-]-1988). Includes news clippings; correspondence; obituaries of Matthew Halton, W.H. Alexander, Max Wershof. III Photographs (1928-[1980]). University of Alberta staff and students (6 images), includes J.T. Jones. IV Publications (1958). Oxford Today and the Canadian Rhodes Scholarship. (Toronto: Gage, 1958).

Morrison, Hugh Whitney

Lewis Herbert Thomas fonds

  • CA UOFA uofa-2146
  • Fonds
  • 1913-1984 (predominant 1964-1979)

In his career as an archivist, professor, and researcher and write of scholarly history, Dr. Thomas' papers encompass a wide range of topics related to the historical development of Western Canada. The source material and research files in this fonds include a wealth of archival documents, bibliographies, imprint items, and research notes on subjects related to the exploration, settlement, and growth of western Canada, particularly the Prairie region. The records have been arranged in four series: Early Records; University of Alberta Records; Research and Publication Records; and Associations, Committees and Boards records. Within these broad series designations are sub-series that further organize the records. Dr. Thomas was for years the Alberta representative on the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada, and his board-related records form a major part of the fourth series. The records are in excellent physical condition, and where possible, the file titles provided by L.H. Thoms are retained.

Thomas, Lewis Herbert

Faculty of Arts and Science fonds

  • CA UOFA uofa-216
  • Fonds
  • 1908-1969

Fonds consists of these series: I Academic planning and development (1916-1966). Includes curriculum (1920-1954); proposed School of Architecture (1960-1964); Department of Geography (1948- 1950); proposed School of Social Work (1964-1966); reports and minutes pertaining to evening, special and summer sessions. II Affiliated colleges (1914-1967). III Buildings and facilities (1914-1967). Includes memoranda of the resident engineer (1919- 1921); and the superintendent of buildings (1960-1967). IV Deans' personal correspondence (1916-1952). V Departments (1913-1968). Includes annual reports to the Dean (1941-1968). VI Faculty Council (1908-1968). Includes minutes and committees. VII Financial administration ([1915]-1952). Includes Bursar's correspondence relating to the gifts, equipment and grants; and the university Memorial Fund minutes (1919-1925). VIII Government relations (1913-1967). Mainly Alberta Department of Education: Board of Teacher Education and Certification; High School and University Matriculation Examinations Board; Joint Committee to Coordinate University and High School Curricula; includes correspondence with federal, provincial and municipal governments. IX Inter-faculty correspondence (1914-1966). X Non-teaching departments (1915-1966). XI President's office (1913-1967). Includes President and Vice-President; correspondence and committees. XII Professional activities (1915-1966). Includes internal, provincial, national and international associations; National Conference of Canadian Universities (1920-1964). XIII Public relations (1914-1965). Includes Deans' correspondence pertaining to University/community affairs. XIV Staff (1913- 1969). Includes Faculty Relations Committee (1947-1966); and case files (1913-1969). XV Statutory authorities (1914-1969). Includes Board of Governors, Senate, and General Faculties Council reports, committees and correspondence. XVI Students and alumni (1913- 1967). Includes Registrar's memoranda; Wartime Bureau of Technical Personnel [1942-1953]; scholarships, awards and prizes; and case files (1913-1958). Some records carry over into the Faculty of Arts.

University of Alberta. Faculty of Arts and Science

Faculty of Business fonds

  • CA UOFA uofa-217
  • Fonds
  • [1954]-1983

Fonds consists of these series: I Examinations (1968-1971). II Publications (1971-1983). Includes calendars and brochures; "The Three or Four-Day Work Week," Hameed and Paul, 1974. III Reports ([1954]-1983). Includes report by F.G. Winspear (ca. 1954) and for the Campus Planning Committee (1964); annual reports (1977-1983). IV Students (1964-1982). Includes students' society, newsletter and yearbook (names of all vary).

University of Alberta. Faculty of Business

Faculty of Dentistry fonds

  • CA UOFA uofa-218
  • Fonds
  • 1920-1982

Fonds consists of these series: I Examinations (1969-1974). II History (1977). Golden Jubilee memorabilia, photographs, awards, program; includes Dental Alumni Association. III Minutes (1930- 1943). IV Photographs (1920-1929; [1960]-1977). Includes staff; facilities; equipment; Dentistry Museum (188 images). V Sound tape recordings [1977]. [Speeches] by Dr. A. Kelly, Dr. Harry Ernest Bulyea (2 sound tape recordings). VI Students (1973-1982). Dental Students' Association yearbooks.

University of Alberta. Faculty of Dentistry

Faculty of Education fonds

  • CA UOFA uofa-219
  • Fonds
  • 1929-[1988]

Fonds consists of these series: I Alberta. Department of Education (1929-1984). Includes Normal Schools, 1929-1964; salary surveys in school districts and divisions, 1929-1950; correspondence with W.H. Swift, G.F. McNally, W.E. Frame, M.L. Watts. II Alumni (1935-1948). Includes Bulletins. III Buildings and facilities (1960-1982). Includes photographs of Education I and II; capital budget; space surveys. IV Calgary Branch and affiliated colleges (1938-1987). Includes correspondence with A. Doucette, 1938-1955. V Certification (1939-1984). Includes Committee on Teachers' Certification, 1939-1946; Board of Teacher Education and Certification, 1945-1950, 1962-1984. VI Committees (1929-1985). Includes liaison committees with Alberta Education on matriculation and curriculum, 1929-1983; University committees, 1947-1985. VII Conferences (1954-1987). VIII Courses and curriculum (1931-1984). Includes business, industrial arts, mental hygiene, French; summer sessions; course outlines; Enterprise and Social Studies, 1933-1948. IX Departments (1944, 1961-1986). Includes department council minutes. X Divisions (1963-1985). XI Intercultural education (972-1987). Includes Morningstar Project; Alberta Indian Education Centre. XII International agreements (1965-1987). Includes cooperative projects with Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, China and Papua-New Guinea. XIII Memberships (1938-1987). Includes Alberta Teachers' Association; Canadian Education Association; Education Society of Edmonton; Phi Delta Kappa honour society. XIV Minutes (1929- 1985). Includes Dean's Advisory Committee; Faculty Council. XV Practicum (1946-1985). Includes provincial and professional committees; correspondence of the Field Services/Practicum Division (formerly Student Teaching and Field Services Division). XVI Program (1942-1984). Includes wartime accelerated program and post-war veterans' rehabilitation program; diploma programs; graduate studies, 1946-1982; abstracts of theses, 1929-1952. XVII Research (1945-1985). Includes reports, grant applications, fellowships, McCalla professorships; Andrew Stewart's study and "Report on General Education," 1948. XVIII Research Centres and Chairs (1967-1985). Includes Chair in Deafness Studies. XIX Staff (1945-[1988]). Includes Olive M. Fisher; appointments; notices to staff; demonstration staff; Dean Coutts' retirement; photographs. XX Students (1932-1982). Includes guidance, health and physical education, 1932-1948; financial assistance, 1946-1951; Education Undergraduate Society, 1948-1969; Education Students' Association, 1970-1982; Yearbooks, 1978-1982.

University of Alberta. Faculty of Education

Ibrahim Folinsbee Morrison fonds

  • CA UOFA uofa-22
  • Fonds
  • 1921-1957

Fonds consists of these series: I Consulting (1928-1957). With R.M. Hardy. Includes investigations into accidents and disasters; dams for hydro power and irrigation; testing materials and machinery. II Teaching (1921-1950). Course notes for soil mechanics courses. III The papers of I.F. Morrison and R.M. Hardy were placed in the Archives as a joint accession.

Morrison, Ibrahim Folinsbee

Department of Educational Administration fonds

  • CA UOFA uofa-221
  • Fonds
  • 1966-1985

Fonds consists of these series: I Intercultural education program (1966-1978). II Publications (1970-1972; 1982-1985). The Canadian Administrator (Periodical). III Thailand Project (1966- 1980). Includes reports; group photographs.

University of Alberta. Department of Educational Administration

Department of Educational Foundations fonds

  • CA UOFA uofa-222
  • Fonds
  • 1958-1987

Fonds consists of these series: I Committees (1972-1984). Includes History of Education Group, 1981-1983. II Department Council (1964-1986). Minutes. III History (1961-1980). Includes "Education in Alberta" photographs (student project); Dr. Helen Pierce's lectures; Department's history. IV Intercultural education program (1964-1984). V Morningstar Project (1969-1983 Includes videotape recordings. VI Office records (1958-1987). Includes faculty and interdepartmental correspondence. VII Publications (1982-1983). Includes "Project Yesteryear" (facsimiles); "Progressive Education in Alberta" (kit). VIII Staff (1962-1983). Includes meetings; lists; appointment files. IX Students (1961-1986). Includes graduate program; Educational Foundations Graduate Students Association, 1969-1984.

University of Alberta. Department of Educational Foundations

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