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Calling Lake Nursing Service Association fonds

  • CA ATH ath-1922
  • Archief
  • 1956-1976

The fonds consists of meeting minutes of the Calling Lake Nursing Service Association, financial records, correspondence, bylaws, certificate of incorporation, contracts, and permits.

Calling Lake Nursing Service Association

CBC Edmonton Television fonds

  • CA ATH ath-1958
  • Archief
  • 1986, 1989 : copied

The fonds consists of excerpts from CBC Edmonton Television program, Monday Magazine, April 17, 1986 regarding: Parkview quilt, Performing Arts Centre, Athabasca Archives, Johnny Guay and stage coach, street interviews, and Mayor Tony Schinkinger; CFRN News report, Sept.20, 1989; and CBC News Dec.6, 1989 feature on Mike Cardinal, M.L.A.

CBC Edmonton Television

Caribou Range Willing Workers fonds

  • CA ATH ath-2184
  • Archief
  • 1943-1945

The fonds consists of minutes and financial records for 1943-1945.

Caribou Range Willing Workers

Carl Lahser fonds

  • CA ATH ath-2037
  • Archief
  • 1997-1998

The fonds consists of Carl Lahser's self-published paperback editions of Otto Lahser's diary: "Back Door to the Yukon"; Carl Lahser's 1998 trip diary: "Chasing the Enterprise, verification of a Klondike diary "; and Carl Lahser's poems: "Cryptic Romance".

Lahser, Carl

Canada. Department of the Interior. Railway Lands Branch fonds

  • CA ATH ath-2062
  • Archief
  • 1916

The fonds consists of a 36 page booklet entitled "The Athabaska River Country", a compilation of all authentic information available as to the resources and possibilities of the Athabasca river basin. Contents include history, agriculture, transportation, minerals, timber, and game. There are also 7 photographs including scows at Grand Rapids and the gas well at Pelican. This is a revised edition of portions of "The Unexploited West" compiled by Ernest J.Chambers.

Canada. Department of the Interior. Railway Lands Branch

Alberta Safety Council. Farm Safety Committee fonds

  • CA ATH ath-2065
  • Archief
  • 1959-1962

The fonds consists of 4 certificates given to Grade 5-8 students in recognition of their first place essay in farm safety. These students are: Nina Tywoniuk, Diane Rypien, Adele Magera and Landa Elkjer.

Alberta Safety Council. Farm Safety Committee

Beryl Loiselle fonds

  • CA ATH ath-2048
  • Archief
  • 1987

The fonds consists of a written interview of Beryl by Vi Kowalchuk mentioning rural electrification, agriculture, telephones, education and the Athabasca Municipal Hospital.

Loiselle, Beryl

Big Coulee School District No.4497 fonds

  • CA ATH ath-2047
  • Archief
  • 1931-1953

The fonds consists of material collected and used at the July 16 & 17, 1988 Big Coulee School Reunion. This includes a 6-page letter by Violet (Reynolds) Carr of recollections of her 3 years teaching at Big Coulee School, a letter from Isabel (Wood) McIvor, copies of school registers from 1931 to 1953, Peggy Tann's report cards for 1942-43, 1944-45; and the reunion guest book. The photographs include the following families:Blatt, Borody, Deren, Hnatyshyn, Kawulok (Kavulok), Kruger, Lewis, Peterson, Rojowski, Rypien, Stinsman, Tann, Tomlinson, Williamson, Wolanuk.

Big Coulee School District No.4497

Blanchard family fonds

  • CA ATH ath-1916
  • Archief
  • 1900,1913

The fonds consists of photos of the Joseph Blanchard family, three generations of Joseph Blanchards celebrating weddings on July 3,1900 and Charles Edouard Blanchard's orchestra, August 1913 at Arctic Center, Rhode Island.

Blanchard (family)

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