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Calgary Highlanders fonds

  • HIGH high-1312
  • Fundos
  • 1946-1955

Consists of notes on mess ettiquette, lesson plans, preparation worksheets, Exercise Mountain Goat May 1947, Part II Orders 1946-1949 and 1953-1955, newspaper clippings, travel orders, Syllabus of Training 1 September - 22 December 1953, pamphlet on dress regulations March 1949, and personnel files for Lt.Col. H.V. O'Conner, Drum Major William Murray, Helen Kozicky, Gen. De Chastlaine, Capt. J.A. Callie, and MWO G.A. Malcolm.

The Calgary Highlanders 1946 - 1955

The Calgary Highlanders fonds

  • HIGH high-1313
  • Fundos
  • 1955 - 1975

Consists of Nominal Rolls for the years 1958, 1964 (as at Part II Orders), and 1965, Part I Orders (12 October 1960), Part II Orders (July 1955 - August 1967), 22 Military Group Standing Orders (2 March 1961), Operational Standing Orders, Young Soldiers Part II Orders (1963-1966), Young Soldiers Training Plan (1963), Inspection reports, Officers Aide Memoire, Tactics Aide Memoire (1959), phonetic alphabet and appointment names, summary of qualification examination dates for 1955, Qualification Examinations - Lt. to Capt. Part I (1960, 1961), Qualification Examinations - Capt. to Major Parts I & II (1954), Militia Staff Course Part I Examination 1965, Lesson Plans (1961-1962), Standard Operative Procedure for National Survival 5 February 1963, Assessment Forms, map of Camp Petawawa (1958), study papers, song book, papers regarding Militia Camp (1965, 1966), Exercise "Sir Vival" July 1960, Exercise "Spear Point" 1966, movement instruction, Operations and Control of the Civil Defence Services July 1951, Civil Defense Training, Civil Emergency Measures Planning Order, training papers for Militia, Infantrymen, and Officers, range courses, Survival Operations, Mobile Command Reserve Training - Phases I & II (1967, 1968), Junior Leaders Manual Volume 1, Basic Officer Training Volume 3, newsreleases, newspaper clippings, The Maple Leaflet, The Greggsville Herald, and Personnel files for Capt. F.L. Scott, Lt.Col. H.O. Wagg, Major M.B. McCumber, R.S.M. Gordon Malcolm, Lt.Col. D.E. Lewis, Lt.Col. A.H. Brackenridge, C.S.M. W. Mossop, M.W.O. Gordon Raffan, Capt. Donald A. Mains, H. Winkel, Lt.Col. S.E. Blakely, Cpl. Gordon Fish, Pte. T.J. Dutton, and Lt.Col. J.L. Moffat.

The Calgary Highlanders 1955 - 1975

Cpl. James Thorburn Nelles fonds

  • HIGH high-1344
  • Fundos
  • 1900 - 1957

Consists of War Amps contract; letters to Mrs. E. Nelles from Headquarters in Ottawa; tag pinned on wounded; postcards to his mother; Daily Appointment Card (2); certificate issued with War Service Badge (2); pass; pay records (2); and Great War Veterans Association dues book.

Nelles, James Thorburn Cpl.

Sgt. Geoffrey Frank Guise fonds

  • HIGH high-1365
  • Fundos
  • 1916 - present

Consists of interview with Geoffrey Guise; and letters to Geoff from: Bob (23 July); and Andre Petelle, Director, Commemoration and Special Events (9 September 1994).

Guise, Geoffrey Frank Sgt.

Pte. Ernest Walter Crowe fonds

  • HIGH high-1335
  • Fundos
  • 1899 - 1989

Consists of Canadian Pay Book; biography; Permit to Convey Firearm; Firearms Registration Certificate; his father's Discharge Certificate; and newspaper clippings "Remembrance Day is more than a token"; and "Charter Member Dies".

Crowe, Ernest Walter Pte.

Pte. Wilfred Harvey Harris fonds

  • HIGH high-1356
  • Fundos
  • 1909 - 1991

Consists of biography of Wilfred Harris.

Harris, Wilfred Harvey Pte.

Major Mark Robert Bell fonds

  • HIGH high-1361
  • Fundos
  • 1921 - 1993

Consists of letters to Mark Robert Bell from: Don Munro (9 Oct 1962); C.T. Travers; Superintendent Air Regulations (26 April 1955); E.C. Noble MA, MRCP, District Medical Officer (19 April 1955); J.B.A. Smyth, Capt. (7 Sept 1952); D.L. Mactavish (24 July 1992); C. Moncrieff, Chief, Awards and Documentation (4 June 1992); Lt.Col. H.O. Wagg, Commanding Officer, Calgary Highlanders; and Marg Bell; Certificate of Service; personal history form; Application for Appointment in the Canadian Army Active Force; copy of birth certificate; certificate of confirmation; The Calgary Herald (12 Nov 1930); interview; and tapes of interview.

Bell, Mark Robert Major

Major William Ashton Cockshutt fonds

  • HIGH high-1318
  • Fundos
  • 1892 - 1989

Consists of correspondence with the Department of National Defense (9 Aug 1986 - 6 Jan 1987); letter to W.A. Cockshutt from co-workers at Cockshutt Plow Co. Ltd. 2nd Canadian Brigade Narrative of Events - 22nd to 27th April 1915; commission scroll; Resolution of Appreciation from the Brantford Board of Trade; funeral service pamphlet; autobiography; 10th Canadian Battalion Positions - Ypres 1915; Certificate of Service; Certificate of Military Instruction (four); newspapers: Brantford Daily Courier (7 June 1915) and Calgary Daily Herald (22 Aug 1914); and newspaper clippings: "Many Ontario Men in 10th Battalion at St. Julien"; "Lieut. Ashton Led an Attack on the German Lines"; "A Captaincy for Ashton Cockshutt"; "Dinner Party Given in Honor Lt. A. Cockshutt"; "W. Ashton Cockshutt dies"; and "Museum preserves military past".

Cockshutt, William Ashton, Major

Major William Leslie Lyster fonds

  • HIGH high-1360
  • Fundos
  • 1920 - present

Consists letters from Bill Lyster to: Colonel Maitland (19 March 1990, 27 Nov 1989); George (16 December 1992); Fred (19 Jan 1987); Calgary Military Museum Society (25 Nov 1989); Mother, Dad and kids (8 Oct 1939); Professor T. Copp (6 Jan 1988); Folks (2 Feb 1941); also letters to: Bill Lyster from Donald Munro (July 1994); Mrs. Lyster from Lieut-General P.J. Montague (13 Dec 1944); Major Lyster from R.G. Charette (15 Jan 1990); Cadet Record Sheet; list of donations to the Calgary Highlanders Museum and Archives; interview; biography; "A Bloody Miracle" by Eswyn Lyster; newspaper clippings: "Dieppe: battle recall"; "Dieppe veterans deserve more than clasp: survivor"; "Lyster and Pittaway: friendship beats war"; "Medicine Hat Hero Hit Plane From Ship"; "Empress Soldier Honored for Conduct"; "Brings Down Nazi Plane At Dieppe"; "Have Right To Be Proud"; "Lt. Lyster"; "Empress Soldier Wins High Award"; "He realized we'd all get killed"; "Veteran keeps memories of holidays gone by"; and "Ecstatic Belgians celebrate wartime liberation".

Lyster, William Leslie Major

Lt.Col. Francis Herbert Clarke DSO fonds

  • HIGH high-1348
  • Fundos
  • 1914 - 1993

Consists of interview with Lt.Col. Clarke (17 March 1992); telephone interview (28 Aug 1982); correspondence (1954 - 1993); biography; and newspaper clippings: "Civil Defense Training"; "It's true - everyone loves a parade"; "New Commander"; "Before Christmas"; "Regimental Colors"; "Two Alberta Officers in First Conquest on Enemy Soil"; "Famous Battle Recalled"; "With Highlanders"; "Lt.Col. Clarke to Command Calgary Highlanders Militia"; "5 Calgary Officers Awarded the DSO"; "Calgary Highlanders Honor Old Comrades"; "Highlanders Recruiting"; "Oilfields Officer in Nijmegen Drive"; "Military man dies"; and "Frank Clarke was a leader".

Clarke DSO, Francis Herbert Lt.Col.

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