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Frank and Elizabeth Butler fonds

  • CA MED 358
  • Fonds
  • 1899-1995

The fonds consists of: hand drawn sheet music of "Bendemeer's Stream" by Gordon Cook (undated); programs from the Medicine Hat Amateur Operatic Society (13): "A Country Girl" (1921), "Merrie England" (1928), "The Toreador" (1922), "The Chimes of Normandy" (1915 and 1921), "The Geisha" (1929), "The Mikado" (1925), "The Pirates of Penzance" (2-1914 and 1930), "H.M.S. Pinafore" (1916), "San Toy" (1919), "The Gondoliers" (1915); programs for the School Music and Dramatic Festival (2) (1936, 1937); programs from The Medicine Hat Symphony Orchestra (2) (1977, undated); program from the Annual Christmas Day Concert of the Royal Arch Masons (1946); program from the Adult Board of Education entitled "An Evening of Music" (undated); guest books from the Alexandra High School and St. Theresa's Academy Reunion (3) (1983); St. Barnabas Church Combined Funds Canvass Brochure (1955); programs (16) from the Adele Armstrong Singers: "A Musical Christmas Card" (1975), " A Renaissance Christmas Card" (1978), "Centennial Christmas Card" (1983), "A Christmas Card" (1981,1984, 1985), "Spring Sing" (1975, 1977, 2-1979, 1981, 1982, 1984, 2-1985, 2-1986), "Centennial Spring Sing" (1983), "A Choral Christmas" (1986), "A Choral Christmas Card" (1987); membership and financial records from the Adele Armstrong Singers (1983-1984); travel itinerary of the Teen Tones trip to Wales (1972); Citizen of the Year programs honouring Alex Shand (2) (1979); program from Airshow Alberta (1979); Fifth Avenue United Church history entitled "The Ever Rolling Stream" (1983); share certificates in Brooks Steam Motors in the name of Ruth Taylor (2) (1927); school records, report cards, diplomas and exam certificates for Elizabeth Jane "Betty" Taylor (1926-1938); theatre programs for the national centennial musical "Medicine Hat" (5) and associated sheet music (1967), "Fiddler on the Roof" (1971), "A Fair Price" (1974), "20th Anniversary Souvenir Edition" (1981); school concert Centennial Program (1967); program from the opening of the museum (1967); program from the visit of Prime Minister John G. Diefenbaker (1962); program for the Monument Unveiling at Fort Walsh (1976); open house tour pamphlet from the Medicine Hat Regional Hospital (1986); Constitution and By-Laws from the Shandelles (1968); handdrawn sketches of the residences along First Street (3 pgs) (undated); gift certificate from Taylor Brothers Groceries (undated); sheet music for: "Rosemarie" (1928), "Carry Me Back to Old Virginny" (1906), "Floradora" (1899); letter and certificate in the name of S.C. Taylor for the Rotarian's "Hole-in-One Club" (1930); O.S. Certificate of the Royal Arch Masons in the name of S.C. Taylor (1915); O.S. certificate of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons Grande Lodge of Alberta in the name of S.C. Taylor (undated); O.S. certificate of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons Grande Lodge of Alberta in the name of Samuel Copeland Taylor (1936); O.S. certificate in the Royal Arch Masons Grand Chapter in the name of S.C. Taylor (1939); Medicine Hat General Hospital invoice in the name of Mrs. Geo Cochran (1910); receipt from the Medicine Hat General Hospital in the name of G.A. Cochran (1910); family photographs, images of theatre productions, and events and visits by VIP's to #34 SFTS during the early 1940's; ; an I.O.D.E. cook book (1941); various personal ephemera belonging to Frank Butler (1934-1990); various Taylor family ephemera (1901-1949); letters exchanged between Margaret du Cloux (nee Taylor) and Johnny Hudson (1943-1945); various Red Cross material (1935-1939); Medicine Hat News Clippings (1939-1995).

Butler, Frank

Roy Wilson fonds

  • CA MED 389
  • Fonds
  • 1873-1985

The fonds consists of: a history of the Medicine Hat Court House, by Edward Mills (1976); programs and syllabae (32) from the Medicine Hat Rotary Music Festival (1956-1984), incomplete; program for the Stars of the Festival Concert, 24th Annual Rotary Music Festival (1979); program for the Provincial Festival of the Alberta Music Festival Association (1983); petition from squatters living in Medicine Hat Coulee (1882); list of CPR Townsite owners (1885-1897); petition protesting policies of John Niblock (1894); correspondence protesting the policies of John Niblock (1894), and covering letter to Roy Wilson (1983); excerpts from Lewis B. Cochran diary (1902-1941); biography of Colin Cochran (undated); correspondence concerning Michael Leonard, from Roy Wilson (1984); personal research papers (5) entitled "Community in Crisis-Medicine Hat 1891-1898" (undated), "Dear Old Golden Rule Days" (undated), "The Cultural Life of a Prairie Community-Medicine Hat 1883-1903" (undated), "Medicine Hat, the Sporting Town 1883-1905" (undated), "Medicine Hat 1882-1889 Beginnings of a Prairie Community" (1985); student research papers (6) entitled "St. John's Presbyterian Church in Medicine Hat: The Role of the Church in Early HIstory", by Larry Boswell (undated), "A Study of Chinese in Medicine Hat", by Neil Ward (1980), "St. Theresa's Academy: The Death of an Institution", by Bob Derval (1982), "An Introduction to the History of Bow Island", by Sheila Stearns (1982), "A Decade of Law Enforcement, The NWMP 1883-1983", by Sherri Robinson (undated), "History of Policing in the Community of Medicine Hat 1899-1925", by Erica Seitz (undated); index to events as recorded in the Medicine Hat Times & News 1885-1905, by Roy Wilson (undated); binder containing student essays (8) entitled "34 SFTS", by Rob Lerner (1984), "The Forgotten People", by Patricia Anhorn (undated), "The Two Sided Triangle", by Brent Schorr (1984), "Too Many, Too Soon", by Doug Trieber (1984), "The History of the Empress Theatre", by Shari English (undated), "The Commercial and Structural Growth of Swift Current from Railroad Hamlet to City 1882-1914", by Tom Waters (1984), "Zion United Church", by Dave Mikuliak (undated), "Irvine - Some Special Citizens Views of it's Growth and Development", by Bonnie Sanders (undated); duo-tang folder of student essays (5) entitled "Social Statistics, Family Housing and Settlement in selected areas of the S.E. Hill 1903-1925", by Trudi Henderson (1985), "The Effect of the Spanish Influenza", by Toni Maier (1985), "Dontianen: The Tom Sukanen Story", by Rob Poole (1985), "The Bohnet Family-In Search of a New Start", by Rocky Bohnet (1985), "Blissful Ignorance: The POW [Prisoner of War] Camp 132, Medicine Hat", by Carol Sommer Eng (1985); article entitled "Through Memories Windows" as told to Mary Sophia Desmarais by her uncle George William Sanderson (undated); written report on the "State of Affairs in the Northwest" by Edward McKay (1873); one stock binder from Domglass (1944); binder of biographical notes of early Medicine Hat residents (undated); collected CPR research materials (1992); image of Dr. Roy Wilson; 1 audio cassette interview with Dr. Roy Wilson (1984); ; Trophy Book for the Rotary Music Festival (1968-1981); information for the "Stars of the Festival" pamphlet (1975).

Roy Wilson (family)

Donna MacLean fonds

  • CA MED 579
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1935] - 2007

The fonds consists of various records from the Hat Art Club, various materials from art projects Donna MacLean was involved in, as well images documenting Donna MacLean's work with art clubs, curling, and a family ranch and wedding.

MacLean, Donna

Jim Marshall fonds

  • CA MED 746
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1978 - 1998]

Fonds consists of: records accumulated by Jim Marshall relating to the preservation of built heritage in Medicine Hat, including minutes and support materials for the Historical Resource Committee (1984-1986), various reference materials and write-ups related to structures hoped to be saved and recognized, correspondence advocating historical preservation, and materials relating to City and Downtown Business Revitalization District attempts at downtown and Flats revitalization.

Marshall, James

Shandelles Fonds

  • CA MED 788
  • Fonds
  • 1953-1990

Consists of assorted records pertaining to the activities of the recreational singing group the "Shandelles", including: A History of the Shandelles Ladies Chorus 1964-1974, as well as a program and letter regarding the 1979 Medicine Hat citizen of the year; The Shandelles ledger, detailing their financial activity from January, 1967- October, 1975; Newspaper clipping regarding the announcement of the Shandelles annual concert; Lyrics to "We Are So Blue"; Shandelles informal correspondence, including: ten thank-you cards and a thank-you note, a post card, an invitation, and a receipt, all addressed to the Shandelles; A series of 34 cards, two notes, and an invitation, addressed to Alex Shand and the Shandelles; Papers in regard to the "Symphony and Song" concert presented by the Little Symphony and the Shandelles, including: one business card advertising the event, four newspaper clippings, two letters of invitation to the event, five letters of thanks for contributions to the success of the event, a program, and an outline of event duties as part of the planning process. Also included in the file, is a booklet, "Community Organization File, Volunteer Service Bureau 1973"; A series of letters sent to and from, the disbanded members of the Shandelles and the reunion committee, in regards of a 1990 reunion; "The Constitution and By-Laws of Shandelles"; Shandelles minutes, itinerary, and other association papers; The Shandelles scrapbook, contained within is a brief biographical write up, public notices and reports, as well as newspaper clippings, programs for various events, letters and notes of thanks, "Shandelles bulletins", certificates awarded to the Shandelles for placing in competitions, also some of the last pages were used as a guest book for Alex Shand's 1978 Citizen of the Year banquet, and the 1990 Shandelle reunion; 7 Shandelles posters, advertising their upcoming performances [ca.1969]. Also included are various musical materials including programmes from performances the Shands were involved with, including but no limited to the Shandelles, hand-wirtten and gestetner sheet music, two short newsletters, and production notes.

Shandelles Ladies' Chorus

Brinkhurst family fonds

  • CA MED 789
  • Fonds
  • [ca.1920-1957]

Fonds consists of: 9 photographs including CHAT Radio, military, and family photos. Also contained within file is a Famous Players Students Privilege Card for George William Charles Brinkhurst.

Brinkhurst (family)

Firehall Theatre fonds

  • CA MED 790
  • Fonds
  • [ca.1980-199-?]

Fonds consists of: 65 coloured slides or positives documenting various productions presented by the Medicine Hat Firehall Theatre. 1 VHS cassette recording of Firehall Theatre's production of "Paper Wheat" at the Medicine Hat College Theatre on September 26, 1987.

Firehall Theatre. Medicine Hat.

Medicine Hat Camera Club fonds

  • CA MED 799
  • Fonds
  • 1953-1976

Fonds consist of: Financial records including; Receipt books (3) (1954-1975), financial statements (1964-1967), cash book (1953-1963). Minutes (1964-1971), 2 constructed booklets containing various pieces of Medicine Hat Camera Club business (1971-1972) (1973). Booklets contain club correspondence regarding membership fees, as well as print and colour slide loans (correspondence and forms), membership lists and directories for both the Medicine Hat Camera Club and the Prairie Region of Photographic Art club, as well as April 1973 minutes for the Prairie Region of Photographic Art club.
Medicine Hat Camera Club correspondence (1964-1967) (1971-1976).Shutterbug Reports and Program Schedules [1962; 1970-1975].Membership Book and Balance Sheet [1956-1962]. Photo Competition Forms [1963; 1972-1976]. Camera Canada College Flyer and Registration Form, Event Information and Registration Forms (1971). Publications; Color Photographic Journal, Vol. 18, No.4, November, 1965 and Color Spotlight Volume 13, No.4 (December, 1964), Product Review Guide and Product Information: Braun Professional Photonews, Edition 20, June 1973, Sima-Color, Color Processing Drums information and instruction sheet, Fold out product advertisement and manual - Sankyo Sound XL-6OS/ Sound XL-40S/SoundXL-25S. "Sankyo's 1,2,3, new ways to capture sight and sound on the spot". Proposed Constitution for CPAC Branches. Post Office Receipts (3) (1963). Sympathy Card. Envelopes (3). 1 colour slide - "Meat on Barbeque", administrative and financial records created by the club, and newsletters and related materials from related clubs including the Prairie Region of Photographic Art and the National Association for Photographic Art.

Medicine Hat Camera Club

Medicine Hat Civic Theatre fonds

  • CA MED 804
  • Fonds
  • 1963

Fonds consists of: 1 programme for the Medicine Hat Civic Theatre production of "Summer of the Seventeenth Doll" by Ray Lawler (1963); Five photographs of cast and crew of "Summer of the Seventeenth Doll" (1963).

Medicine Hat Civic Theatre

Doug Brown Family Fonds

  • CA MED 815
  • Fonds
  • 1931-2001

Fonds consists of: Guest book from the funeral of Doug Brown. Brown family photo album. 8 oversize mounted photographs, as well as 22 other photos and one negative.

Brown (family)

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