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Morris family fonds

  • CA MED 218
  • Fonds
  • 1930-1992

The fonds consists of: O.S. Golden Jubilee Senior Citizens Awards issued to Annie Jardine and Beatrice Wylie (2) (1955); O.S. scrapbook re: Fire Chief Edward Leonard Morris, collected by Margaret L. Morris (undated); various scrapbooks, educational papers, school reunion material, and assorted materials from various community organizations to which the Morris' belonged including the Red Cross, I.O.D.E.- Walter Huckvale Chapter, Order of Eastern Star-Murray Chapter, International Order of Daughters of Job, Medicine Hat Regional Hospital Auxiliary Association, Westminster United Church, Canadian Girl Guides, Quota Club and Medicine Hat Lodge No. 2-Ancient Free and Accepted Masons; photographs of views of Medicine Hat, the Medicine Hat Fire Department, and Jardine/Wylie/Morris family photographs (1908-1966); ; photographs of I.O.D.E. -Walter Huckvale Chapter club activities (1959-1988); photographs of Elkwater and Medicine Hat [ca. 1979]; War Service Appreciation certificate for Leonard Morris [ca. 1918]; Appreciation certificate for Marg Morris for Seniors' Recognition Week (1994).

Morris (family)

Hector Lang family fonds

  • CA MED 239
  • Fonds
  • 1894-2003

The fonds consists of: Connaught Junior High School Yearbook (1923); images of the Hector Lang family and city views; 1 audio cassette interview with Margaret O'Bryne (nee Lang) (1990); 1 CD-ROM and written description of a slideshow of Hector Lang's biography and time as principal of Regina Collegiate Institute 1906-1913 (2003). Telegraphs (3), promotional election card, education notes, medical directions, newspaper clipping "It was Really Cold in Tough Winter of 1936", Hector Lang's semester grades at U of A (ca. 1937).

Lang, Hector

Purmal family fonds

  • CA MED 241
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1895]-1954

The fonds consists of: postal registers (2) for: Twin River Post Office (1930-1954); Bowmanton Post Office (1913-1930); images of the Purmal Brick Factory, the Purmal family and the Purmal homestead.

Purmal, Arthur Roland

Mitchell family fonds

  • CA MED 243
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1885]-1990

The fonds consists of: the Mitchell family tree ([ca. 1980]); update of Mitchell family tree including information on Mitchell, Bonella, Terril and other related families (1998). Contains images of the Mitchell family, friends and of rodeo contests; 3 audio cassette interviews with Robert Mitchell Jr. (1951), Mrs. James Mitchell (1964), and Helen and Jim Mitchell (1990).

Mitchell (family)

Rushworth family fonds

  • CA MED 285
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1900]-1916

The fonds consists of: an autograph album belonging to Mary Lancaster of Brighouse, Yorkshire (1903-1906); images of the Rushworth and Lancaster families; varous papers related to John Rushworth including military papers and death certificate, photos of John Rushworth and William Norman Tippett, and various clippings and write-ups.

Rushworth (family)

Frank and Elizabeth Butler fonds

  • CA MED 358
  • Fonds
  • 1899-1995

The fonds consists of: hand drawn sheet music of "Bendemeer's Stream" by Gordon Cook (undated); programs from the Medicine Hat Amateur Operatic Society (13): "A Country Girl" (1921), "Merrie England" (1928), "The Toreador" (1922), "The Chimes of Normandy" (1915 and 1921), "The Geisha" (1929), "The Mikado" (1925), "The Pirates of Penzance" (2-1914 and 1930), "H.M.S. Pinafore" (1916), "San Toy" (1919), "The Gondoliers" (1915); programs for the School Music and Dramatic Festival (2) (1936, 1937); programs from The Medicine Hat Symphony Orchestra (2) (1977, undated); program from the Annual Christmas Day Concert of the Royal Arch Masons (1946); program from the Adult Board of Education entitled "An Evening of Music" (undated); guest books from the Alexandra High School and St. Theresa's Academy Reunion (3) (1983); St. Barnabas Church Combined Funds Canvass Brochure (1955); programs (16) from the Adele Armstrong Singers: "A Musical Christmas Card" (1975), " A Renaissance Christmas Card" (1978), "Centennial Christmas Card" (1983), "A Christmas Card" (1981,1984, 1985), "Spring Sing" (1975, 1977, 2-1979, 1981, 1982, 1984, 2-1985, 2-1986), "Centennial Spring Sing" (1983), "A Choral Christmas" (1986), "A Choral Christmas Card" (1987); membership and financial records from the Adele Armstrong Singers (1983-1984); travel itinerary of the Teen Tones trip to Wales (1972); Citizen of the Year programs honouring Alex Shand (2) (1979); program from Airshow Alberta (1979); Fifth Avenue United Church history entitled "The Ever Rolling Stream" (1983); share certificates in Brooks Steam Motors in the name of Ruth Taylor (2) (1927); school records, report cards, diplomas and exam certificates for Elizabeth Jane "Betty" Taylor (1926-1938); theatre programs for the national centennial musical "Medicine Hat" (5) and associated sheet music (1967), "Fiddler on the Roof" (1971), "A Fair Price" (1974), "20th Anniversary Souvenir Edition" (1981); school concert Centennial Program (1967); program from the opening of the museum (1967); program from the visit of Prime Minister John G. Diefenbaker (1962); program for the Monument Unveiling at Fort Walsh (1976); open house tour pamphlet from the Medicine Hat Regional Hospital (1986); Constitution and By-Laws from the Shandelles (1968); handdrawn sketches of the residences along First Street (3 pgs) (undated); gift certificate from Taylor Brothers Groceries (undated); sheet music for: "Rosemarie" (1928), "Carry Me Back to Old Virginny" (1906), "Floradora" (1899); letter and certificate in the name of S.C. Taylor for the Rotarian's "Hole-in-One Club" (1930); O.S. Certificate of the Royal Arch Masons in the name of S.C. Taylor (1915); O.S. certificate of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons Grande Lodge of Alberta in the name of S.C. Taylor (undated); O.S. certificate of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons Grande Lodge of Alberta in the name of Samuel Copeland Taylor (1936); O.S. certificate in the Royal Arch Masons Grand Chapter in the name of S.C. Taylor (1939); Medicine Hat General Hospital invoice in the name of Mrs. Geo Cochran (1910); receipt from the Medicine Hat General Hospital in the name of G.A. Cochran (1910); family photographs, images of theatre productions, and events and visits by VIP's to #34 SFTS during the early 1940's; ; an I.O.D.E. cook book (1941); various personal ephemera belonging to Frank Butler (1934-1990); various Taylor family ephemera (1901-1949); letters exchanged between Margaret du Cloux (nee Taylor) and Johnny Hudson (1943-1945); various Red Cross material (1935-1939); Medicine Hat News Clippings (1939-1995).

Butler, Frank

White family fonds

  • CA MED 378
  • Fonds
  • 1886-1993

The fonds consists of: a biography of the Naismith and Allen families (undated); correspondence from the Oxarart Ranch/Maple Creek Cattle Co./Wylie Ranch (1896-1899); receipt book of W.R. Abbott for guns and ammuntition used during the Riel Rebellion (1886); research papers (2) entitled "Indians of the Cypress Hills" (1980), and "Ranching in the Cypress Hills: 1883-1910" by Donny White (1980); pamphlet of the Old Timers Association (Maple Creek) with membership list (1981); history of the Garrison Family by Judy Ann Tuttle Garrison (1982); certificate issued to Henry Sorensen (1947); Defense Research Board award certificate issued to Henry Sorensen (1957); retirement certificate from I-XL Industries Ltd. issued to Henry Sorensen (undated); Community Centennial Train, CP Rail Station, O.S. Maple Creek posters (1983); 1994 Maple Creek Souvenir Calendar (1993); research notes made by Donny White from interviews with Walt Fenrick in 1988-1989; booklets (2) entitled the Fur Trade Journal (1944, 1953); unused stationery from Medicine Hat Fur Breeders Co-op and Fenrick Fur Farms (undated); hand drawn diagrams (2) of the Exhibition Grounds, ca. 1930, drawn by Donny White from information supplied by Bill Woolfrey and Lorne Thompson Sr. (undated); images of various views and residents of Maple Creek, the White family, and views of DRES; 8 Misc. photographs possibly pertaining to the White family members of ranch life and horses (ca. 1928).

White, Donny

Sissons family fonds

  • CA MED 449
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1950]

The fonds consists of: document (85 pgs) entitled "A History of the Prairies of Western Canada", by Will. (William Howard Ormstown Oliver) Hargrave ([ca. 1950]); images of the family and views of Medicine Hat; Diamond Jubilee Public Service Programme (1927).

Sissons (family)

Garratt family fonds

  • CA MED 476
  • Fonds
  • 1928-[ca. 1985]

The fonds consists of: a pamphlet written by Ron Mund titled "Ethel Garratt (a.k.a. Blondie)", briefly outlining her life story ([ca. 1953 - ca. 1964]); various materials relating to the marriage of Lou Garratt and Ethel (nee Olsen) including gift-note cards, correspondence from those who could not make the wedding, love letters, and newspaper article (1929); miscellaneous corrspondence, Christmas postcards (1926-1941); newspaper clippings re: Medicine Hat Rifle Club [ca. 1945]; cartoon (1926); images of the family, citizens of Medicine Hat, and the Garratt Shows showing employees, display booths and rides etc.; ; Nurses notes and training school regulations (1928); Certificates for the Alberta Association of Registered Nurses for Ethel Olsen (1929).

Garratt (family)

Anderson, McCaig family fonds

  • CA MED 485
  • Fonds
  • 1912-1965

The fonds consists of: Historical Society questionnaire completed by Arthur Anderson; along with a six page write-up of boyhood reminiscences by Arthur Anderson (1965); loose laser-printed copies of images, letters, certificates, clippings, and ephemera chronicling the life and career of Arthur Anderson (undated); short essay along with three pages of copied clippings giving the history of the Anderson - McCaig Families. Focus is on Lorne McCaig family (undated); images of the McCaig family; A scrapbook highlighting Arthur Anderson's education and career accomplishments as a Civil Engineer, as well as his family and personal life. Arthur Anderson's personalized matchbooks and cover sleeve. One mounted black and white print of S. Anderson and other members of the Western Division C.P.R. Protective Board (1910).

Anderson, McCaig (family)

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