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Anne Richardson fonds

  • JAS jas-1382
  • Fonds
  • 1936-1978

Fonds consists of scrapbooks of Jasper Booster clippings, correspondence, and photographs of topics that were of interest to Annie Richardson: Jasper East Gate (l933-1936); St. Mary and St. George Anglican Church, Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic, and Jasper United Church (l924-1978); construction of the Yellowhead Highway (l970-l975); skiing events in Jasper (l983-l984); Canadian National Railway retirements; World War l939-l945 clippings; Royal Visit to Jasper (l939); Jasper National Park land leases (l980); Charles Dupre, first avalanche death Marmot Basin (l956); Lake Edith YMCA Camp; weddings (l981-1984); Progressive Conservative Party clippings regarding Bob Dowling MLA (l971), Joe Clark MP (l980), and Ian Reid MLA. Includes clippings on these movies made in Jasper: Snowbird (l921, Goldwyn Pictures), The Country Beyond (l926), The Red Sky (Under Suspicion) (l930, Fox Films), The Emperor Waltz (l946, Paramount), The Far Country (l953, Universal), River of No Return (l953, 20th Century Fox), Rosemarie (l953, MGM), Kirby's Gander (l959, Tiger Prod.), and Railrodder (l962, National Film Board).

Richardson, Anne (Annie)

Constance Peterson fonds

  • JAS jas-1383
  • Fonds
  • 1949-1978

Fonds consists of correspondence, personal interviews and published sources regarding a wide variety of people and topics. Records related to the following are in this fonds: Edward Bridge Abram; Evelyn Arends; J. Burgon Bikersteth; "Major" Fred Brewster; George Edward Camp; Myrle Everett Clark; Phyllis May Clark; Kate Colley; E.N. Copping; Rev. Edwards; Jim Fahey; George Fleming; George Fowlie; Mary George; Mary Gibson; Daisy Hartley; Jasper Hawes; Fred Hindle; Bill Hooper; Ralph James; Florence Jefferson; Adam Joachim; Samuel James Kitchen; Gwen Lewis; Helen Lonsdale nee Renshaw; William McConnell; Donald Shorery McCready; Frank and Miles Moberly; Henry John Moberly; Albert Norris; Dr.Thomas O'Hagan; Dr. Enest Fielden Niven; Clauson Otto; Constance Peterson; Tom Peterson; Donald "Curlie" Phillips; William J. Popey; Frank Reed; Annie E. Richardson; Mabel Richardson; Lillian Roots: Thomas Ross; Harry Rowed; Fred Siebert; James Shand-Harvey; William Shovar; Thirza Schultz; John B. Snape; Mabel Tawse (Milton and Cheadle diary); Dr. Bill Taylor; J. Munroe Thorington; A.B. Webb; Frank Wells; Ted White; Pete Withers; J.A. (Major) Woods; Alex Wylie; Sydney Yoeman; and Thomas Young; Anglican Church, Jasper; automobiles; mountaineering; childbirth; fish hatchery; Fitzhugh; Suzanne Cardinal; Jacque Cardinal; Brazeau family; Louis Loyer; Klyne family; George McDougal, Kwaarakwante; Helen Rudyk; Moberly family; Joachim family; Findlay family; Colin Fraser; Perrault family; Wanniande; Goucher; Gladu; C.A. Kipling; Father DeSmet; Father Tardiff; Tete Jaune (Yellowhead); Archibald McDonald; Hamelin; Wilmot; L'Iroquois, sun dance; Beaver and Cree Indians; curling; Jasper Park Lodge; Lovat Scouts; Pocohantas, coal mining, Limestone; railway construction and accidents; cemeteries; Roman Catholic Church; Jasper schools; skis and skiing; Tete Jaune; theatre: "The Jasper Story" (1956, Elsie Park-Gowan, author, Jack McCreath, director); Jasper United Church; vacations: two acounts of persons vacationing in Jasper area (1919, Leonard D'Appollonia, Bessie Foy Symons); and Eremite Valley Camps.

Peterson, Constance

Florence Jefferson fonds

  • JAS jas-1390
  • Fonds
  • 1931-1941

Consists of scrapbooks with the Jasper Jottings (1931-1941) columns from the Edmonton Journal and Edmonton Bulletin written by Florence Jefferson under the pen name of Fay Parker. Included is the Royal Visit (1939) to Jasper and the James Fahey (1934) trial.

Jefferson, Florence

Hector Joseph Perrier fonds

  • JAS jas-1391
  • Fonds
  • 1920-1954

Fonds consists of 1202 portrait negatives taken by H.J. Perrier. Included are families, individuals, religious figures and several of men in military uniform. Most of the portraits are of Jasper residents (1920-1954). Also includes one view of the Jasper Townsite (1930).

Perrier, Hector Joseph

Doreen Doyle fonds

  • JAS jas-1394
  • Fonds
  • 1906-1987, predominant 1930-1950

The fonds consists of Dora Doyle's school notebooks from Edmonton (Art, Biology, Composition) [ca. 1920s]; financial records and blueprint for the construction of the Doyle home in Jasper (1932); class plan books with descriptions of projects Dora gave to her classes in Jasper (1940s); a family history; a book of poetry by Dora; photographs of Philip Doyle (1914), a ski trip to the Bald Hills [ca. 1940s] and of Dora Doyle with Hazel Matheson, the first female principal in Jasper. Also included are personal diaries from the 1930s to the 1990s, newspaper clippings, offical documents related to her teaching as well as in her family life, a scrapbook with poems by Dora and others, short stories which she wrote, and various photographs, both loose and in albums. The fonds also consists of laser copies of old family photographs; photographs of her retirement; and vacation slides.

Doyle, Doreen

Duncan family fonds

  • JAS jas-1402
  • Fonds
  • 1914-1981

Consists of programmes and brochures from the Jasper Winter Carnival (1946-1948), the Jasper Municipal Library Official Opening (1975), the United Church fund rasing campaign (1945) and Seton General Hospital 50th Anniversary (1980); newsletters and programmes from Jasper High School (1940s) and photographs of early Jasper, baseball and hockey teams (1910-1921), trail wrecks and the 1955 Parade.

Duncan, Martha

Thomas C. Young fonds

  • JAS jas-1403
  • Fonds
  • 1932-1955

Consist of a scrapbook with lists of the mountains in Jasper National Park, their latitude and longitude, who they were named by, when and when; also two poems, "The Glittering Mountains", and "What the Wild Waves are Saying".

Young, Thomas C.

Robson family fonds

  • JAS jas-1405
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1850], 1900-1990 , predominant 1910-[ca. 1950]

Fonds is organized into three series: Family Papers (1910-1930), including financial receipts, account books,correspondence (1930-1970), newspaper clippings, Joan's diary of the 1927 Glacier Trail trip and souvenir booklets of the Brewster tours and Jasper from the early 1900's; Photographs of Robson family members and friends, the family house on Geikie Street, the Jasper CNR station and trains, Jasper townsite, the Jasper Rodeos of 1926 and 1931, Jasper Winter Carnival of 1928 and albums of photographs from Joan's 1927 Glacier Trip and Jack Robson's 1902 expedition with Collie, Stutfield and Woolley; Joan Robson's watercolors of wildflowers, mountain landscapes and scenes from Vancouver and Santa Barbara (1930-1950's).

Robson, Joan

Raeside family fonds

  • JAS jas-1406
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1940-1970]

Fonds consists of three series: Slides, including views of parades, pipeline construction, trails, Air Force parachute training, fishing trips, Maligne and Medicine Lakes and Tonquin Valley; Scrapbooks containing articles on Jasper- related events, obituaries and marriage announcements; Photographs of fishing trips, baseball games, Miette Hot Springs, Winter Carnivals, curling, royal visits and family photos.

Raeside, Vera

Arthur Hughes fonds

  • JAS jas-1407
  • Fonds
  • 1929-1964, predominant 1930-1940

This fonds consists mostly of Art Hughes photographs (1929-1964) including: the British Columbia/ Alberta Boundary Survey with A. O. Wheeler; guiding and outfitting with Stan Kitchen; road construction; Conscientious Objector camps; the Jasper Rodeo & Turf Club and several views of his family and friends. Fonds also includes textual records consisting of: a program from the Jasper Rodeo (1931); financial ledger (1927-1930) and a booklet "The Call of Untrodden Ways" (1923).

Hughes, Arthur Edmund

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