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Ruth Becker / Ray Bagley fonds

  • WHYTE whyte-100
  • Fonds
  • 1957-1959

Fonds consists of letters and poems re guiding, writing, poetry, reminiscences, etc.

Bagley, Ray

Kay Russell family fonds

  • WHYTE whyte-1000
  • Fonds
  • 1909-1984, predominant 1921-1984

Fonds consists of three series: A. Kay Russell personal series, 1922-1984; B. Russell family correspondence series, 1921-1984; C. Russell family papers and photographs series, 1909-1983. Kay Russell personal series contains diaries, notes and other papers. Diaries pertain to hunting and pack trips, vacations, daily life of the Russell family, and the natural environment in which they lived. Russell family correspondence series contains family correspondence and general correspondence. Family correspondence consists of letters sent and received within the family by Kay, Andy, Dick, Charlie, John, Gordon and Anne Russell; also Babe Burton, Harold and Lorenda Russell, Fannie Riggall and others. General correspondence consists of letter and cards to the Russell family from numerous friends and acquaintances. Russell family papers and photographs series consists of financial papers, 1952-1983, Bert Riggall estate papers, 1955-1962, photographs, 1909-1980, and other material. Photographs pertain mainly to the Riggall and Russell families, including: Kay Riggall and Riggall family; Riggall home, hunting, activities, Twin Butte and Waterton areas; wedding and honeymoon photographs of Kay and Andy Russell, 1938; Kay and Andy Russell and children; Russell home, Hawk's Nest, ranch, pets, horses; friends and relatives; hunting and fishing; wildlife and natural history.

Russell, Kay

Howard Palmer fonds

  • WHYTE whyte-1003
  • Fonds
  • 1910, 1924

Fonds consists of a file of 46 photographic prints by Howard Palmer, 1924, and two individual prints, 1910. File is titled: "My best : Maligne Lake, 1923, Lake Louise, Temple" and contains prints, 25x30 cm, some identified, unsigned. Fonds also includes two individual prints (40x50 cm): "Adamant Group from Mt. Sir Sandford," 1910, by Howard Palmer (signed); and " 'Mount Sir Sandford from the South West" / negative by E. W. D. Holway, 1910 or 1911, enlarged by Howard Palmer, Nov. 1927"

Palmer, Howard

Brett family fonds

  • WHYTE whyte-1004
  • Fonds
  • [ca.1860]-1965

Fonds contains six series:;I. Robert G. Brett series, 1873-1926, 36 cm of textual records, consisting of: A. Personal papers, 1873-1926 (1. Correspondence, 2. Financial papers, 3. Other papers); B. Business papers, 1897-1925, (1. Banff businesses, 2. Businesses outside Banff); C. Professional papers, 1889-1925 (1. Political correspondence, 2. Official correspondence, 3. Other material). II. Louise H. Brett series, [between1855 and 1935], 10 cm of textual records, consisting of: A. Writing, betw.1885 and 1935; B. Scrapbooks, ca.1900, ca.1910; C. Diaries and letters, 1912-1925; D. Other, ca.1870-1924. III. Reginald H. "Harry" Brett series, ca.1910-1921, 10.5 cm of textual records, print material and photographs. Consists of: A. Personal papers, ca.1910 (1.Scrapbooks, 2. Ephemera); B. Business papers, 1912-1921. IV. Helen Brett series, 1925-1965, 4.5 cm of textual records, consisting of: A. Correspondence, 1927-1950; B. R. G. Brett estate papers, 1925-1949; C. Financial and business records, 1936-1962; D. Other, 1935-1965. V. Brett family series, [ca.1860-ca.1935], consisting of : A. Photographs albums, ca.1860-ca.1910; B. Photographs, ca.1875-ca.1935. VI. Other material series, [before 1928], 2 cm of textual records, consisting of: A. Annie McLauchlin papers, 1914-1928; B. Other, before 1925.

Brett (family)

Arnold Wexler fonds

  • WHYTE whyte-1005
  • Fonds
  • 1913-1978, predominant 1946-1974

Fonds consists of two series: I. Expeditions and trips series, 1946-1974; II. General files series, 1913-1978. Expeditions and trips series pertains to mountaineering expeditions and trips of Arnold Wexler and companions to western and northern Canada and locations in the United States. Canadian expedition destinations included the Selkirk Mountains, Cariboo Mountains, Rocky Mountains, Monashee Mountains, Coast Range, Bugaboo Mountains, Logan Mountains, Battle Range and Adamant Range. Mountaineers involved were Arnold Wexler, Sterling B. Hendricks, Donald Hubbard, Alvin (Pete) E. Peterson, Alex C. Faberge, Chris G. Scoredos, Charles C. Haworth Jr., Samuel V. Moore, Arthur Lembeck, Norman Goldstein, W. L. Putnam, A. J. Kauffman and others. Series includes extensive photographs, trip diaries and maps. General files series consists of files pertaining to mountaineering, equipment, locations, climbing associates and expeditions. Includes correspondence, checklists, exhibition prints, climbing portraits, and research material in the form of topical files, maps and print material

Wexler, Arnold

Bob Hind fonds

  • WHYTE whyte-1006
  • Fonds
  • 1925-1992

Fonds consists of three series: I. Mountain travel and recreation, western Canada (A. Trips and activities, 1931-1992; B. General, between 1928 and 1960). II. Personal (A. Photography notes, 1938-1996; B. World travel, ca.1930-ca.1950; C. Personal photographs, 1927-ca.1955). III. Other, between ca.1925 and ca.1955. Series I consists of photographs, motion pictures and textual records pertaining to mountaineering, hiking, travel, Alpine Club of Canada camps and activities in western Canada by Bob Hind, Bob and Marj Hind, and the Hind family.

Hind, Bob

Thomas Bowerman Williams fonds

  • WHYTE whyte-1007
  • Fonds
  • 1913-1937, 1955

Fonds consists of views of family, friends and relatives in Canmore, Banff, Banff National Park and Ontario; Canmore Mines; mountain climbing and other sports; family gatherings and activities; trips and travels; mountain landscapes. Includes trips to Radium Hot Springs between 1929 and 1937. Most photographs were made by Thomas Bowerman Williams. Accompanied by three photographs of Radium, BC, 1955, by Anne Williams.

Williams, Thomas Bowerman

Associated Screen News fonds

  • WHYTE whyte-1009
  • Fonds
  • [1925-1938]

Fonds consists of records pertaining to the career of George William Rance who worked with the photography division of the Associated Screen News (ASN) travelling the world aboard the Empress ships. Rance also worked in the camera shop in the Banff Springs Hotel, Banff, Alberta and ASN's Head Office in Montreal, Quebec. Fonds consists of Associated Screen News photographs of Cochrane to Banff motor road, Banff townsite and environs, Banff-Lake Louise road, Mount Assiniboine, Waterton Lakes National Park, ca.1925. Also included in the fonds are photographs of various cruise destinations of the CPR Empress Line including Grenada, Rio de Janeiro, Martinique, Barbados, and the Empress of Australia, ca.1938 and 1 William Notman & Sons photograph of the Bow River Bridge and Cascade Mountain, ca.1905.

Associated Screen News

Banff Canadian Club fonds

  • WHYTE whyte-101
  • Fonds
  • 1956-1961

Fonds consists of minutes and reports pertaining to executive and annual meetings and correspondence pertaining to speaking engagements.

Banff Canadian Club

J.B. Harkin fonds

  • WHYTE whyte-1010
  • Fonds
  • 1952-1960

Fonds consists of notes and letters by J.B. Harkin; transcripts of Harkin's notes and quotations by Mabel B. Williams and Dorothy Barber (former colleagues of Harkin); biographical notes; articles re Harkin; a Parks Canada newsletter; correspondence between M.B. Williams and Dr. Robin Winks; a letter to Harkin from N.K. Luxton. Fonds also includes a photograph of Harkin by Yousef Karsh.

Harkin, J.B.

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