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1968 Federal Election collection

  • PAA paa-9500
  • Collectie
  • 1968

The collection consists of material related to candidates from Alberta for the 1968 Federal Election and includes pamphlets, correspondence, posters, and clippings.


Anthony Mardiros Collection

  • PAA paa-7135
  • Collectie
  • [ca. 1907]-1979, predominant 1932-1962

The collection consists of records accumulated by Anthony Mardiros in the course of his research into the life of William Irvine. The collection includes correspondence, writings and reference material of William Irvine, as well minutes, financial statements and other records of the Alberta Section of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) and Mardiros's research materials; the collection has been arranged into the following nine series: Correspondence; Minutes (Alberta CCF minutes, National CCF reports and minutes, and People's Weekly and New Party topical files); CCF Campaign/organizational materials; Writings (Articles, columns, notes, etc., Book Manuscripts, and Publications); Reference and clipping files (Social Credit files, and Other reference files); Memorabilia; Mardiros research files (Correspondence, Photocopies and transcriptions, and Clippings and publications); Photographs (Irvine portraits, CCF group portraits, and Other); and Electoral map of Alberta.

Mardiros, Anthony

Edgar Osborne collection of 16th, 17th and 18th century manuscripts.

  • SPEC spec-2278
  • Collectie
  • [ca. 1592 - 1830], 2000s.

Collection consists of British manuscript documents collected by E. Osborne relating to a variety of topics. Includes ballads, letters, play, parliamentary documents, speeches, petitions and applications for letters patent. Also includes 6 items (200- - 2005) relating to MsC 132.27, unpublished play, variantly titled Marriage upon marriage, or As I told you before and The humorous magistrate.

Osborne, Edgar

William Delday collection

  • PAA paa-8898
  • Collectie
  • Copied 1967

The collection consists of copies of clippings related to the political career of William Delday.

Delday, William

Heritage Books collection

  • PAA paa-8236
  • Collectie
  • 1877-1954

The collection consists of a map of part of Keewatin showing Dominion Land Surveys, a map of Railroads and Counties for the Dominion of Canada, and issues of Social Credit periodicals including Today and Tomorrow, "Mr. Speaker" (published by New Democracy members of Parliament), "The Prophetic Voice" (Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute) and the Canadian Social Creditor.

Heritage Books

Millie Hay collection

  • PAA paa-6692
  • Collectie
  • 1874-1961

Collection consists of a copied map of the North-West Territory, now Alberta, dating 1874, copied bills and a land agreement belonging to W.F. Smith of Athabasca Landing dating 1897-1907, a pamphlet entitled The Aberhart Plan dating 1935, and a 50th Anniversary issue of The Landing Trail Post newspaper dating 1961.

Hay, Millie

The St. Albert Star/L'Etoile de St-Albert Collection

  • CA MHM mhm-1778
  • Collectie
  • 1912-1914

The collection consists of 73 issues of The St. Albert Star/L'Etoile de St-Albert, comprising up to eight pages each.

The St. Albert Star/L'Etoile de St-Albert Collection

Canadian Cold War pamphlet collection

  • CA MRUASC C0006
  • Collectie
  • 1947-1985

Collection consists of pamphlets published by the Canadian government and other organizations during the Cold War, mostly concerning the threat of nuclear war. Pamphlets were published by the Government of Canada, Combined Universities Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Canadian Chamber of Commerce, and others. The collection is arranged into four series, and subjects include civil defence, the anti-nuclear movement, nuclear war, survival planning, and communist threats. Other items discuss radioactive fallout, rescue operations, and first aid.

Hilia Keila's Trochu Finnish Settlers collection

  • GLEN glen-2287
  • Collectie
  • [ca. 1909-after 1973]

The collection consists of David Ranta's receipt for Worker's Party of Canada dues (1923), a letter and Finnish-Canadian Organization constitution (1932), and minutes to the Finnish-Canadian Worker's Delegation Meeting in Toronto (1931). Includes biographical information on John and Wilhelmiina Hannu and John and Sanna Luoma (written after 1973); Andrew Anderson's socialist literature (1928), John Keila's naturalization papers (ca. 1909) and minutes from Trochu's Finn's meeting (1924).

Keila, Hilia

Wilhemina Brady collection

  • PAA paa-7056
  • Collectie
  • 1912-1915

Collection consists of a receipt from Edmonton Law Stationers Limited, and an election information sheet for Dr. H.R. Smith, a civic election alderman candidate.

Brady, Wilhemina

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