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Brian Gale fonds

  • CA MED med-88
  • Archief
  • Photocopied in 1990 (originally created 1990)

The fonds consists of: script of the play "The Ghost Train of Medicine Hat" (9 pgs) (1990).

Gale, Brian

Allan and Beth Sheldon fonds

  • CA MED med-449
  • Archief
  • 1899 - [ca. 1952]

The fonds consists of: a National Defence publications titled: “A Selection of Badge Designs of the Canadian Forces” ([ca. 1940]); a collection of sheet music as follows - "The Lads in Navy Blue" (1899), " The Call of the Motherland (1914), "Khaki" (1915), "Come Back My Soldier Darling" (1915), "Out There" (1918), "Take In The Sun-Hang Out the Moon" (1926), Gene Autry's Sensational Collection (1934), Cowboy Songs (1937), Wilf Carter Songs (1937), "Till the Lights of London Shine Again" (1939), "Lilli Marlene" (1941), Queen Mary Royal Pictorial Souvenir ([ca. 1952]), Queen Elizabeth II Coronation souvenir booklet for Canadians ([ca. 195?]), Victoria Day Celebration programme for Victoria, BC (1928), Hudson's Bay envelope with King George V stamp, stamp collector's guide (1950), subscription notice for The Times Morning Herald or the Moose Jaw Evening Times (undated), war stamps Christmas card, ad for Cutter's blackleg cure for cattle (undated), booklet titled "Up-to-date French Card Tricks (1911); Red Cross Knitting Instructions for War Work - No. 1 For The Services (Nov. 1940); Handbook of Tatting published by the Needlecraft Publishing Company (undated).

Sheldon, Allan

Anderson family fonds

  • CA MED med-15
  • Archief
  • 1905-1976

The fonds consists of: "Canadian Cattlemen" (1938-1976); Certificates of Regulation, permits and licenses for use of Rifles and Shotguns, driving, and liquor possession, medical examination for J.L. Anderson (1931-1956); gasoline licenses and ration books (4) (1943/44, 1944/45, undated); dance cards for University of Alberta dances (10) (1935-1938); booklets entitled "Four Year Diary-Senior Class '45" University of Alberta (1945); "S.A.R. Officer's Mess Rules and Regulations" (1951); "Individual and Team Bowling Record" (undated); various booklets re: dryland farming, country medicine, and veteran settlement (1929-1970); various dinner programs, military, medical University of Alberta (1903-1975); programs for Annual Meeting of Agricultural Institute of Canada (1947); letter to "Doc" Anderson from Jupp Kassel, former Prisoner of War (POW) (1947); letter to Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve re: Jack Anderson (1942); tissue and envelope imprinted with caricature of Hitler's face and words "Wipe Out Hitler" ([ca. 1940]); O.S. Notice of Public Auction for cattle, farm equipment and household effects of W.G. Anderson (1948); 1 collage of 39 portraits of the Moorhouse Scoundrels (1912) and images of agricultural scenes, family members and views of Granum.

Anderson (family)

Donna MacLean fonds

  • CA MED 579
  • Archief
  • [ca. 1935] - 2007

The fonds consists of various records from the Hat Art Club, various materials from art projects Donna MacLean was involved in, as well images documenting Donna MacLean's work with art clubs, curling, and a family ranch and wedding.

MacLean, Donna

Roy Hanlon fonds

  • CA MED med-132
  • Archief
  • [ca. 1913]-1981

The fonds consists of: a script for "Yeoman of the Guard" (undated); souvenir program for Medicine Hat Amateur Operatic Society's production of "The Mikado" (1925); booklet of words and music for "The Messiah" (undated); program for the 16th Alberta Musical Competition Festival held in Edmonton (1923); letter to Elliot MacDonald re: his liquor salesman's license (1914); liquor salesman license (1914); a Hawthorne's Clothing catalogue (1925); 175th Battalion Reunion Program (1946); map-Canada Land and Irrigation (undated); building permit issued to L.C. Brown (1908); airmail envelope with Medicine Hat logo (1930); miscellaneous Western Co-op Fertilizer material including: Engineer's Certificate to Roy Hanlon (1975); promotional pamphlet (undated); notice of strike vote (1981); Seniority list (1981); schematic diagram of Nitric Acid Plant (1981); procedure manual (undated); and family photographs.

Hanlon, Roy

Percy Gayner fonds

  • CA MED med-672
  • Archief
  • [ca.1893-1940]

The fonds consists of images of individual photographs and one album containing photographs and news clippings related to the Medicine Hat Operatic Society theatrical productions and Mr. Gaynors' career with CJOC radio.

Gayner, Percy

Percy McKinley family fonds

  • CA MED med-218
  • Archief
  • 1944

The fonds consists of: booklet entitled "Sagebrush Philosophy", containing poetry and verses by Victor W. Heydlauff (1944).

McKinley, Percy

Hope Johnson fonds

  • CA MED med-129
  • Archief
  • 1907-1982

The fonds consists of: the following topographic maps: Halsbury, AB (1963, 1975), Buffalo, AB (2) (1961), Bindloss, AB-SK (2) (1961), Brooks, AB (2) (1951), Jenner (2) (1947), Middle Sand Hills (1953), Middle Sand Hills, AB-SK (1951), Tilley, AB (1955), Alderson (1950), Watching Hill (2) (1950), Hilda, AB-SK (1960), Suffield, AB (1975), Many Island Lake, AB-SK (2) (1960), Bow Island, AB(1975), Manyberries, AB (1967), Thelma Creek, AB-SK (1967, 1976), Foremost, AB (1940, 1975), Gleichen, AB (1963), Legend, AB (1975), Oyen, AB (1967), Taber, AB (1940), Cripple Creek, AB-SK (1976), Prelate, SK (1964), Cypress Hills (1964), Regina, SK (1935). Assorted papers from the Brenner Garage-Alderson, including: election material (1931-1949), cancelled cheques from the Alderson Store (7) (1919-1923); book of names and localities in "90 Years at Elkwater"; scrapbooks of Flora of Southeast Alberta, written and illustrated by Hope Johnson (2) (1962); "One Hundred Years of Alberta Women" by various authors for the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation (1982); paper entitled "Red Rock Coulee-A Preserved Natural Area" by Hope Johnson (6 pgs) (1977); booklets (2) entitled "About the Dinosaurs at Dinosaur Provincial Park, near Patricia, Alberta" (11 pgs) and "Dinosaurs-In the Southwest Prairie Area" (11 pgs) by Hope Johnson (1977); (undated); various papers on palaeontology by Hope Johnson (various dates); biography of Hope Johnson (author unknown) (1974); sketch and note books (6) of topographical features, botanical specimens, landscapes, fossils etc. done by Hope Johnson (19 pgs); copied sketch of Bearpaw Marine Fossils and art show listing and press release for Canadan Nature Art 74 exhibition (1973-75); loose sketch titled Badland topography - Oldman formation (undated); file of assorted correspondence (1966-1992); newspaper "The Standard"of London, England (June 21, 1897); publication titled About Dinosaurs at the Dinosaur Provincial (World Heritage) Park, near Patricia, Alberta by Hope Johnson . The material was compiled (with illustrations) for children of MHSD #76 and District #4 (1977) (M2001.3.11); notes listing dinosaurs which were present in SE Alberta, compiled by Hope Johnson (undated) (M2001.2.12); article (with illustrations) titled Red Rock Coulee - A Preserved Natural Area by Hope Johnson (undated) (M2001.3.13); The Blue Jay -Journal of Natural History and conservation for Saskatchewan, March 1969 with article by Hope, "A Paleontological Holiday: A Visit to the Hunter Quarry Near Eastend" ([ca. 1969]); images of first nations groups, paleontologists and the Jenner ferry.

Johnson, Hope

Ina Scanlan and Lilias Greene fonds

  • CA MED med-298
  • Archief
  • 1915-1983

The fonds consists of: an admission ticket for the Hospital Aid Dance (1923); business card for Les Webberley, taxi service (undated); All-Star Public School Hockey Tickets (3) (1956); program from Medicine Hat Musical Theatre production of "Oklahoma" (1981); promotional brochure "Welcome to Medicine Hat, Alberta" (1983); images of the Greene family home and Medicine Hat after a snowstorm and of family members.

Scanlan, Ina

Brinkhurst family fonds

  • CA MED 789
  • Archief
  • [ca.1920-1957]

Fonds consists of: 9 photographs including CHAT Radio, military, and family photos. Also contained within file is a Famous Players Students Privilege Card for George William Charles Brinkhurst.

Brinkhurst (family)

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