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Catherine de Bellefeuille fonds

  • GLEN glen-807
  • Fundos
  • 1910-1945, predominant 1915-1919

The fonds consists of Catherine's First World War diary, scrapbook of newsclippings and photographs of the de Bellefeuille and Macdonell families.

de Bellefeuille, Catherine

Caribou Range Willing Workers fonds

  • CA ATH ath-2184
  • Fundos
  • 1943-1945

The fonds consists of minutes and financial records for 1943-1945.

Caribou Range Willing Workers

Calgary Herald fonds

  • GLEN glen-443
  • Fundos
  • 1886-1988, predominant 1928-1988

The fonds consists of published and unpublished news photographs (1886-1986) which include photographs of Calgary and Alberta events, personalities, buildings and sports teams; the southern Alberta oil industry; Calgary military personalities and views (1940s-1960s); and royal visits to Calgary (1951, 1953). Also consists of correspondence (1928-1965); financial records (1929-1970); union agreements (1947-1960); bylaw (1938); and property inventory (1913). Includes essays entered by Calgary pioneers in a Herald competition (1970); sketches, plans and maps of Calgary areas and buildings (1956-1961); miscellaneous programs, bulletins and newsclippings, and reference material.

Calgary Herald, Mining and Ranche Advocate and General Advertiser

Calgary Mounted Constabulary fonds

  • GLEN glen-465
  • Fundos
  • 1940-1958, predominant 1940-1946

The fonds consists of minutes, correspondence, membership roll, financial records, a film of the unit training and photographs of members.

Calgary Mounted Constabulary

Calgary Highlanders fonds

  • HIGH high-1312
  • Fundos
  • 1946-1955

Consists of notes on mess ettiquette, lesson plans, preparation worksheets, Exercise Mountain Goat May 1947, Part II Orders 1946-1949 and 1953-1955, newspaper clippings, travel orders, Syllabus of Training 1 September - 22 December 1953, pamphlet on dress regulations March 1949, and personnel files for Lt.Col. H.V. O'Conner, Drum Major William Murray, Helen Kozicky, Gen. De Chastlaine, Capt. J.A. Callie, and MWO G.A. Malcolm.

The Calgary Highlanders 1946 - 1955

The Calgary Highlanders fonds

  • HIGH high-1313
  • Fundos
  • 1955 - 1975

Consists of Nominal Rolls for the years 1958, 1964 (as at Part II Orders), and 1965, Part I Orders (12 October 1960), Part II Orders (July 1955 - August 1967), 22 Military Group Standing Orders (2 March 1961), Operational Standing Orders, Young Soldiers Part II Orders (1963-1966), Young Soldiers Training Plan (1963), Inspection reports, Officers Aide Memoire, Tactics Aide Memoire (1959), phonetic alphabet and appointment names, summary of qualification examination dates for 1955, Qualification Examinations - Lt. to Capt. Part I (1960, 1961), Qualification Examinations - Capt. to Major Parts I & II (1954), Militia Staff Course Part I Examination 1965, Lesson Plans (1961-1962), Standard Operative Procedure for National Survival 5 February 1963, Assessment Forms, map of Camp Petawawa (1958), study papers, song book, papers regarding Militia Camp (1965, 1966), Exercise "Sir Vival" July 1960, Exercise "Spear Point" 1966, movement instruction, Operations and Control of the Civil Defence Services July 1951, Civil Defense Training, Civil Emergency Measures Planning Order, training papers for Militia, Infantrymen, and Officers, range courses, Survival Operations, Mobile Command Reserve Training - Phases I & II (1967, 1968), Junior Leaders Manual Volume 1, Basic Officer Training Volume 3, newsreleases, newspaper clippings, The Maple Leaflet, The Greggsville Herald, and Personnel files for Capt. F.L. Scott, Lt.Col. H.O. Wagg, Major M.B. McCumber, R.S.M. Gordon Malcolm, Lt.Col. D.E. Lewis, Lt.Col. A.H. Brackenridge, C.S.M. W. Mossop, M.W.O. Gordon Raffan, Capt. Donald A. Mains, H. Winkel, Lt.Col. S.E. Blakely, Cpl. Gordon Fish, Pte. T.J. Dutton, and Lt.Col. J.L. Moffat.

The Calgary Highlanders 1955 - 1975

Chritchley family fonds

  • GLEN glen-646
  • Fundos
  • 1879-1990, predominant 1879-1950

The fonds consists of Ernest Chritchley's tax returns (1917-1940, 1949), notes on the history of Crown Lumber Co. (1955), and correspondence (1950); Anna Chritchley's diary of packages sent to Harry F. (1941-1946), correspondence (1938, 1963), scrapbook of menus (1934-1941), recipes, cooking lessons, and newsclippings; Annie Rose Pearce's correspondence (1879-1894) and autograph book (1883); Gwen Chritchley's scrapbook of trip to England and France (1939); and Hornibrook family accounts, certificates and newsclippings (1913-1943). Also consists of Harry F. Chritchley's photographs (with commentary) about life as a student at the University of Alberta (1926-1930); shareholder statements (1936-1950); programs; newsclippings; invitations; correspondence and notes on Calgary streetcar routes, lumber companies and Alberta personalities; a recording describing the 1920s Bronco Custers singing group (1973); correspondence (1963); legal agreement (1951-1952); and Crown Lumber director's report (1956). Also includes photographs of the Chritchley, Ellithorpe and Hornibrook families (1883-1950), of Harry F. with the Calgary Highlanders (1940s), and of Alberta and Calgary.

Chritchley (family)

Charles S. Douglas fonds

  • GLEN glen-848
  • Fundos
  • 1941-1985, predominant 1941-1973

The fonds consists of instructor's logbook and photographs of Dafoe Gunnery School (1941-1945); diaries, predominantly about PFRA work (1950-1973); and miscellaneous PFRA programs (1980s) and sports photographs.

Douglas, Charles S.

Charles and Henrietta Maidment fonds

  • GLEN glen-1549
  • Fundos
  • 1914-1959, predominant 1914-1919

The fonds consists of Charles' army paybook (1917-1919), Khaki University membership card (1919) and discharge certificate (1919); Henrietta's notice of medals (1959); and photographs of Charles, Henrietta, nursing sisters and soldiers (1914-1918).

Maidment, Charles

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