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Calgary Indian Missions fonds

  • GLEN glen-450
  • Fonds
  • 1892-1921

The fonds consists of correspondence, annual reports, medical reports, lists of students, financial reports and statements, accounts and cashbooks. RECORDS RELATED TO THE FOLLOWING SUBJECTS ARE ALSO IN THIS FONDS. SEE INVENTORY FOR DETAILS: Catholic missions, influenza epidemic, Rev. Samuel H. Middleton, and Rev. Henry W. Gibbon Stocken.

Calgary Indian Missions

Chris-Paul Stapels fonds

  • GLEN glen-2184
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1975]

The fonds consists of photographs of residents of the Blackfoot reserve.

Stapels, Chris-Paul

Charles Denney fonds and Metis genealogy files

  • GLEN glen-824
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1855]-2002

The fonds consists of family history files of families with Red River and Metis connections (compiled 1967-1985); indexes to the files; genealogical source materials including microfilms of parish and census records from Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta; the Denneys' extensive personal and family correspondence, and certificates, teaching agreements, memberships and other personal documents. Includes photographs of the Denney, Colby, Wilson, and Sherlock families; published and unpublished articles and stories by Charles Denney and Elsie Denney; research files; and papers of Elsie's grandmother, Priscilla Gilmour. RECORDS RELATED TO THE FOLLOWING METIS/RED RIVER FAMILIES ARE IN THIS COLLECTION. SEE INVENTORY FOR DETAILS: Adams, Ademer, Agure, Aldrich, Allan, Allard, Allardyce, Allary, Amyotte, Anderson, Andrews, Arcand, Armit, Asham, Atkinson, Auger, Auld, Baby, Bahan, Baille, Ballendine, Bangs, Bannatyne, Bannerman, Barbeau, Barber, Barclay, Baron, Bates, Beads, Bear, Beauchamp, Beauchemin, Beaudry, Beaulieu, Beaupre, Beauregard, Beauvais, Beddome, Begg, Beioley, Belanger, Belcourt, Bell, Bellegarde, Bellehameur, Bellerose, Berard, Bercier, Berube, Beuchain, Bird, Birston, Bisson, Black, Bompas, Bonneau, Borwick, Bottineau, Boucher, Bourassa, Bourke, Bouvier, Bowen, Boyer, Brabant, Braconnier, Brass, Brazeau, Breland, Bremner, Brown, Bruce, Bruneau, Brunelle, Bruyere, Budd, Bunn, Buxton, Cadotte, Calder, Caldwell, Callihoo, Cameron, Campbell, Campion, Camsell, Caplette, Caraconte, Cardinal, Carey, Caron, Carrier, Carriere, Carter, Cavileer, Chaboillez, Chalifoux, Champagne, Charette, Charles, Chartier, Chartrand, Chastelain, Chenaille, Chrisholm, Christie, Clare, Clark, Clarke, Clemons, Clouston, Coates, Cochrane, Cocking, Collin, Collins, Comtois, Cook, Cooper, Corrigal, Corrigan, Costin, Cote, Courchene, Courtepatte, Courtoreille, Coutu, Cowie, Cox, Cromarty, Cummings, Cunningham, Cusitar, Cyr, Daguire, Dahl, Daigneault, Dajenais, Daniel, Dauphinais, Davis, De Caze, Deacon, Dease, Delaronde, Delorme, Demarais, Denig, Dennet, Denning, Dennison, Desauntels, Deschambeault, Descheneau, Descoigne, Descoteaux, Desjardins, Desjarlais, Deslauriers, Desmarais, Demaris, Desnoyers, Desrochers, Desrosiers, Dion, Donald, Drevor, Dubois, Dubreuil, Ducharme, Dufresne, Duma, Dumais, Dumont, Dupuis, Durand, Dyer, Eccles, Edwards, Elder, Else, Enaud, Erasmus, Ermitinger, Fagnant (Fayant), Falcon, Faries, Favel, Ferguson, Fidler, Finlay, Finlayson, Firth, Fisher, Flamond, Fletcher, Flett, Fleury, Folster, Forbister, Forester, Fortescue, Fortney, Foulds, Fournier, Franks, Fraser, Frobisher, Fulcher, Gaddy, Gagnon, Gareault, Gariepy, Garneau, Garrioch, Garriock, Garton, Gaudet, Gaudry, Gauthier, Gervais, Gibbons, Gibson, Gill, Gladman, Gladstone, Gladu, Godin, Good, Gordon, Gosselin, Gouin, Goulet, Gowler, Graham, Grandbois, Grant, Gray, Green, Grieve, Griffin, Grisdale, Groat, Guilbault, Gullion, Gunn, Hackland, Halcrow, Halket, Hallett, Hamelin, Hamilton, Harcus, Hardisty, Hargrave, Hargreave, Harkness, Harkus, Harper, Harriott, Harrower, Hay, Hayden, Haywood, Henault, Henderson, Henry, Herbert, Herchmer, Herman, Heron, Hickenberger, Hodgson, Hogue, Holmes, Hope, Hopper, Houle, Hourie, House, Howse, Hughes, Humphreville, Huppe, Inkster, Irvine, Irwin, Isbister, Jackson, Jannot, Jerome, Joachim, Jobin, Johnston, Johnstone, Jordan, Jourdain, Kauffman, Keith, Kennedy, King, Kipling, Kirkby, Kirkness, Kirton, Klyne, Knight, Knott, L'Esperence, L'Hirondelle, La Libertie, La Pierre, La Plante, Lacerte, Laderoute, Ladouceur, Lafleur, Lafond, Lafourmaise, Laframbois, Lafrenier, Lagimodiere, Lalonde, Lambert, Lamirande, Land, Landry, Lane, Lapointe, Larance, Larocque, LaRose, Latour, Laurent, Lavallee, Laverdure, Laviolette, Lawson, Leask, Leblanc, Leclair, Ledoux, Leland, Lemire, Lennie, Lepine, Letendre, Leville, Lewis, Lillie, Lingan, Linklater, Livingston, Livingstone, Logan, Longmore, Louis, Louise, Loyer, Lucier, Lusted, Lyons, McAllum, McArthur, McAulay, McBeth, McCauley, McChorister, McCollister, McDermot, McDermott, McDonald, McDonell, McDougall, McEwan, McEwen, McFarland, McGillis, McGillivray, McIntosh, McIntyre, McIvor, McKay, McKenney, McKenzie, McKinnon, McKnight, McLaughlin, McLean, McLenna, McLeod, McMillan, McMurray, McNab, McPhail, McPherson, McQueen, McRae, McTavish, McVicar, Mageau, Mainville, Malaterre, Marion, Martin, Mason, Massey, Matheson, Meaver, Mercredie, Merriam, Miles, Miller, Mills, Mitchell, Moar, Moberly, Monkman, Montour, Moore, Moran, Morand, Morgan, Morin, Morrison, Morrisseau, Morwick, Mowat, Mowatt, Muir, Munro, Munroe, Murray, Nabes, Nadeau, Nault, Nisbet, Nolin, Norn, Norquay, Norris, Noyes, Ogden, Omand, Oram, Ouellette, Page, Pambrun, Pangman, Paquette, Paquin, Parenteau, Parisian, Parisien, Park, Paterson, Paul, Peebles, Pelletier, Penrose, Perreault, Peterson, Petit-Coteau, Phillips, Philpott, Piche, Plante, Pocha, Poison-Blanc, Poitras,Polson, Pratt, Prince, Pritchard, Pruden, Puttenaude, Racette, Rainville, Reid, Richard, Richrds, Rickards, Riel, Rivard, Robbilard, Robertson, Robinson, Ross, Rowand, Rowland, Roy, Ruiet, Rundle, Sabiston, Salois, Salter, Sanderson, Sansregret, Sargent, Saucier, Sauve, Savoyard, Sayers, Schmidt, Scott, Settee, Setter, Shannon, Sherlock, Sherwood, Short, Simpson, Sinclair, Sissons, Slater, Small, Smith, Spence, Spencer, St. Cyr, St. Denis, St. Germain, Stalker, Steele, Steinhauer, Stevens, Stevenson, Stewart, Stuart, Sutherland, Swain, Swanson, Tait, Tanner, Tate, Taylor, Templeton, Thibert, Thomas, Thompson, Thorne, Todd, Tourand, Traill, Trottier, Truthwaite, Turcotte, Turner, Vandal, Vandale, Vandall, Vandel, Venne, Vermett, Versailles, Villebrun, Villeneuve, Vincent, Vivier, Voller, Ward, Waugh, Welsh, Wentzel, Whimpster, White, Whiteway, Whitford, Wilison, Wilkie, Wills, Winter, Wishart, Wood, Work, Wylie, Yale, Young and Zace.

Denney, Charles

Charles F. Johnson fonds

  • GLEN glen-1332
  • Fonds
  • 1896-[ca. 1920]

The fonds consists of photographs of St. Peter's mission school, Hay River and Slaveys; diary of his journey to the Arctic coast with Bishop Stringer (July 8-October 19, 1909); letters from missionaries Margaret Tims and Bertie March (1897, 1905); and a Slavey grammar and dictionary apparently compiled by Margaret Tims.

Johnson, Charles F.

Abraham Okpik's Inuit oral history collection

  • GLEN glen-3418
  • Collection
  • 1969-1971

The collection consists of recorded interviews with Felix Nuyaviak, Kenneth Peeloolook, Kingmiaktuk, Ameralik, Poneepakochook, Noah Araguttainnaq, Eksinak, Joe Nasogaloak, Aniqisaq Kokseak, Jim Kalabak, Dave Piungituq, John Ayoruaq, B. Iqquraqtuq, Johnasee Uyaraq, Eualuakjuk, Kalvak, Etuanga. Recordings were made at Inuvik, Spence Bay, Pond Inlet, Pangnirtung, Belcher Island, Tuktoyaktuk, Broughton Island, Clyde River, Rankin Inlet, Igloolik, Frobisher Bay, Holman Island, Cape Dorset. Subjects covered include: Avoutuk (story), Kouyakjuke (legend), Inuktyuk (legend), shaman ways, social laws, Inuit games, names of relations, hunting ways, Paja, young women, Siatsialuk (shaman), Atangaoyak (shaman), father and daughter legend, Lomayuke (legend). Culture of contemporary Northern communities was documented by recordings of a church service in Pangnirtung, a dance in Cape Dorset, and children at play.

Okpik, Abraham

Alec and Marye Howard family fonds

  • CA MED med-655
  • Fonds
  • 1896-1916

The fonds consists of images taken by Geraldine Moodie of the Moodie family, scenes of first nations, ranching and of the RCMP.

Howard, Alec

Bernard Big Snake fonds

  • GLEN glen-251
  • Fonds
  • 1973

The fonds consists of two stories, "Red Faced Woman" and "The Badger".

Big Snake, Bernard

Betts family fonds

  • GLEN glen-248
  • Fonds
  • 1878-1950

The fonds consists of photocopies of William and Gertrude's birth, baptism and marriage certificates; obituary for Elizabeth Haynes; letter to Gertrude (Haynes) Betts from J.W. Tims regarding the death of her mother; and articles on Cannon H.W.G. Stocken. Includes photographs of First Nations, North West Mounted Police (NWMP) posts, and Fort Macleod pioneers; photographs of W.R. Haynes and family and Peigan Reserve; photographs of William J. and Gertrude (Haynes) Betts and family and Blood Reserve; photographs of William Arthur Betts and views taken while an instructor with the Commonwealth Air Training Plan; views of 1937 Cardston Parade; 1939 Royal Visit; and 1941 dedication of a cairn at Stand Off.

Betts, Gertrude Mary Margaret

Basil G. Hamilton fonds

  • GLEN glen-1111
  • Fonds
  • 1893-1942

The fonds consists of personal diaries and journals (1893-1918). Includes photographs, correspondence, reference material, and articles written by Hamilton related to David Thompson and the Windermere area (1912-1942). RECORDS RELATED TO THE FOLLOWING SUBJECTS ARE ALSO IN THIS FONDS. SEE INVENTORY FOR DETAILS: Roxie Alexander, Alexander Allan, Albert Austin, Maj. W.B. Barwis, J.J. Barter, Effie M. Blair, P. Turner Bone, boxing, George Brown, Herbert M. Cherry, Rev. John H. Clark, Myrtle M. Cushing, Alexander Scott Dawson, J. Lonsdale Doupe, Mrs. James Findlay, James Finn, Mrs. John S. Hall, A.E. Hardy, Birdie Harris, J.A. O'Neil Hayes, Col. Lawrence Herchmer, Rev. W. Hodnett, H.H. Honens, Wesley Hooper, Joseph Howse, Diamond Jenness, Jeremiah Jessup, Henry Sepmus Jones, Bert Kesting, Rev. Stanley Keene, Colin Kerr, R.N. Kirkpatrick, Kootenay (Indians), C.S. Lott, John Niblock, Dean E.C. Paget, Paradise Mine (BC), Senator Perley, Bishop Cyprian Pinkham, Dr. Frederick S. Pope, Mrs. Charles W. Rowley, George T. Seyman, C.M. Shower, William Skitch, H.R. Dudley Smith, William Tode, Archdeacon W.F. Webb, Arthur O. Wheeler, and Hector Wheeler. SASKATCHEWAN TOWNS: Alameda, Arcola, Beaver Creek, Carlyle, Carman, Carnduff, Estevan, Grande Coulee, Hirsch, Indian Head, Moose Jaw, Oxbow, Qu'Appelle, Regina, Sintaluta and Weyburn. MANITOBA TOWNS: Boissevain, Deloraine, Elkhorn, Glenboro, Hartney, Manitou, Melita, Miami, Oak Lake, Oak River, Pipestone, Portage la Prairie, Rathwell, Roland, Rosebank, Rosser, Souris, Virden, Winnipeg and Wolseley.

Hamilton, Basil G.

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