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Robert William Tannas fonds

  • CA ATH 85.316 etc.
  • Fonds
  • 1980-2010

The fonds consists of photographs taken at town events, theatre productions, library/archives events, Remembrance Day services, Agricultural Society parades, Meanook Biological Station (Dominion Observatory), Edwin Parr Composite Community School graduations (1988, 1989), Alberta Pacific Environmental Impact Assessment Review Board meetings (1989), and four scrapbooks of clippings about Athabasca. Bob took photographs of the town's 75th anniversary proceedings. In 2009 Bob took 76 photographs of buildings in the Town of Athabasca and of the demolition of the Athabasca Community Centre. 2010 photos include the inside of the former and the new Buy-Low Foods store, and the demolition of the former store. Further donations include photos of potter Alfred Messerli, 1985 remodelling of Edwin Parr Composite High School, Calling River telegraph station, Pelican Settlement in 1979, 1973 Boyle High School Boys Curling team win provincials, Remembrance Day 2003, and author Holly (Holt)Kennedy, 22.04: Athabasca & District Senior Citizens records 2009 – 2016. 22.07: Stucco School plans to renovate it for the Athabasca Public Library and Archives; Athabasca Landing: An Illustrated History copyright; Athabasca Public Library misc correspondence, bylaws and financials, and Stucco School renovation plans for the Athabasca Public Library and Archives

Tannas, Robert William

Anton Joseph Schinkinger fonds

  • CA ATH ath-2099
  • Fonds
  • 1943-1992

The fonds consists of photographs of: Athabasca & District Board of Trade sign near Westlock (1948), Nick Evasiuk, pier on Tawatinaw Creek (1950s), Bob, Colin and Vince Preece; Anton (Tony) and Kurt Schinkinger, the first store and its replacement store built in 1975, Valentine (Val) Breckenridge, Riverside Recreation Area sign, 1971 parade photo and the Steve Berezan family. Tony wrote an article entitled "Reflections of the old swimming hole" and an article about his time in the navy. The artifacts are a postal scale, two photographs framed with an article from the Athabasca Echo newspaper of Aug.25, 1982 regarding the family business, and a plaque commemorating the closing of Schinkinger's Mens Wear in Feb. 1992. 22.12: Fourteen photos recording the ceremony opening secondary highway 813 in September, 1989, "The Gleaner," 1938 Athabasca Public School yearbook, program from 1961 50th anniversary, program from 1967 Centennial play, program from 1971 60th anniversary.

Schinkinger, Anton Joseph

Alexander Cameron Rutherford fonds

  • CA UOFA uofa-1004
  • Fonds
  • 1897-1941

Fonds consists of these series: I Clippings (1902-1940). II Correspondence (1899-1941). Communications with constituents; politicians; business people. III Family and business matters (1897-1940). Includes clippings; correspondence; land transfers. IV Government of Alberta (1905-1913). Includes memoranda and notes relating to departments and offices; founding of the province; general business; office of the premier. V Intergovernmental business (1905-1910). VI Library ([19þ]). Includes inventory; lists of pamphlets. VII Memorabilia (1907- 1912). Consists mainly of invitations. VIII Northwest Territories, Strathcona, Edmonton (1898-1931). Includes agreements; correspondence; estimates; memoranda; reports. IX Personal (1902-1936). Includes correspondence, memoranda, notes, and speeches; minutes and correspondence of the McGill Graduates' Society of Northern Alberta (A.C. Rutherford, President), 1920- 1936. X Photographs (1907). Alberta and Great Waterways Railway construction (5 images). XI Railroads (1906-1910). Includes memoranda, notes, regulations, and reports relating to railway construction and rail transport in Alberta. XII University of Alberta (1905-1936). Includes agendas; calendars; reports. Consists mainly of incoming correspondence.

Rutherford, Alexander Cameron

Alexander Cameron Rutherford fonds

  • CA EDM edm-1167
  • Fonds
  • 1896-1910

This is a fragment of the Alexander Cameron Rutherford fonds, consisting of correspondence relating to his activities as a candidate for the North-West Territories Legislature, service as Secretary-Treasurer of the Town of Strathcona, N.W.T., officer of the Strathcona Liberal Association and Premier of Alberta. Also included are documents relating to Alexander Cameron Rutherford and the Town of Strathcona, possibly acquired by Doug Babcock during his research for his biography, Alexander Cameron Rutherford: A gentleman of Strathcona, 1980.

Rutherford, Alexander Cameron

Yee Family fonds

  • MIL A85
  • Fonds
  • 1942-1945

Records include 2 photographs of the Yee Family and Skylark café, tax, insurance, and assessment slips, and several letters addressed to the Yee Restaurants.

Yee, Ching Mou

Helen (Garfield) Sabin fonds

  • PAA aarn-2224
  • Fonds
  • 1933-1960, 1979, 1995

Ms Sabin met with Lynne French of the AARN to read a survey of her career in nursing which was prepared following an outline from the History of Nursing Professional Practice Group. She describes the daily routine and the training program of student nurses, 1933-1938, and the changes brought about by the Weir Report (1932) and the CNA curriculum study (1936). On graduation, Ms Sabin was employed by the Provincial Public Health Nursing Branch, serving in Alder Flats/Pendryl. She summarizes the history of the nursing service, which began in Alberta in 1918 with 8 graduate nurses. She describes the types of work carried out by the public health nurses and the programs they could initiate in the rural areas: maternity and child care, homecare, school health, First Aid and immunization (among many others). Ms. Sabin also comments on effects of the changes brought about by restructuring of health care in Alberta during the 1990s. She sees a complete break with the services and programs that were in effect during her career.

Sabin, Helen (Garfield), 1916-___

P.M. Sauder fonds

  • LETH leth-1966
  • Fonds
  • 1922-1957

The fonds consists of Sauder's correspondence regarding the Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District including employees, trees and shrubs, repairs to system, and correspondence with government. Includes photograph albums of irrigation works and other scenes.

Sauder, P.M.

Schmidt family fonds

  • WET wet-1325
  • Fonds
  • 1908 - 1979

Fonds consists of photographs of the Schmidt family, their farm and activities, and of events and scenes of Wetaskiwin; and a newspaper clippings about Dallas Schmidt.

Schmidt, Dallas

Tom Schwartzkopf fonds

  • CA UOFA uofa-1008
  • Fonds
  • 1983

Fonds consists of this series: Universiade '83 Fencing events (1983). Includes blueprints, correspondence, handbooks, news releases, press kit, programs, signs and timetables gathered during Mr. Schwarzkopf's tenure as Media Centre Manager.

Schwarzkopf, Tom

David Lynch Scott fonds

  • CA LASA las-64
  • Fonds
  • 1923-1924

Fonds consists of 1 judge's notebook for 1923-24, during Scott's tenure on the Supreme Court of Alberta Appellate Division. Also includes appellant's case and judgment of the Privy Council in 1922 appeal to the Privy Council regarding who properly held the title of Chief Justice of Alberta.

Scott, David Lynch

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