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Phyllis Stewart fonds

  • CA GPR 0059
  • Fonds
  • 1909-2005

The fonds consists of the records of farm and personal records of the Stewart family, musical scores belonging to the Mattoon family, Phyllis' career as a teacher, farmer, county councillor and member of the Conservative Party; and materials preserved and collected from Bezanson School District 3302. The photographs are mostly of school classes and events.

Stewart, Phyllis

Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies fonds

  • WHYTE whyte-958
  • Fonds
  • 1924-2011

Fonds consists of organizational records including photographs, brochures, correspondence and other documents which are divided into five series [see General Notes]. Content pertains to the Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies, including the organization's history, members and staff, trail rides and other events, publications and advertising, finances, and administration.

Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies

Millet and District Historical Society Veterans' Portraits Collection

  • MIL mil-2123
  • Collection
  • [ca. 1914-ca. 1945] : Photocopied [ca. 1997]

The collection consists of photographs and data sheets of Millet veterans, created for an exhibit mounted by the Millet and District Historical Society. THE COLLECTION INCLUDES PHOTOGRAPHS AND DATA SHEETS FOR THE FOLLOWING: Jack Abram, Martin Allemann, Jim Ambrose, Hazel Anderson, Peter Anker, Melvin Aske, Arthur Bakken, Jim Barr, Melvin Barr, John Barrows, Phyllis Bear (Phyllis Loader), Gilbert Blade, Harold Blize, Patrick Bolt, Charles Brissard, Johnny Brissard, Cecil Carr, Walter Charley, Bert Churchill, Elizabeth Clarke, Cecilia Margaret Coady, Frank Coady, Jim Coady, Thomas Cochrane, Henry Cockbain, Joe Cockbain, Maurice Conner, Bill Corlett, Frank Cotterel (Frank Cotterell), Aldena Crough (Aldena Kalm), Phil Crough, Chester Dahms, Ernest Dahms, Russell Dahms, Virgil Dahms, James B. Day, Reg Dixon, Artie Douglas, Dennis Dziuba, Fred Elmo Easterbrook, George Easterbrook, Clifford Eaton, Ed Eidick, Clifford Elder, Dawn Elder, Howard Elder, John Elder, Russell Elder, August Ertman, Jean Audrey Ferguson, Jim Ferguson, Robert Ferguson, Arnold Fibick, Ruth French, Howard Fulcher, Howard Fulcher Jr., Isobel Fulcher, Kathleen Fulcher, Arnold Furuness, Ernest Furuness, Helmer Furuness, Myron Furuness, Ronald Furuness, Eric Gibling, George Gibling, Robert Gibling, Art Glaser, Ed Glassman, Clifford Glimm, Gary Goin, Jack Goin, James W. Goin, Clarence Grapentine, Bert Gray, Joy Gray (Joy McConnell), Alder Greenslade, David Hagen, Robert Hamilton, Fred Harter, Melvin Hope, Ernest Richard Hawkins, James Hawkins, Russell Hougestol, Helen Huke (Helen Davis), Doug Jackson, Harold Jackson, Claren Jevne (Ikey Jevne), Evan Jevne (Buster Jevne), Norman Jevne, T.R. Jevne, Lloyd Johnson, Winston Jordan, George Kaasa, Jim Karr, William Karr, Tom Kelley, Gordon Kerr, Kenneth Kerr, Lawrence Kerr, Wilfred Ewart Kerr, Leo Kinchella, Herbert E. Lange, Herbert W. Lange, Gordon Lee, Vivian Lee, Bradley Lewis, Herbert Lewis, Charlie Loader, Frank Loader, Frank Herbert Loader (Bert Loader), Walter Loader, Alfred Lutz, Walter Lutz, Wesley Maine, Donald McAuley, Harold McAuley, Joseph James McAuley, Raymond McAuley, Doris McConnell (Doris Thompson), Duncan McIntosh, Robert McIntosh, Patrick McManus, Father McQuaid, Fran Meyers, Frank Meyers, Gordon Meyers, Clarence Moen, Henry Moonen, John Moonen, William Moonen, George Moore, Howard Morris, Howard Mullen, Robert Mullen, William Riley Millen, James Henry Murdock, Ray Nicoll, Robert Olesen (Bob Olesen), Maxim Orlick (Mike Orlick), Mary Perlick (Mary Krenbrink), Ralph Perrin, Arnold Peterson, Arthur Peterson, Gordon Pettigrew, Arnold Pubantz, Vernon Rathwell, Arnold Reading, Frank Edward Reading (Ted Reading), George Reading, Melvin Reading, Allan Redwood, Doug Reynar, Stan Rigby, Charlie Robinson, Creighton Rogers, Albert Roseberg, Lloyd Rupert, Geoffrey Scatchard, Donald Sehlin, Henry Sehlin, James Sehlin, Ross Sehlin, Tom Sehlin, Dallas Schmidt, John Schmuland, Gerald Scott, James Scott, Richard Scott, Victor Scott, William C.E. Scott, William S. Scott, Chuck Simpson, Charles Strand, William Russell Strand, Joan Darlington Strand, Helmuth Tiede, Donald Trathen, George Vorman, Donald Wagner, Albert Warnke, August Warnke, Carl Warnke, Hartwig Warnke, Helmuth Warnke, Al Watt, Louie Wilk, Jack Wilkinson, Bill Williams, Jim Williams, Tom Wolf, Ben Womacks, Lyle Womacks, Lyndelle Womacks, Harold Wood, Walter Wood. THE COLLECTION INCLUDES DATA SHEETS ONLY FOR THE FOLLOWING PERSONS: Donald Barr, Milford Barr, Albert Burdon, Leonard Burdon, Nancy English, Sydney Howes, Clifford Jackson, Benny Jehn, Morse Johnson, Walter Jones, Armin Kutzner, Donald MacDonald, Bruce Mutch, August Radis, Oakley Raynar, Adelbert Rowley, Tom Rowley, Jake Van Alstine, Ross Van Alstine, William Van Alstine, Henry Van Volkenbert, Loyd Wolf, Charlie Wright.

Millet and District Historical Society Veterans' Portraits Collection

Bill Turnbull fonds

  • CA GPR 0664
  • Fonds
  • 1959-2002

This fonds consists of records that were primarily generated from Bill Turnbull’s work as an educator, running enthusiast, and coach. Records consist of photographs, slides, correspondence, race results, memberships lists, meeting minutes, financials, route maps, newspaper clippings, event planning information, event programs, pamphlets, and application forms.

This fonds has been arranged into 16 series. They are: Grande Prairie Schools (1959-2002), Cross Country and Track & Field (1973-1999), Grande Prairie Events and Views (1977-1993), Wapiti Road 10 Mile Run – Brian Harms Memorial Run (1980-2001), Beaverlodge to Grande Prairie Marathon (1984-2000), Daily Herald Tribune Press Run (1977-2001), Jasper-Banff Relay (1980-2000), Grande Prairie Legion Track & Field Club (1966-1990), Legion Track Construction (1966-1983), Wapiti Striders Road Running Club (1980-2002), Legion Track Meet (1963-2000), Zenon Smiechowski (1974-1998), Speedway Park Races & Car Shows (1963-1971), Edmonton Events and Views (1959-1987), Edmonton Commonwealth Games (1978), and Universiade (1983).

Turnbull, Bill

Janice Lowe Willsey fonds

  • CA GPR 0647
  • Fonds
  • [1900]-1985

The fonds consists of 62 photographs of the Lowe, English, Cahoon and Willsey families; and personal papers for the Lowe family which include records relating to World War I, land agreements, vital statistics documents, and financial records.

Willsey, Janice Lowe

Colleen Stewart fonds

  • CA GPR 0690
  • Fonds
  • 1987-2001

This fonds consists of one scrapbook. The scrapbook details Colleen Stewart’s career as an artist. It contains exhibition programs, photographs of paintings and quits that Colleen created, artist statements, correspondence, and newspaper clippings. The subjects of Stewart’s art varied, but include: landscapes, nude figures, and themes around domestic violence.

Stewart, Colleen

St. Albert Historical Society fonds

  • CA MHM 2003
  • Fonds
  • 1880 - 2005

Fonds consists of administrative records for the St. Albert Historical Society. These records include meeting minutes, reports, by-laws, financial records, committee information and events and activities in which the group was involved. Founder's Walk information, signage planning, Homecoming Event and involvement with various other organizations are documented in the material. Information on the administration of the Father Lacombe Chapel Museum is included. The research and layout for the published works are included in the fonds. Additionally, various card catalogues, manuals and information on museum practices pertaining to the management of the museum and artifacts are included. Significant to this fonds are photographs and oral histories from St. Albert families that SAHS collected. Series include 1. St. Albert Historical Society minutes, 2. By-laws and policies, 3. Executive lists, 4. Correspondence, 5. Reports, 6. Financial, 7. Albert Lacombe Historical Foundation, 8. Further Education Council, 9. Interclub Council, 10. Midnight Twilight Tourist Association, 11. Arts and Heritage Foundation, 12. Associations and museum information, 13. Father Lacombe Chapel Museum, 14. Civic Centre building museum planning and construction, 14. Photograph collection, 15. Collections management, 16. St. Albert Historical Society events and activities, 17. Bells, 18. Archival survey, 19. Homecoming, 20. Spicer Commission, 21. Scholarships, 22. St. Albert -- Then, Now, and Forever, 23. St. Albert Echoes, 24. St Albert: A Pictorial History, 25. The Black Robe's Vision: A History of St. Albert and District, 26. A Week in the Life of St. Albert, 27. Historical information catalogs, 28. Historical information resources, 29.

Research reports, essays and articles, 30. Oral histories, 31. Newspapers, 32. Maps, 33. Historic sites.

St. Albert Historical Society

Athabasca Public School fonds

  • CA ATH ath-2033
  • Fonds
  • 1906-1984

The fonds consists of a 1950 copy of an Athabasca High School certificate; a poster for the 1951 musical and dance; 1952 graduation dance program; 1906 class photo including students:Charlie Gagnon, Alice and Stanley McKernan, Irene, Johnny and Sterling McKinley, Harry and Marion Minns, Auld Willey, T. Wood and Miss Easten; Class of 1920 and 1931; and a photo of the Brick School; a 1950 school program for the school's celebration of the 5th anniversary of the United Nations entitled "There Shall Be Peace," the program for the 1953 Variety Show; and a copy of "Whispers: Official Publication of the Athabasca High School," November 1953. In Jan.1976 a press release announced that the Athabasca Public School was designated as an Alberta Registered Historic Resource. There is a set of blueprints for the 1984 historic sites restoration.

Athabasca Public School

Rolland Lefebvre fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1947 - 1981

The fonds consists of account books, registers, statements, stationery, certificates, price lists, catalogues, advertisements, booklets, manuals and a letter.

Lefebvre, Rolland

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