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Action Poetry fonds
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Action Poetry fonds

  • pfla ACP
  • Fonds
  • [199-] - 1994, predominant 1993 - 1994

Fonds consists of records generated as part of Action Poetry ‘94, a symposium and workshop of the spoken word. Records include video and audio recordings of performances and events, proposals and planning documents, internal and external correspondence, biographical information on participants, newspaper clippings, research notes, photographic contact sheets, and material related to organizing the Nat Christie Poetry Day and Nat Christie Poetry Jam events.

Action Poetry

Action Poetry : artist information and correspondence

  • pfla ACP-ACP1
  • Série organique
  • [199-] - 1994, predominant 1993 - 1994
  • Fait partie de Action Poetry fonds

Series consists of four subseries, which document the participants and applicants in “Action Poetry ‘94”. The series includes collected materials such as artist biographies, artist contracts and resumes. In addition, the series includes correspondence between John Sobol and the many artists considered for the program.

Action Poetry class list

File consists of a list of Action Poetry participants and faculty, with some accompanying photographs.

Artist files

  • pfla ACP-ACP1-ACP1.003
  • Sous-série organique
  • [199-] - 1994
  • Fait partie de Action Poetry fonds

Subseries consists of files containing information on each participant in the program, including samples of their work, resumes, biographical information, correspondence (mainly with John Sobol), and other materials.

ACP1.003.01 – Armstrong, Jeannette [Jeannette Armstrong]
ACP1.003.02 - Armstrong, Richard [Richard Armstrong]
ACP1.003.03 - Belgium, Erik [Erik Belgium]
ACP1.003.04 - Berner, Wendy [Wendy Berner]
ACP1.003.05 - Cadell, Meryn [Meryn Cadell]
ACP1.003.06 - Carr, Harold [Harold Carr]
ACP1.003.07 - Cortez, Jayne [Jayne Cortez]
ACP1.003.08 - Crane, Terrence [Terrence Crane]
ACP1.003.09 - Dalton, Mary [Mary Dalton]
ACP1.003.10 - Davidson, Don [Don Davidson]
ACP1.003.11 - Dempsey, Shawna [Shawna Dempsey]
ACP1.003.12 - Drain, Richie Tempo [Richie Tempo Drain]
ACP1.003.13 - Dutton, Paul [Paul Dutton]
ACP1.003.14 - Ferguson, Deanna [Deanna Ferguson]
ACP1.003.15 - Giorno, John [John Giorno]
ACP1.003.16 - Holman, Bob [Bob Holman]
ACP1.003.17 - James, Kedrick P. [Kedrick James]
ACP1.003.18 - Joseph, Clifton L. [Clifton Joseph]
ACP1.003.19 - Karasick, Adeena [Adeena Karasick]
ACP1.003.20 - Lacy and Steve [Pine Trio, Nicholas Isherwood, Steve Lacy and Irene Aebi]
ACP1.003.21 - Keyes, Darryl C. [Darryl Keyes]
ACP1.003.22 - Mandiela, Ahdri Zhina [Ahdri Zhina Mandiela]
ACP1.003.23 - Miller, Isobeau [Isobeau Miller]
ACP1.003.24 - Morris, Traci D [Traci Morris]
ACP1.003.25 - Rao, Uma [Uma Rao]
ACP1.003.26 - Scott, Dasez [Dasez Scott]
ACP1.003.27 - Weidenhammer, Lori [Lori Weidenhammer]
ACP1.003.28 - Williamson, Aaron [Aaron Williamson]
ACP1.003.29 - Wilson, Sheri-Doyle [Sheri-D Wilson]
ACP1.003.30 - Wolkstein, Diane [Diane Wolkstein]
ACP1.003.31 - Zitello, Sean [Sean Spaz Zitello]

Potential Action Poetry artist information

  • pfla ACP-ACP1-ACP1.004
  • Sous-série organique
  • ca. 1990-1993
  • Fait partie de Action Poetry fonds

Subseries consists of five files with information on prospective artists for the Action Poetry program. It includes correspondence (mainly with John Sobol), news clippings, examples of applicant's work, and other materials.

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