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Howard McPherson collection

  • CA GPR 0348
  • Colección
  • 1951-2001

The fonds consists of Howard McPherson's hand drawn maps of Belloy (1949-1952, Silverwood (1956-1958) and Prestville (1956-1958) and eight photographs of buildings including Belloy School and students.

McPherson, Howard

J. H. E. Fitzallen fonds

  • CA GPR 0358
  • Fondo
  • 1917-1918

The fonds consists of correspondence written and received by J.H.E. Fitzallen at his place of business in the Village of Grande Prairie from 1917 to 1918. The major part of the correspondence is with insurance companies and individuals holding insurance policies. There is also a good volume of letters from various departments of the Government of Alberta. The letters give details about the buildings which are being insured, many of which are in Grande Prairie, and of the people who own the buildings. At the time, Mr. Fitzallen was secretary-treasurer for the Village and some of the letters are on Village stationary, giving the illusion that it is Village business. It appears he was recycling old stationary when making carbon copies of his own correspondence as the concern his business and personal life, not village affairs. There are also two block plans showing the stores along Richmond Avenue, and a 1917 agreement with The Northern Assurance Company Ltd. of England which lays out commissions and responsibilities between the Company and the broker. The personal records includes Mr. Spencer's contract with the Village of Grande Prairie, a contract with Charles Spencer to build their house, a personal letter from a friend in Vancouver, and dentist bills for Mr. & Mrs. Fitzallen.

Fitzallen, J.H.E.

John and Irene Wallace fonds

  • CA GPR 0383
  • Fondo
  • 1946-1993

The fonds consists of material relating to the life and work of John and Irene Wallace and the Beaverlodge Nursery, dating from 1946 to 1993. The records include 2597 slides taken at variety of locations featuring nursery and horticultural activities and a wide variety of plant material, a video presentation prepared using several of the slides, a 1980 catalogue, and a file of various clippings and historical information about John Wallace, his work, and the Beaverlodge Nursery.

The fonds is divided into two series: Slide Collection, and Clippings and Historical Information.

Wallace, John

Bear Hill Rural Electrification Association fonds

  • CA GPR 0260
  • Fondo
  • 1953-1984

The fonds consists of agreements and communications between Bear Hill Rural Electrification Association and its clients; service contracts, lists of contract holders, and maps of the REA's lines to the various farms; financial records; and a reference manual and poster from the Alberta Rural Electrification Association.

Bear Hill Rural Electrification Association

Joseph Thomas (Digby) Smith fonds

  • CA GPR 0367
  • Fondo
  • 1919-1921

The fonds consists of 7 photographs and biographical information.

Smith, Joseph Thomas (Digby)

Junior Chamber of Commerce fonds

  • CA GPR 0022
  • Fondo
  • 1952-1971

The fonds consists of the records of the Executive Board, the JayCees Community Development Programme, the various projects they sponsored and/or carried out, and material from Associated Chambers.

Junior Chamber of Commerce

Lee Oilund collection

  • CA GPR 0274
  • Colección
  • 1947-1982

The fonds consists of a collection of farm booklets and 1 cm of farm business receipts belonging to Olaf Kildal and Ralph Johnson, dated 1929 to 1963, from Alberta Wheat Pool at Sexsmith; C L Larson, General Merchant, La Glace; P.M. Haugen Garage, LaGlace; Buffalo Lake General Store; Buffalo Lake Service Station; Shannon & Son, Sexsmith; Sexsmith Garage Co; Mac Perkins Garage, Sexsmith; Maple Leaf Garage, LaGlace; Olson's Garage, LaGlace; E.G. Edey Equipment, Sexsmith; McKinnon Equipment, Grande Prairie; UFA Co-op; and other miscellaneous receipts. The booklets, dating from 1920-1963 include Norweigen immigration literature from Olaf Kildal; Ration Recipe cookbook from WW II, Wheat Board permits and Alberta Hail Insurance Board booklets from the early 1950s, and information on Credit Unions published by the Credit Union League of Alberta. There is also a 1959 Prairie Farm Assistance Act Crop Report, a poster for an Allis-Chalmers tractor, and a report card from Northfield School.

Oilund, Lee

Big Seven Co. Ltd. fonds

  • CA GPR 0360
  • Fondo
  • 1917-1936

The fonds consists of two accounts books from the Big Seven Co. Ltd., an original copy of the sale agreement for the threshing machine, and an inspection certificate of the company's boiler. The fonds deals with the threshing business conducted by the Big Seven Co. Ltd. and includes expenses, wages for employees, charges for groceries at the company store, etc.

Big Seven Co. Ltd.

Bill and Clarice Paul fonds

  • CA GPR 0382
  • Fondo
  • 1945-1992

The fonds consists of 21 photographs and 13 negatives of G.P. Iron Works building, caterpillar brushing equipment, downtown Grande Prairie with Clarice and children, Bill and Pat, the Hudson Bay store fire, and Picture Perfect renovations. Also included are 3 newspaper articles referencing the history of the G.P. Iron Works and a menu cover from Clarice Paul's Ice Cream Shop, "Milky Way".

Paul, Bill

Bill Pratt fonds

  • CA GPR 0107
  • Fondo
  • 1925-1930

The fonds consists of 70 photographs taken by McDermid Studio on the Canadian Pacific Railway tour of the Peace Country in 1928. Subjects of the photographs include the Beaverlodge Experimental Station; the Trelle farm at Wembley; the Jack Thompson harvest east of Grande Prairie; the ranching operation of Mr. Early on the banks of the Peace River; roads, towns, and rural scenes en route; roads and buildings in Grande Prairie; and group photographs of the tour members. There is also a photograph of young Marion Pratt pinning a "Just Kids Safety" button on Lord Lovat, who was a member of the CPR delegation.

Pratt, William Crawford

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