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Lee Pooler fonds

  • CA GPR 0294
  • Archief
  • 1942-2008

The fonds consists of Lee's oral history of the time he spent as a weatherman for the U.S. Army Air Force at Little Smoky and Valleyview during World War II, a hand-drawn map of the buildings located near Little Smoky between Valleyview and High Prairie, and 22 photographs. There are 3 photos of Lee Pooler himself, 5 of the Royal Canadian Signal Corps station at Little Smoky where the first temporary weather station was located, 8 of the Weather Station on the hill north of Valleyview, and 6 of people or locations in the area.

Pooler, Lee

Panda Camera (1973) Limited fonds

  • CA GPR 0190
  • Archief
  • 1964-2002

The fonds consists of the photographs and business records of Panda Camera. The photograph portion of the fonds contains 2495 files (32996 images) of portraits, business, and community photographs. The business records portion of the fonds consists of records relating to the carrying out of photographic assignments; reference materials for technique and processing; marketing, promotional and advertising materials; and the organizational records needed to sustain the company: legal and planning documents, annual reports, financial records, and materials related to studio management and personnel.

Panda Camera (1973)

Valleyview & District Chamber of Commerce Millenium Photograph Collection

  • CA GPR 0175
  • Collectie
  • 1907-1994

This fonds consists of 4 computer discs that contain 463 digitized photographs, 210 digitized documents and research regarding the history of the Valleyview and Sturgeon Lake areas. A binder containing research text and scanned copies of photographs, articles and maps acts as the finding aid. The digitized documents are 210 pages of a 1910 Revillon Freres Trading Post Counter Book, preserved by the Williamson family who ran the post.

Valleyview & District Chamber of Commerce

Lloyd Boman fonds

  • CA GPR 0591
  • Archief
  • 1974-2006

The fonds consists of scrapbooks created by Mr. Boman from 1964 to 2006. They contain articles from the Daily Herald Tribune, the Valley Views, and other newspapers and magazines on the following subjects:
Dinosaurs, 2000-2006
Early Indian Life, 1968-2005
Metis Association, 1977-2005
Pioneers, 1975-1999
Veterans, 1977-2005
Artists, 1980-1999
Memories, 1964-1999 (many small communities such as Five Mile and Silverwing)
Stories of the Past, 1987-1999
Miscellaneous Happenings in the Peace Area, 1983-1999
Seniors Scene, 1985-1999
Miscellaneous, 1986-1999
Crooked Creek and DeBolt, 1973-2002
Bezanson and Teepee Creek, 1989-1993
Sexsmith, 1981-1992
Grande Prairie & Beaverlodge Museums, 1986-2005
Valleyview Museum, 1987-1991
Scandinavian history and Peace Country, 2001-2006
East Smoky Recreation Board, 1976-1978
Peace Country Farmers, 1976-2002
New Democratic Party News and Unifarm Reports, 1970-1978

Boman, Lloyd

Lubicon Lake Indian Nation Land Claim Research collection

  • CA GPR 0023
  • Collectie
  • 1987-1996

The fonds consists of letters from the Lubicon Lake Indian Nation enclosing copies of documents supporting their land claim: statements from government and Lubicon officials; letters to and from the same; supporting resolutions from other Native bands; newsclippings of articles, editorials, cartoons and reader comments which support their position. Also included are direct statements from the Lubicon Lake Indian Nation, the March 1990 report from the Human Rights Committee (sent May 10, 1990), and The Lubicon Settlement Commission of Review Final Report, issued in March of 1993.

Lubicon Lake Indian Nation

Klukas-Norris Family fonds

  • CA GPR 0635
  • Archief
  • [ca. 1900-2010]

The fonds consists of the records of Herman Klukas, his wife Jessie Norris Klukas, and their daughter Barbara Elizabeth Klukas.

Klukas-Norris Family

Kirkness - Steinhauer - Testawich Family fonds

  • CA GPR 0660
  • Archief
  • 1905-2007

The fonds consists of Kirkness family photographs and personal papers depicting their life and their impact on the development of the Edmonton and Peace River areas. Several of the personal documents belonged to Edith Heron.

Kirkness-Steinhauer-Testawich family

Bill Turnbull fonds

  • CA GPR 0664
  • Archief
  • 1959-2002

This fonds consists of records that were primarily generated from Bill Turnbull’s work as an educator, running enthusiast, and coach. Records consist of photographs, slides, correspondence, race results, memberships lists, meeting minutes, financials, route maps, newspaper clippings, event planning information, event programs, pamphlets, and application forms.

This fonds has been arranged into 16 series. They are: Grande Prairie Schools (1959-2002), Cross Country and Track & Field (1973-1999), Grande Prairie Events and Views (1977-1993), Wapiti Road 10 Mile Run – Brian Harms Memorial Run (1980-2001), Beaverlodge to Grande Prairie Marathon (1984-2000), Daily Herald Tribune Press Run (1977-2001), Jasper-Banff Relay (1980-2000), Grande Prairie Legion Track & Field Club (1966-1990), Legion Track Construction (1966-1983), Wapiti Striders Road Running Club (1980-2002), Legion Track Meet (1963-2000), Zenon Smiechowski (1974-1998), Speedway Park Races & Car Shows (1963-1971), Edmonton Events and Views (1959-1987), Edmonton Commonwealth Games (1978), and Universiade (1983).

Turnbull, Bill

W. D. Albright fonds

  • CA GPR 0362
  • Archief
  • 1890-1945

The fonds consists of lecture notes, addresses, radio addresses, articles, research materials, and slides and index cards created or gathered by W. D. Albright. The material dates from 1890 to 1945 and relates to Albright’s work as a speaker and author, connected with his role as Beaverlodge Experimental Substation Superintendent.

The fonds is organized in two series: Lecture Notes and Lantern Slides. The division is primarily due to the difference in media, since the two series are intellectually closely related to one another and deal with many of the same topics

Albright, William Donald

Bagnall Family fonds

  • CA GPR 0625
  • Archief
  • 1912

The fonds consists of two pages of biography written by the Loggie sisters when they interviewed Dr. Lucy Bagnall in 1955; and a copy of the diary kept by Lucy on a daily basis from May 19 to December 15, 1912. It gives an account of their journey north from Calgary to Grande Prairie, and the first months of their life in the Grande Prairie district. Much of the diary is about building the house; everyday activities such as cooking, washing, and getting food; breaking land, threshing, and haying; church services, with topics and attendees; books that Lucy is reading; and visiting with the neighbours. Dr. Bagnall mentions names such as Appleton, Cranston, Braybrook, Lister, Roberts, Canon Smith, Sharpe, Anderson, McLevin, Trimming, Campbell, Lyster, Parker, Higbee, Meade and Grant, Van Schaick, Moxhay, Forbes, Bredin, Powell, Bousfield, South, Perraton, Matheson, Carter, Ray, Patterson, McAusland, Johnson, Blake, Norley, Hunskor, Hendry, Ryley, Ferguson, and Kennedy.

Bagnall family

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