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The Vagina Monologues Athabasca fonds

  • CA ATH 18.04
  • Fonds
  • 2016-2017 (Creation)

Fonds contains materials relating to the rehearsal and performance of The Vagina Monologues in Athabasca, Alberta on February 25, 2017. Materials include two posters advertising the performance, an assignment chart, a rehearsal schedule, and a script of the performance, annotated by a performer, Allendria Brunjes.

The Vagina Monologues Athabasca

Louison Fosseneuve family fonds

  • CA ATH ath-2167
  • Fonds
  • 1886-1985

The fonds consists of genealogical charts for Fosseneuve, Ladouceur and Auger families; scrip applications at Lac La Biche for Louison Fosseneuve (July 19, 1886); Fort McMurray Banner newspaper from May 28, 1965 with obituary of Joseph Shott; Canadian Geographical Journal, Feb, 1932 contains the article" Scow brigade on the Athabaska" by F.J.Alcock; the 1985 English 30 paper by Ben Heslop named "The untold legend of Captain Shot"; copies of newspaper articles including (Aug.24, 1899 Edmonton Bulletin), (March 26, 1914 Athabasca Times reprint of Emerson Hough's Saturday Evening Post article re: Running the Grand Rapids), (May 21, 1914 Athabasca Times and May 22, 1914 Northern News re: Fosseneuve's death); excerpts from 1908 and 1911 Oblate annals and four photographs of Louison, his son Joseph, and Joseph's family.
"A Tale of Two Brothers - Louison & Francois Fosseneuve: Descendants of Jean-Baptiste Fosseneuve," 2016

Fosseneuve, Louison

Valleyview Town & Country fonds

  • CA GPR 0688
  • Fonds
  • 2015-2019

This fonds consists of newspapers from the Valleyview Town & Country.

Valleyview Town & Country

Friends of the South Peace Regional Archives fonds

  • CA GPR 0600
  • Fonds
  • 2014-2015

unprocessed records--184 digital photographs taken at Friends events and stored in the Archives photograph storage folder under fonds 600, and year end statements for 2014.

Friends of the South Peace Regional Archives

Words Work Literacy Society fonds

  • CA ATH ath 13.04
  • Fonds
  • 2013

Minutes and financials, 11.01,12.12, 13.04, 14.01, 15.08, 16.04, 17.02, 19.01, 20.26 (digital record), 21.17 (digital record)

Words Work Literacy Society

Oil Sands Oral History Project fonds

  • GLEN glen-3884
  • Fonds
  • 2011-2013

The fonds consists of interviews with Mickey Abougoush, Brad Anderson, David Armstrong, Jack Avery, Gene Bacon, John Barr, Guy Boutilier, Clem Bowman, Cliff Britch, John Broadhurst, Larry Brocke, Elmer Brooker, David Brown, Gerry Burden, Terry Burton, Neil Camarta, Maurice Carrigy, Jim Carter, Bill Cary, Harbir Chhina, Chuck Collyer, Ted Cyr, Lester Deep, Gerry DeSorcy, Bill Dickie, Howard Dingle, Richard Dixon, Grant Duncan, Maurice Dusseault, Neil Edmunds, Alan Fair, Keith Firmin, Charlie Fischer, Rick George, Ned Gilbert, Ray Gillespie, Simon Gittins, George Govier, Murray Gray, Ron Gray, Hassan Hamza, Maggie Hanna, Jack Haston, Toshiku Hirata, Chris Holoboff, Ernie Hui, Bill Humphreys, Al Hyndman, Eddy Isaacs, Dave Krook, Bert Lang, Vern Larson, Peter Lougheed, Richard Luhning, Jean Lund, Neil Lund, Donald S. Macdonald, Hans Maciej, Bert MacKay, Preston Manning, Dee Parkinson Marcoux, Jacob Masliyah, Bill McAffrey, Bob McClements, Neil McCrank, Anne McLellan, Bill Mooney, Norbert Morgenstern, Tom Morimoto, Arthur Morris, Jane Morris, Prakash Mullick, Patricia Nelson, Eric Newell, Randy Ottenbreit, Fred Otto, Harold Page, Albert Poulette, Paul Precht, Carolyn Preston, Roland Priddle, David Redford, Joy Romero, Robert Rosen, Brian Rottenfusser, Germain Routhier, Mark Ruschkowski, David Ryan, Bob Scarborough, David Schindler, Glen Schmidt, Brent Scott, Tony Settari, John M. Shaw, Mary Clark Sheppard, Cal Sikstrom, Gail Simpson, Kem Singh, Robert Skinner, George Skulsky, Bruce Slevinsky, Nell Spragins, Gerry Stephenson, Barry Stewart, Bruce Stewart, Jack Suggett, Michael Supple, Ron Taylor, Don Thompson, Don Towson, Ron Wallace, Allan Warrack, Kathryn Wood, Barry Worbets, Chi-Tak Yee, K.C. Yeung, and Erdal Yildirim.

Oil Sands Oral History Project

Jillian Wright fonds

  • CA GPR 0680
  • Fonds
  • 2010

This fonds contains records collected or created by Jillian Wright for her research about surveyors and early pioneers in the Peace Region.

These records consist of two copies of the booklets written by Jillian and copies of the newspaper articles the booklet was based upon.

Wright, Jillian

Peace Country Historical Society fonds

  • CA GPR 0668
  • Fonds
  • 2009-2013

This fonds consists of records related to the Heritage Fair, meeting minutes, photographs of events, and posters.

Peace Country Historical Society

One Room Schools collection

  • Collection
  • 2009 - 2013

Since 1908, the area around Milo has been home to 14 one-room schools. School districts were established when a group of three or more ratepayers petitioned the Provincial Ministry of Education, and there generally had to be at least five eligible students within a 4-5 mile radius.

The first one-room schools in the area were established at Queenstown (April 1908) and Pioneer (June 1908), and they were quickly followed by Liberty (1909), Corbie Hill and Willard (1910), Lake McGregor (1912) and Eastway (1913). East Majorville was established in 1917 (though it didn’t open until 1920), then Giffen and Kirkdale (1918), Fawn Hill (1919), Rocky Buttes (1921), Sunny Lake (1922) and finally Robertson (1928). Enrollment at the schools ranged from five to twenty-five students, and occasionally if the numbers dropped too low, a school might close for a year until enrollment increased. Since many of the students travelled long distances each day, schools were often closed when the weather was bad, with the missed time being made up in the summer. Closures due to epidemics lasted anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Most schools offered grades 1-8, after which students who wanted to continue their education had to travel to – or board in – a larger community. In 1926 Queenstown School moved into town and became a two-room school, going through to grade 12.

Corbie Hill and Kirkdale were the first of the one-room schools to close, both in 1937, and in 1938 supervision of the remaining schools was taken over by Bow Valley School Division #43. Consolidation became the guiding principle, and by the end of World War II the only one-room school left in the Milo area was East Majorville, which closed in 1952. A van was used to transport the children from Pioneer, Liberty and Rocky Buttes School Districts into Milo.

The collection consists of Minute Books, Daily Registers, correspondence and Assessments and Tax Rolls from some of the one-room school districts in the Milo area.

The collection has been arranged into the following series: Bow Valley School Division #43, Liberty, Pioneer, Rocky Buttes.

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