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Big Bend Historical Committee fonds

  • CA GPR 0532
  • Archief
  • 1981

The fonds consists of family histories, school and church histories, community services and activities histories and miscellaneous writings, news clippings and correspondence used for producing The Big Bend, a community history book covering the areas of Blueberry Creek, Blueberyy Mountain, Fourth Creek, Ksituan, Silver Valley, and Whitburn.

Big Bend Historical Committee

Buffalo Lakes New Horizon Group fonds

  • CA GPR 0538
  • Archief
  • 1978-1989

The fonds consists of 2 notebooks, one containing the minutes of meetings of the Buffalo Lakes New Horizon Group from 1978-1981 and the second with minutes of meetings of The Financial Group for the New Horizon Group from 1978-1989.

Buffalo Lakes New Horizon Group

Oliver H. Johnson fonds

  • CA GPR 0548
  • Archief
  • 1908-1909

The fonds consists of the 1908-1909 homestead diary of Oliver H. Johnson. It provides a daily record of his activities as he broke land, built a house, barn, and other structures, interacted with his neighbours, including the Stones, Sinclairs, Fergusons, Bredins, Hardins, Smiths, Germaine, Arnold, Allie Brick, Mead & Grant, members of the Beaver First Nation, and others, and travelled back to Edmonton to join his family. The last few pages of the diary list recipes, drugs, groceries, dry goods, hardware, and accounts, some of which may date from his time as a storekeeper.

Johnson, Oliver H.

Kieyho Park fonds

  • CA GPR 0562
  • Archief
  • [ca. 1981-1996]

The fonds consists of papers relating to the establishment of the Kieyho Park, the lease agreement and licence of occupation, receipts, bills, and correspondence. There is also a booklet prepared by the South Peace Regional Planning Commission in June 1992 which contains the development proposal for the park.

Kieyho Park

Lassiter Project Memories fonds

  • CA GPR 0563
  • Archief
  • 1976

The fonds consist of papers in a crest format filled out by families who had lived on the Lassiter Project describing their time in the Eaglesham area.

Lassiter Project Memories

Jack & Betty Lowe fonds

  • CA GPR 0610
  • Archief
  • [ca. 1913-1929]

The fonds consists of 36 photographs and 5 postcards collected by Jack and Betty Lowe on their trip into the Peace Country in 1929, on Jack's trip to the Peace in 1927, and from the trip of Betty's father (Mr. Zeigler) into the Peace Country in 1913. The photographs are glued into a 6 x 8 in. black album, and some are identified with accompanying notes.

Lowe, Jack & Betty

Stanley William Bird fonds

  • CA GPR 0594
  • Archief
  • 1918

The fonds consists of a photograph of Stanley William Bird, and three letters which he wrote to his sister and father in 1918. The first letter, dated June 10th, is addressed to Peg and contains the words to the song "Prairieland" as well as the poem, "How". He mentions subjects in which Peg was probably interested (birds' eggs, what the houses look like, and how all the men look like cowboys), and tells her that she can keep his pony Nell, "a little white mare with brown ears". The second letter, dated June 27th, talks about the murders of seven men in June 1918, and is a good measurement of the rumours and assumptions made at the time about the money, the perpetrators, and the victims. This letter also describes the wildlife in the area (wild horses, beaver, moose, bear, silver and cross foxes, timber wolf), the remnants of the Klondike Trail which is also the pack trail from Prairie City to Pouce Coupe, and looks forward to the July 1 Sports Day when "all the Indians in the country will be there". The third letter, dated July 11th, gives the "latest news" which is that the number of men murdered has increased to thirteen. He also mentions that he is making $70.00 per month working on a steam plowing outfit, and that he is going hunting with an Indian man named Wi-kit-sis.

Bird, Stanley William

Lassiter Project fonds

  • CA GPR 0587
  • Archief
  • 1953-1954

The fonds consists of one ledger detailing crop failures in the Wanham Lassiter Project from 1953-1954. The first part of the ledger has five pages containing a list of landowners, land locations, lease numbers and file numbers. One page of the list covers Township 82, Ranges 10-11, West of the 6th Meridian, which is in the Silver Valley area north-west of Spirit River. The remainder of the book contains township map forms with hand-drawn physical features and the names of landowners for use in crop failure calculations. In the back of the ledger is a ca. 1950 linen map of the Peace Country showing lands surveyed, roads, and communities.

Lassiter Project

William J. Noll fonds

  • CA GPR 0575
  • Archief
  • [ca. 1914-1953]

The fonds consists of a journal kept by William J. Noll from about 1914 to 1925. It records events in his life including homesteading in the Peace River Country, enlisting in the RNWMP and WWI, working in various industries including Oregon's lumber camps, and becoming an early commercial pilot in Oregon. The journal includes written entries, photographs, posters, some employment records, receipts, tickets, cards, and newspaper clippings. Several other loose records are inserted into the pages of the journal, including a WWI medal, Great War Veterans Association membership booklet, 1935 US naturalization papers, correspondence about his homestead and petroleum and natural gas leases, [ca. 1952] USAF course application, and 1917 Canadian naturalization papers. Two pages of genealogical notes presumed to have been written by Clem Kinderwater are also inserted.

The journal ends rather abruptly in January 1925 as William is on his way from El Paso to Portland. The final entry states "Contd in next book." Subsequent book(s) have unfortunately been lost.

The original order of the journal has been maintained, including the original position of inserted material.

Noll, William J.

Alexander Forbes fonds

  • CA GPR 0127
  • Archief
  • 1909-1925

The fonds consists of records of the planning for and the construction of the Presbyterian churches at Glen Leslie and Bezanson and photographs presumably assembled by Mrs. Forbes relating to their journey to the Peace Country and church and community activities, buildings, and people in the Grande Prairie area.

Forbes, Alexander

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