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Deb Grey Fonds

  • PAA paa-9604
  • Fundos
  • 1977-2004

The fonds consists of photographs relating to Grey's political and private life; scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, correspondence, greeting cards, and other materials from Grey's political career (1988-2004); speeches, some handwritten ...

Grey, Deb

Harry Goldberg fonds

  • JHSE jhse-81
  • Fundos
  • 1971-1999

The fonds consists of materials created or collected by Harry Goldberg from 1971-1999. The fonds consists of these series: 1. Histories (1999) The series consists of family histories written by Harry Goldberg. 2. Personal (1971-1996) The series co...

Goldberg, Harry

Don Tannas fonds

  • moth-5
  • Fundos
  • 1922-1987

The fonds consists of collected pamphlets and historical essays; collected High River promotional brochures, maps, and pamphlets; school handbooks (1967, 1983-1985); correspondence and collected campaign materials of the federal Progressive Conser...

Tannas, Don

Daniel Knott fonds

  • CA EDM edm-1521
  • Fundos
  • 1924-1939

The fonds consists of materials created by D. K. Knott between 1924 and 1939. The fonds consists of correspondence and reports collected by Alderman Knott, especially the annual reports of the Water Works Department. Later accruals include corresp...

Knott, Daniel

J. William Beaudry fonds

  • PAA paa-6680
  • Fundos
  • 1917-1954

The records relate to the political career of J. William Beaudry during 1917--1954 and include correspondence, newspaper clippings, historical notes and speeches, photocopies of Beaudry genealogy, election publications and lists, Alberta governmen...

Beaudry, J. William

Barrett family fonds

  • RED red-3083
  • Fundos
  • [19-], 1911-1996

The fonds consists of the following series: Professional Life, which contains the following sub-series: Alberta Meat Market (1928-1964), City of Red Deer Alderman (1961-1965), City of Red Deer Mayoralty (1965-1974), Associations, Scrapbooks, Award...

Barrett (family)

Brian Mason fonds

  • CA EDM edm-1857
  • Fundos
  • [n.d.]

This fonds consists of resource material gathered during Brian Mason's career as an alderman for the City of Edmonton, including records on Unions, Epcor, Ed Tel, Taxi commission Highlands sewer, waste management, community business associati...

Mason, Brian

Bill Tuomi fonds

  • CA UOFA uofa-2670
  • Fundos
  • 1911 - 1982

The fonds consists of material collected and created by Bill Tuomi during his career as a social activist and member of the Canadian Communist Party. Materials include news clippings, correspondence, Communist party publications, arrest and detent...

Tuomi, Bill

Leslie family fonds

  • GLEN glen-1448
  • Fundos
  • 1913-1995

The fonds consists of John Leslie's family and business correspondence, and real estate ledger; Jack Leslie's election papers, correspondence, speeches, invitations and conference papers; photographs of the family and of functions attend...

Leslie (family)

Leslie G. Young fonds

  • PAA paa-9485
  • Fundos
  • 1971 - 1983

The fonds consists of material used, maintained and created while Leslie G. Young served as Minister of Labour from the years 1979 to 1983. The fonds includes correspondence and briefs related to labour disputes, labour legislation, mediation serv...

Young, Leslie G.

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