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Andrij Baziuk collection

  • PAA paa-9751
  • Collection
  • 1922-1951

The collection consists of films used in an itinerant picture show that toured through rural Saskatchewan, particularly through Ukrainian communities around Regina, during the 1930s-50s. The films include episodes of popular series such as Tarzan of the Apes, Dick Tracy, Krazy Kat, and Hopalong Cassidy; full-length genre films including Westerns and melodramas; comedy shorts; compilations of trailers for Hollywood features; episodes of Canadian Movietone News for 1950-51; a documentary about Inuit life in the 1940s; and two feature-length Ukrainian films that were made in North America. Both of these films were produced by Ukrainian-Canadian Vasile Avramenko. The first is entitled Cossacks in Exile (Zaporozhets za dunaem) (Edgar L. Ulmer, 1938), while the second is entitled Marusia (Leo Bulgakov, 1938). These films are in the Ukrainian language with English subtitles, were specifically made for the expatriate Ukrainian community in North America, and are rare examples of Ukrainian commercial filmmaking in North America.
Many of the films are fragments of larger works, but it is unclear if the complete films were ever shown as part of the travelling picture show.
The collection also contains a poster for Cossacks in Exile and an original cardboard box used to house one of the film reels.

Baziuk, Andrij

David Clark Collection

  • PAA paa-7617
  • Collection
  • [ca. 1905]

The fonds consists of a photograph album with twenty-four photographs of the North West Territories (Alberta and Saskatchewan) and Manitoba, featuring trains, riverboats, picnics, parades, a fire brigade, natives and native encampments, Doukabors, mining, a hotel, the St. Andrew's Lockport bridge, Countess Grey, and a toboggan slide.

Clark, David

Lloyd Bossert collection

  • PAA paa-6909
  • Collection
  • Copied 1972

Collection consists of negatives depicting pioneers and First Nations people from the Grande Cache, Alberta area.

Bossert, Lloyd

Greater Vernon Museum and Archives collection

  • PAA paa-7795
  • Collection
  • [ca. 1881]-1956

The collection consists of records that did not fit the mandate of the Greater Vernon Museum and Archives and includes photographs of the Lieutenant Governor of the North-West Territories, Edgar Dewdney, homesteads and farmhouses, aboriginal families and women trainees at the Air Observer School; a Drumheller District Tourist Guide; an issue of "The Roteller," the official bulletin of the Drumheller Rotary Club and mechanically produced photographic reproductions of various mountain scenes including Banff Springs Hotel.

Greater Vernon Museum and Archives

Oldman Cultural Centre Tapes collection

  • PAA paa-9054
  • Collection
  • Copied 1996

The fonds consists of 6 VHS cassette copies of recordings of the Video Tape Recording Project at Brocket, Alberta.

Oldman Cultural Centre

Montreal Book Auctions Limited archival records collection

  • PAA paa-8072
  • Collection
  • 1870-1936

Collection consists of lantern slides depicting photographs and drawings of First Nations people in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, maps depicting the Dominion of Canada, a photograph album depicting farm scenes along the Canadian Pacific Railways (CPR) line in Manitoba and Assiniboia and a souvenir album for the Fifth Congress of the Chambers of Commerce of the Empire which depicts members of the congress as they traveled to various cities across Canada. The collection also includes a letter from William Aberhart to R.H. Babbage of Westmount, Quebec.

Montreal Book Auctions

Wabasca Oral History collection

  • PAA paa-9201
  • Collection
  • 1968

The collection consists of three audio reels containing 16 hours of recorded stories and legends recounted by eight Cree Elders of the Wabasca/Desmarais area. Ray Yellowstone captured these stories in 1968.

Yellowknee, Ray

Fort Macleod First Nations Peoples Photographic collection

  • PAA paa-8771
  • Collection
  • copied 1993

The collection consists of photographs of First Nations Peoples of the Fort Macleod region including images of individuals, dwellings, rites and ceremonies, modes of transportation, and farming. The photographs date from ca. 1910 -- 1920.


Legislature Library Archives Program archival records collection

  • PAA paa-8042
  • Collection
  • 1784-1972

Collection consists of both copied and original records and includes records belonging to various companies, associations, governments, and individuals. Fonds includes agendas, Alberta law stamps, association records, banners, calendars, celebration and event programmes, certificates, constitutions, diaries and daily journals, financial records, glass plate negatives, historical and biographical sketches, invitations, judges' case books, lantern slides and coloured lantern slides, literary manuscripts, maps, mechanically produced photographic reproductions, minutes, negatives and cyanotype negatives, newsletters, newspapers and newspaper clippings, personal reminiscences, phonodiscs, photographs, political party records, prize lists, radio broadcasts and broadcast transcripts, receipts, scrapbooks, shares, souvenir booklets and photograph albums, surveys, temperance posters, and various other miscellaneous records. The collection has been divided into the following series:;Aberdeen Association (1909-1911); Aberhart, William (1943); Alberta Golden Jubilee (1954-1955); Alberta Institute of Co-operation (1928-1929); Alberta Society of Petroleum Geologists (around 1954); Alberta Women's Institute (1915-1963); Albright, W.D. (1930); Athabasca and District Board of Trade (June 9, 1952); Bennett, Richard Bedford (1905-1938, predominant 1937-1938); Blue, Mrs. John (1907-1913); Blyth, Alfred (1936-1939); Bob Edwards' Summer Annual (1920-1922); Brick, Mrs. A.L. (19-?); Brown, James McCredie (19-?); Bulkley, C.S. (1865-1867); Byron-May Company (1910-1914); Callihoo, Victoria (around 1948); Campbell, Colin Nicol (April 4, 1887); Canadian Club, Edmonton (1909-1912); Canadian Medical Association (August 1912); Carpenter, W.G. (April 8, 1927); Civil Service Association of Alberta (1955-1956); College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (1924); Denny, Sir Cecil Edward (around 1905); Devore, R.W. (19-?); East Clover Bar Alberta Farmers' Association (1906-1912); Edmonds, W. Everard (19-?); Edmonton Ad Club (1913-1914); Edmonton Bulletin (1882); Edmonton Daily Bulletin (May 2, 1910); Edmonton Exhibition Association Limited (1908-1918); Elliot, George B. (19-?); Evans, Sylvia I. (November 14, 1950); Finlay, Reverend R.E. (January 21, 1949); Fortnightly Club (1929-1930); Fortune, Alexander L. (19-?); Gibson, A.H. (19-?); Gish, Elmer (19-?); Goodhand, H.M. (1950); Government of Alberta (1905-1972); Government of Canada (1858-1965); Government of the North West Territories (1873-1941); Grande Prairie Herald (December 31, 1934); Great War Veterans' Association (1919); Gudlaugson, M.G. (19-?); Hamilton, E. Ann (1901-1946); High River Stock Association (1885-1911); Horan, J.W. (around 1943); Hudson's Bay Company (1784-1898); Hughes, Katherine; (Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire (1905-1915); Jaffray, J.A. (1915-1917); Kensit, William (1936-1939); Kerr, John R. (19-?); Ladouceur, Joseph (1884-1910); Le Canadien Français (1915-1918); Lent, Geneva D. (around 1963); Liberal Association of Alberta (1961-1962); Local Council of Women, Edmonton (1908-1916); Lynch-Staunton, C. (19-?); M. Holt, Jean M. (October 27, 1955); MacAdam, Roberta (1967); MacCormick, Malcolm (19-?); MacDonald, J. Stuart (around 1930); Maps (1858-); Maps (North West Company (1784-1805); Mathers, C.W. (19-); McCallum, John H. (1935); McDermid, George V. (1932-1935); McDougall, Reverend John (1909-1913); McKitrick, Franklin R.F. (January 14, 1944); McMicking, Thomas (November 10, 1862); Mills, Louisa (19-?); Neil, Catherine (19-?); Northern Alberta Pioneers and Old Timers Association (1937-1945); Okotoks Home and School Association (1947-1948); Nutt, William Joseph (1952); Peake, Reverend F.A. (April 29, 1953); Photographs (1869-1950); Rodney, William (January 25, 1950); Rotary Club (around 1916-1923); Salvation Army (1933); Scott, Doctor Walter H. (December 11, 1937); Shera, John W. (19-?); Smith, S.H. (19-?); Social Credit Party (1936-1946); Society of Clerks-at-the-Table (1922-1939); Soukoreff, W.A. (19-?); South Athabasca School (19-?); Spencer, J.A. (1949); Stanley, George (19-?); Stanley, George Douglas (19-?); Steinhauer, Reverend H.B. (1857-1884); Stout, C.H. (19-?); Strathcona Industrial Exhibition Association Limited (1904-1911); Tabobingdong, Johnson (March 29, 1930); The Bulletin (1911); The Presbyterian (1904-1912); Theroux, Basil (February 23, 1940); Thomas, Lewish Herbert (October 27, 1953); Thompson, Stephen J. (19-?); Tims, Archdeacon J.W. (1928-1931); United Farmers of Alberta (1910-1933); United Grain Growers Limited (1918-1930); University Club of Edmonton (1913-1918); Western Labor News (1919); William A. Griesbach family (1857-1949); Winnipeg Daily Sun (1885); Woodcock, Anthony (September 10, 1714); Yate, Richard (September 10, 1714); Young, T.C. (June 14, 1952)

Legislature Library Archives Program

Joe Bouvier film collection

  • PAA paa-9563
  • Collection
  • [192?]-1963

The fonds consists of four 16mm films of varying subjects. Two are NFB productions, one is an Eastman Classroom films, and one was produced by the Government of Alberta.

Bouvier, Joe, collector

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