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Pierre Lozeron family fonds Subseries
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Agnes Christen Lozeron subseries

The sub-series consists of postcards, letters and photographs from the Christen-Lozeron family in Switzerland to Pierre and Jean Lozeron after their immigration to Canada

Albert Lozeron subseries

The sub-series consists of a few postcards sent to Pierre and Jean in Nebraska and later in Canada, and some correspondence from Albert’s wife Tredy, and later a daughter Antoinette.

Andre and Verna Lozeron Papers subseries

The series consists of a booklet on conservation and agricultural practices created by Andre (presumably in high school) and containing postcards of Sexsmith and Grande Prairie from that era; a wedding invitation announcing his marriage to Verna May Tetz in 1966; news clipping regarding his career with Radio Canada; copies of correspondence from Andy to his brothers containing farm reports; and notes written by Verna regarding the care of Pierre and Dora Lozeron when they became sick and elderly.

Dora Koberg Lozeron Papers subseries

The sub-series consists of a yearbook from Macalester College, in Saint Paul, Minnesota; notebooks and scrapbooks produced during her life as a wife and mother; an informational brochure for the Family Allowance Program when it was introduced in July, 1945; a 1964 certificate documenting Dora’s service as a member of the Ground Observer Corps of the Royal Canadian Air Force; booklets showing her interest in literature and child rearing; a small amount of correspondence; and a list of the books found in their library at home on the farm.

Farm Records and Accounts subseries

The sub-series consists of a few papers from the original homestead, including the patent on NW ¼-10-73-7-W6th and a 1920 inventory and tax notice; eleven account books for the years 1934 to 1968 which include two United Grain Growers Farm Account books; income tax returns (most of them with supporting documentation) for the years from 1936 to 1962, including a 1949 income tax guide for Farmers and Fishermen; a 1937 manual and service policy for the farm Ford car; Canadian Wheat Board permits for 1945-1949; and a 1977 lease of land to Andre Lozerson.

Homer Lozeron Papers subseries

The series consists of a wedding invitation announcing Homer’s marriage to Margaret Welch in Minnesota in 1967; letters written to his father Pierre and to Andre and Verna on the farm; and a series of correspondence, including copies of letters written by Andre and Paul regarding the future of the Lozeron family farm.

Madeline Hanni Lozeron subseries

The sub-series consist of postcards, letters and funeral records sent from the Hanni-Lozeron family to Pierre Lozeron in the United States and later Canada, from the time he left Switzerland. After Madeline’s death in 1960, later news of the family (such as funeral records) was sent by Pierre’s daughter-in-law Christianne in Switzerland.

Paul Lozeron Papers subseries

The sub-series consists of records of Paul’s progress at Canuck School, St. Joseph’s High School and Grande Prairie High School, and the correspondence he carried on with his family after he left home for Switzerland. There are also three letters written by 10 year old Paul to his mother while she was away, and some information on Swiss Universities which Paul used in deciding to go back to Switzerland for medical studies.

Paul Lozeron subseries

The sub-series consists of some letters Paul wrote to his brother Pierre after the latter’s visit to Switzerland in 1959, the announcement of his death in 1967, and a letter written in 1975 by his wife.

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