Fondo jas-2575 - Jasper Booster fonds

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Jasper Booster fonds

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JAS jas-2575

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  • 1964-1985 (Creación)
    Jasper Booster

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718 photographs : b&w and color prints

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The Jasper Booster started as a two page advertising flyer. Two issues were printed in 1963. The business was then bought by Ray and Myrna Matthews. They purchased an old Gestetner printing machine and started producing the Jasper Booster in their basement. They published the paper for the next two and one half years building it up from a two-page flyer to a full news and advertising paper having as many as 26 pages. In September 1965 the Jasper Booster was sold to Fred Donovan. He published it for many years. The Jasper Booster is now owned by Bowes publishers, a subsiduary of Sun Media Corporation.

Historial de custodia

The Jasper Yellowhead Museum and Archives received this collection of photographs from the Jasper Booster office. They were in a box headed for the dump. Fred Kofin, Jasper Yellowhead Historical Society Treasurer, happened to be in the Booster office that day and intercepted the box and brought it to the archives. In 1999 the the Jasper Booster was contacted to formalize the donation. A certificate of gift form was signed by Haf Baillie, Advertising Sales Manager, on behalf of the Jasper Booster.

Alcance y contenido

The fonds consists of photographs from the Jasper Booster newspaper. They cover many subjects pertinent to the town of Jasper and it's people. They are arranged into many series. Included are photographs of: the Mount Edith Cavell Teahouse [1976]; fires in and around Jasper (1970-1981); a plane crash at the Japer Airfield (1981); Kobasa Kapers festival with Bill Hawrylak and Karen McEwen (1973-1974); the Jasper Story (1976-1981); canoe races (1977-1979); Seton General Hospital (1964-1985); Jasper Brownies and Girl Guides (1975-1982); Jasper Cubs and Scouts (1974-1982); Jasper Curling Club (1968-1983); Kathryn Wright's kindergarten class (1983); Alice Tunnel's kindergarten class (1983); day care (1980-1983); local Government Committees, the Jasper Town site Committee, the Jasper Recreation Board and the Jasper Housing Development Committee (1970-1981); visiting politicians, Prime Minister Elliot Trudeau (1974 and 1977), Arthur Yates (1974), Joe Clark (1974-1982), Bob Dowling (1971-1980) and Flora MacDonald (1979); the Jasper Municipal Library (1975-1977); animals (1970-1981); craft fair participants Sue deLeeuw (1979) and Tom Walker (1980); the Jasper fire station and rescue vehicles [197-?]; a group of local businessmen staging a demonstration (1974); native dancing [198-?]; Jim Wynn in the Community Band (1970); Authors Garnet Hewitt [197-?] and Duncan Pride (1975) visiting Jasper; an adult education course on kayak construction (1974); and Princess Margriet of Holland's visit to Jasper (1978). The fonds also consists of the Canadian Citizenship series (1970-1983) including new Canadians: G. Virlis, Joe Caputo, Renata Meuller, George Proulx, Frank Tassone, Maria Tassone, Luigi Zaffino, Nick Zaffino, John Zaffino, Mr. and Mrs.Emilia Cesco, Ramondo Pasoli, Bruno Zaffino, Maria Pasoli, Maria Zaffino, Cosmo Tassone, Raphaella Tassone, Bruno Tassone, Jean Marie Peters, Georgia Klimack, Bert Van Aston, Mr. and Mrs. Silvestro De Silvestri, Elias Kalamoutsos, Bruno Venchiarutti, Claudio Venchiarutti, Radomir Vujoviv, Giuseppe D'Ambrosio, George Stanley Kosinski, Christian Marcel Meder, Nicolaos Moularas, Adelaida Narciso, Oystein Notnes, Eeva Sisko Porter, Sofia Vouronikas, Nigel John Douglas, Eva Ursula Karel, Patrick Johannes VanBattum, Dennis O'Donnell, Judith Ann Bolt, Carlos Jorge Cheraz, Ursula Maria Bedore, Carol O'Donnell, Aaron and Rachel Bolt, Julie Haria Sollis and Sally Ann Barnett. The fonds also consists of the Jasper businesses series including local business such as the Save Rite Foods staff [ca. 1972]: Ed LaCroix, W. McFarlane, Ed Hind, Alma Richards, Bob French, Bill Tetley, Kitty Wells, Ann Terrill, Sherry Wood, Rossanna Pajat, Brian Pittman, Luigi Timitoe, Fred Carter, John Dobrota, Gary Hedberg and David Hilworth. Also includes Travel Alberta's housekeeping award (1984-1985) presented to Vic Wasuita, Pine Bungalows; Mr. and Mrs. Gulevich, Mount Robson Motor Inn; Mr. and Mrs. John Forabosco, Jasper House Bungalows; Steve and Lydia Stanko, Alpine Village; Del Mooney and Doreen Mellor, Marmot Motor Lodge; Ernie and Ester Gingera, Pyramid lake Bungalows; John Forabosco and daughter Vera, Jasper House Bungalows. Also includes other miscellaneous business ([1965]-1981), the Whistle Stop Lounge, Wendy Wacko's pedal cab service, Jasper Home Improvement Centre, Brewster Transportation, the Imperial Bank of Canada (now known as the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce), Parkview Department Store, Totem Esso service station, Jasper Gulf Service Station and Cavell Drug Store. The fonds also consists of the Canadian National Railway series (1970-1982) which includes retirement photos of: H.P. Malone (1972), Angus MacFadyen (1972), Ken Allen (1973), George Kohar (1974), Ken D. Cook (1977), Alec Gillis (1977), Al Shredwicke (1980), Gib Switzer (1982), Rajo Vuksanovich (1975), George Prowse (1975, Jim Collier (1975) and Roy Knutson (1975). Also includes photos of railroad workers: Archie Kee, Jack Hilworth, Tom Ross, Len Cobb, Pat Donnelly and Royce Stappard. And miscellaneous photos of a coal train derailment (1973), CNR steam locomotive #6060 [1972], CNR steam locomotive #6015 [1972], protesting the elimination of trans-continental passenger train service through Jasper (1981), the last Super continental Passenger Train through Jasper (1981), CNR double track ceremony (1983), and the strike of Associated Non-Operating Railway Unions [ca 1970], demolition of CNR buildings in the rail yard including (1971-1973). The fonds also consists of the Jasper construction photo series (1970-1981) which includes views of construction projects in the Jasper area: moving of buildings, construction of the Jasper Activity Centre (1977), sewer construction on Pyramid Lake Road (1977), sod-turning ceremonies for the construction of 90 housing units at the south end of Patricia Street (1977), construction of the Cabin Creek West Sub-division (1981), paving of Patricia Street (1975), new traffic signals at the intersection of Highway 16 and Highway 93 (1980), the construction of the new underpass at the west end of town (1981), Alberta Power's new power plant (1975) and the addition to the Alberta Government Telephone Company building (1981). The fonds also consists of the Jasper High School series including soccer (1973-1978), girls field hockey (1973), gymnastics (1974-1984), cross-country team (1974-1978), track and field team (1975-1981), badminton (1979-1983), volleyball (1974-1983), girls basketball (1980), Reach for the Top teams (1980 and 1982), Athabasca Pass trips (1978 and 1980), band and directors Mr. Landers and Wes Cummings (1974-[1979), graduation (1973-1981), winter carnival (1976), awards (1975-1982) and others. The fonds also consists of the Jasper Elementary School series including safety patrol (1974 and 1980), class activities (1974-1983), Canada Fitness awards (1981), Legion Remembrance Day poster and essay winners (1975-1976 and 1981), chess club (1974), honor roll (1979) and Citizenship (1980). The fonds also consists of the Jasper School Teachers and Staff series (1976-1983) including views of Kay Cantrell, Edna Weeks, Irma Schindler, Linda Szkorupa, Linda Leinweber, Cindy Paul, Valerie Poynton, Jill Fenton, Bryn Thomas, several group photos of the teachers and staff (1976-1978 and 1981-1983) and Jasper School Board members (1978-1980). The fonds also consists of the Jasper National Park series including photos of employees; Park Superintendents Bruce Mitchell (1963-1967), George Balding (1970-1972), and Rory Flanagan (1976); and Park Warden's Don Dumpleton, Gordon Henry and Alfie Burstrom with his dog. Also include fish stocking program (1975 and 1980) and rescue services training ([ca. 197-?]-1983). The fonds also consists of the Jasper Royal Canadian Mounted Police series (1973-1980) including photos of various RCMP officers: Stephen William Vigo, Donald Rumpel, R.J.B. Lemay and T.A. MaCaskell. Also includes the RCMP Centennial (1973), the auxiliary police program (1978) and Court Liaison Officer, Andrew Tomaszewski. The fonds also consists of the Jasper Chamber of Commerce series (1973-1983) including: the opening of the new premise (1973), the Board of Directors (1976 and 1983), native dancing during the Hakone exchange (1978) and ski commercial awards (1980). The series also consists of photos of businesses in Jasper who received awards for selling Jasper Souvenir dollars. The fonds also consists of the Service Organizations series including the Jasper Legion (1970-1981), Jasper Lions and Lioness (1970-1980), B.P.O.E and O.O.R.P [ca. 1970-1979]; Canadian Daughters League (1972 and 1983), Jasper Shiner (1977-1980), and the Kinsmen and Kinettes (1974-1979). The fonds also consists of the community events series including penny carnivals (1976 and 1983), the Jasper Rodeo (1978-1981), the Canada Day parade (1976) and other parades (1973 and 1981). The fonds also consists of the community groups series including the Jasper Highland Pipe Band ([ca. 1970]-1982), the Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron 790 (1973-1979), the Jasper Senior's (1977-1983), and Pedal Pusher (1971-1981). The fonds also consists of the people series (1970-1983) including photos of various Jasper residents: the Jennifer Yarwood and Craig Spencer wedding; the Marilyn Worsfold and Alfie Creighton wedding; Bill and Evelyn Ruddy's anniversary (1973); Madge and Frank Crowther; Romeo Labrie 20 years with Alberta Power (1978); Jim Wynne 40 years with Alberta Power (1978); Dominic Borelli; George McCabe; Alex Wylie 90th birthday (1972); Leon Obiora; Jeanette Atkinson; Freda Johnston's retirement (1977); Anne Gross' retirement (1977); and Luigi Timoteo, talent contest winner (1974). The fonds also consists of the sports series including hockey (1970-1977), skiing (1970-1978), skating (1970-1982), baseball (1970-1980), running (1981-1982), children sliding at Snapes Hill, dog sledding, bowling and the Yellowhead Summer Games (1979).

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Gift of the Jasper Booster newspaper.


The fonds is arranged into several series.

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