Coleção jas-2545 - Jasper Yellowhead Historical Society Fish Hatchery photograph collection

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Jasper Yellowhead Historical Society Fish Hatchery photograph collection

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JAS jas-2545

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  • [1953] (Produção)
    Jasper Yellowhead Historical Society, collector

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7 photographs : b&w prints

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The Jasper Historical Society was formed in 1963 by a group of interested members that included Fred Brewster, Constance Peterson as the first historian and Mel Taylor as the first president. The Society was later named the Jasper Yellowhead Historical Society (JYHS). The Society was incorporated in 1977. Monthly meetings included guest speakers, films, field trips relating to local and national history. The objectives of the Society are to encourage the study of the history of Alberta in general and Jasper in particular; and to locate, preserve and mark the local points of historical interest. The first archives and Society office was established in the Municipal Library in 1974. Planning for a permanent Museum and Archives began in 1978; in 1985 a partially completed building on Pyramid Lake Road was purchased and renovated. The Archives moved into the lower floor in 1990; the Museum opened on the upper floor in 1992. The Jasper Yellowhead Museum and Archives reports to the Board of Directors of the Society.

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In the early 1960s the Jasper Yellowhead Historical Society began collecting photographs on various subjects pertaining to Jasper's history. These photographs relating to the Maligne Fish Hatchery gathered from various sources to form this collection.

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The collection consists of photographs of the transfer of eastern brook trout to Wood Buffalo Park. The trout were raised in the Jasper fish hatchery. Also includes one view of William Cable collecting fish eggs at Medicine Lake.

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About 1932 hatching troughs were set up in the basement of the park administration building. Eggs and fry were brought in from the Banff hatchery. The Jasper Park wardens service cared for these fish until they were ready for distribution. During the summer of 1939 a survey of the lakes in Jasper National Park was completed with the purpose of establishing a permanent fishery officer in the park. In July 1940 Mr. William C. Cable was transferred from Waterton Park to Jasper to establish a permanent fish hatchery. Work was carried on from the existing facilities in the administration building until a hatchery was built near the Maligne river in 1942. A residence for the hatchery superintendent, a utility building, ten circular pools and rectangular ponds were added later. The fish were released though out the mountain national parks. The fish hatchery closed in 1972.<br><br>Record No. ID181<br><br>

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